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[1992-05-09-WWF-Superstars] Papa Shango vignette


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Papa Shango burns a picture of the Ultimate Warrior and threatens his demise. Why is he doing vignettes after debuting??

Presumably damage control over Sid's walkout.


I know for a fact that the Shango gimmick in general and the puke angle specifically were the final straw(s) for a LOT of longtime fans, who gave up on the WWF. I was always fascinated by Voodoo as a child so I got a kick out of the gimmick, but this is SUCH a step down even from Sid as a main event heel.

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Shango looks more to me like the kind of voodoo villain that Batman would have opposed back in the sixties, complete with bad dialogue. I could see him scaring very little kids for about as long as it took their parents to stop laughing and explain things to them.


I don't know what else Vince could have done once Sid walked out, but there had to be a better idea than this somewhere. There simply had to be.

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