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[1992-08-08-SMW-TV] Heavenly Bodies vs The Fantastics vs Stud Stable vs Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis


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Surprisingly, the match improves tenfold when the Bodies and Fultons are gone and we're left with a Stud Stable vs Danny Davis & Dixie Dynamite tag. At 20+ minutes, this is way longer than your usual TV match in SMW and there is some good stuff, but I'm not really a fan of Four Corners matches.

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Surprisingly, the match improves tenfold when the Bodies and Fultons are gone and we're left with a Stud Stable vs Danny Davis & Dixie Dynamite tag.

I disagree. The better part of the match involve the Bodies. Once they and the Fans are gone, the match is just not as good, although Danny Davis really shines. I'm not feeling Dixie at all, he's clearly the worst Armstrong brother. I enjoy 4 corner matches, and they did a good job with the gimmick, nicely building Fans vs Bodies and giving Golden & Fuller time to get some heat. Good stuff.

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I don't like the stip where both guys on a team can be tagged in and must wrestling one another. The Fantastics actually do some mat wrestling again each other. Long match for TV and all four teams stuck around for most of it. Thought it was good but it did seem to lose some steam once the Bodies were eliminated.

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This is the $5K Challenge, and they do a good job explaining the rules. The Bodies make good use of the ability to tag someone other than your own partner. The Fantastics are out first thanks to a loaded boot that the announcers completely miss, but then Fulton knocks the Bodies out with Cornette's racket to build for the big show. Awesome visual of Golden ripping at Davis's eyes and cuts. Studd Stable do a great job working over Davis and then Dynamite. Gibson is out to save the faces, who lose via DQ and the Studds win $5K. Both tag feuds are furthered here and it was a solid TV match.



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This four corners stip still comes across as fresh in this setting. Davis looks spectacular, both at mat wrestling and selling a bloody beatdown later on. They SWERVE us with the booking by having the Fantastics get eliminated first and then immediately cost the Bodies afterward. I liked a lot of this, I just didn't care for the finish. I didn't see any reason why either Dy-no-mite or Davis had to be protected--they easily could have put the Stud Stable over clean and had Gibson run in afterward.

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This is a four team elimination match for $5,000, where the rules state that anyone can tag anyone and they must wrestle and if they don't they are DQ'd, whilst once either member of a team is pinned, submits, counted out or DQ'ed, both members are eliminated. Boy do I hate these rules! Put me in the camp that felt this bout improved when it became a regular tag match between the Stud Stable and Davis & Dy-No-Mite. Far too much time spent trying to get tag partners to face off against each other, or the face/heel teams trying to oppose each other in the early parts of the match. Prichard pins Jackie Fulton with the loaded boot, then Davis almost immediately pins the Doctor after Bobby Fulton clocks him in the back with the tennis racket. We return from a break and Davis is busted open and there are some great visuals of Davis with blood running down his face as the Studs get heat on him. Robert Gibson runs in for the DQ attacking Fuller and Golden with a cowboy boot and they take the $5,000.


Terrible finish (although it plays in to the Stud Stable/Rock & Roll Express feud) in what had been the longest television match so far (bar the Mountain Mayhem rumble). Great showing from Davis, but everything about the Dixie Dy-No-Mite character is so cheap and tacky and I wish he would ditch the mullet! Really hope I don't see any more of these match stipulations in the future.

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This was a mixed bag for me.


The action was good, much better than I expected. Everyone worked hard, and this didn't feel rushed like you'd think a televised match designed to last up to three falls would be. Yes, the Bodies were eliminated quickly, but there was a good reason for it beyond just saving time.


We got to see the debut of another staple of the Bodies: Dr. Tom's loaded boot, which I think lasted for the rest of the Bodies' SMW run.


I didn't think we'd see as much action between the Bodies and the Fultons as we did, but what we got was a nice little preview of the barbed wire match, including why Corny's racquet was banned. Interestingly enough, it was the Fultons (Jackie, I think) who used it, although Corny using it was why Bullet Bob banned it for the barbed wire match.


All of that said, there was so much else that didn't work at all. Having the partners wrestle each other goes against the team concept; why not just make it every man for himself and not even call it a four-team match? If you promote a match like this as a tag team Four Corners match, the teams should always be units. I liked both partner vs. partner sequences, but they still should never have happened.


Next, why have Davis blade off camera, yet show the blood? Bob and Dutch didn't even say how Davis got busted open. Did Fuller or Golden post him? Did he just pull out a razor blade from his tights and do it for laughs? Did he slip on a banana peel? We never did find out for sure. Fuller and Golden looked much better working over Davis's cut than they would at Fire on the Mountain, by the way.


And of course, there was the stupid finish. Not that I had anything against Gibson coming down, but we could have had a clean pin for either side first. If you want the Studs to go over, have them finish off Davis and throw him out of the ring or something before the Gibson run-in. If you want to have Davis and Scott pull the upset, have the Studs throw a tantrum and attack them after the match, which leads to Robert's run-in. As it stands, Robert just handed his worst enemies five thousand dollars and bragging rights because he was too hotheaded to wait for Fire on the Mountain, and presumably pissed off two of his friends and fellow babyfaces in the process. Nice going, genius. No wonder Corny calls you and Ricky all those names.


Finally, why did Scott not tag in until the very end? Was that just the way the match was booked, or were they possibly trying to hide an injury?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-08-SMW-TV] Heavenly Bodies vs The Fantastics vs Stud Stable vs Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis
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I liked the way the teams used the stip, thought it was a smart way of working a unique match style.  I did enjoy the straight tag at the end more though, although I do wish we had seen Davis get busted open.  I did like how the babyfaces would go at one another with technical wrestling when faced off but the heels couldn't handle it.  Added extra flavor to the match.  I would guess Davis/Dynamite were protected as much because of the lack of decent babyface workers as anything else.

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