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[1992-06-06-SMW-TV] Tim Horner and Buddy Landell / Interview: Tim Horner


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Why couldn't Landell cut loose like this in WCW? After ranting non-stop for about a minute, Landell's "Hey Tim, good buddy, how ya doin'?" completely cracks me up. Horner and Landell knock out the audio as they brawl to the back.


The $5,000 is still up for grabs.

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Landell claims that Horner got real lucky when he beat him as he had a 115 degree temperature, had already worked the Mayhem Rumble and had worked about 90 times that night! Horner is just angry about the $5,000 as he's never had $5,000 before in his life and he's lucky he's not here now, as if he was he would slap the taste right out of his mouth. Horner then appears from nowhere, drills Landell and they fight around the arena and out the door. There's a nice touch where we lose sound and a message appears on screen saying 'Do not adjust your TV set. The wrestlers have caused an audio problem'.


Another great Landell interview and whilst the match quality isn't there yet, I can't imagine there is a promotion with a better array of talkers than SMW at this time in 1992.

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Is it just me or is that five thousand dollars almost like a title because of how important it is to these guys?


Landell is what Corny would be if he was a wrestler. He exaggerates almost everything (working ninety times with a fever of a hundred and fifteen?) and is obnoxious as all hell, but he's so entertaining that you don't mind it somehow. Horner tries, but he's just too earnest for his own good. The day of the quietly humble babyface who doesn't really like to talk and would rather just wrestle has either been gone since Dusty Rhodes turned face or never really existed in the first place, depending on your point of view. Not everyone needs to be a screamer, but the "gee, golly, gosh" routine simply doesn't play in 1992.


The brawl was spirited, and I loved the disclaimer, which I've never seen anything like in my life.


This may just be the hottest feud in SMW right now despite Horner's deficiencies on the mic, and I want to see how it turns out!

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