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[1992-07-11-SMW-TV] Down and Dirty: Ron Wright, Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff


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Ron Wright, DWB and Paul Orndorff are the guests. They show a pre-taped Garvin promo -- which is really effective. Then we get a GREAT, GREAT highlight video of old Garvin footage, including matches against Andre, Orton, Le Duc and others. The clips are enough to give Ron Wright a near heart attack, and Orndorff and DWB have to calm him down.

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Was I one of many who was naive/stupid enough to think Garvin was bad on the mic? He's awesome here. For fuck's sake, somebody get this complete run of Knoxville footage out in circulation. Please.


Poor Ron Wright has to take his pills to calm down after seeing footage of Garvin kicking Andre the Giant and Jos Leduc's asses. White Boy isn't as impressed while Orndorff accuses Garvin of doctoring footage.

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Dutch starts by playing a tape that was sent to him and it opens with a Garvin promo. He's in shape, is in condition and is coming to help Brian Lee at Summerblast. You think you've got a punch and a piledriver? Well I'm the master of that stuff, the master of hurting and crippling people. It's going to be a blast and I'll blast you into orbit! The higlight is this awesome old video footage of Garvin which features him getting the better of Andre the Giant and Jos Le Duc, dishing out piledrivers, all bloodied in a cage and generally beating people up set to 'I'm Evil' by Roy Buchanan. The video closes with a voice over saying 'his battle plan is simple, win at any cost'. Dutch says you've just seen the video and Wright is now unsure whether Anthony and Orndorff will be able to do anything to Garvin after seeing what he did there to the likes of Andre the Giant and Jos Le Duc. He says that it should be against the law to show something like that as you know he's got a bad heart, and he can't stand looking at that knowing these two beloved men (Orndorff and Anthony) are going to have to go up against that wild and crazy idiot! Anthony tells him to calm down and take his pills and whilst we're not Andre the Giant we are tough, and he has a right hand that will drop Ron Garvin. Orndorff then claims that the video has been doctored due to modern technology and that they will beat them at Summerblast.


Quite probably the most effective thing I've ever seen in regards to Ron Garvin and the footage of him handling Andre was just surreal. Wright, as ever, was fantastic and I'm starting to fear that this poor, old, crippled man may end up having a heart attack on air the way that things are going! The Garvin video is on youtube (I was unsure whether to post it in here, so have posted it in Garvin's thread in the GWE forum).

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The footage here was so impressive that the interview segment wasn't really needed. I've never seen Andre take a beating like that from anyone, even in his declining years. I've heard that he really liked Ronnie, so maybe that was why he agreed to do it.


If I'd seen Ronnie mowing down guys like he did in this footage, I'd need heart pills too. Even though it's obviously close to twenty years old at this time, this has to be one of the most impressive video montages in wrestling history.


As I said, Tony and Paul stand no chance having to talk after that, but they try their best. Ron fakes a heart attack like only he can, and even Dutch is taken aback. My favorite line is when he starts a question "I hate to play devil's advocate....." and Paul interrupts, "Then don't!"


I got a big laugh out of Paul trying to blame modern technology for trying to alter footage that's close to twenty years old. Still. what else could he do after what we'd all just seen?


Ronnie's promo was all right, and he somehow got away with referring to George Foreman as a "fat boy" (emphasis mine). Maybe it's because it was so obvious that there was nothing racial about the remark, but that's still pretty dicey territory for 1992.


I don't think this match made the set even in part, which is a shame because I'd especially liked to have seen Ronnie and Paul mix it up.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-07-11-SMW-TV] Down and Dirty: Ron Wright, Dirty White Boy and Paul Orndorff
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Impressive footage of Ronnie for sure, but it was obviously really old.  Despite that, I love having somebody on the babyface side who not only can even the odds against the likes of DWB and Orndorff, but is more than willing to play dirty right back.

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