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A Demand for a Comprehensive PPV Buyrate List

Guest The Jiz

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Guest Nell Santucci

Hi everyone,


First, I want to compliment the amazing forum posters here. The depth of knowledge that posters have is amazing. In attempting to research a particular point (buyrates under Vince Russo's WCW), I came to the startling fact that has long been known, namely that buyrate percentages are meaningless without knowing the size of the PPV universe. In fact, I'm almost of the feeling that they're of limited utility. Consider the following example.


The list at the following link seems perfectly plausible: http://www.the-coli.com/tsc/6747-wwf-e-ppv...ml#.T_0WDPUtcv8 [.] This link claims that the 1997 Survivor Series (headlined by Bret/Michaels) did 250,000 buys. Another website claims that that Survivor Series' buyrate was .89. Comparatively, Starrcade 1997 (one month later) is said to have done a 1.9 buy, with the raw number being 650,000 according to this link (that obviously has Meltzer's e-DNA all over it): https://midnightlogic.wordpress.com/2012/04...restlemania-28/ [.] So here is a linear formula I came up with to see if any meaning can be extrapolated from total buys.


(The size of the PPV universe) x (buyrate / 100) = (raw PPV buys).


If this hypothesis is correct, then one should be able to gather Starrcade 1997's raw PPV buys with a few points of reference, namely knowledge of the buyrate of the 1997 Survivor Series and the raw buys of the Survivor Series. So, let's test this hypothesis.


We want to find out the PPV universe in November of 1997. Since Survivor Series 1997 did approximately 250,000 buys with .89 buyrate (implying .0089 when divided by 100), the size of the PPV universe must have been as follows: (The size of the PPV universe) x (.0089) = 250,000, implying (The size of the PPV universe) = 28,089,888 potential buyers.


Naturally, one would not expect the size of the PPV universe to vary much from a month-to-month basis, otherwise two plausible possibilities abound: (i) the formula is wrong (which would render those buyrates meaningless from a practical, historical standpoint), or (ii) the PPV universe size is inherently unstable, which is less likely from month-to-month even if it would matter year-to-year. Either way, the unknown of the PPV universe's size complicates calculations. Now, let's test the hypothesis, comparing it with the empirical record.


If the size of the PPV universe was around 28,089,888 in Nov. 1997, it is plausible to conclude that the size was around that in Dec. 1997. Similarly, the PPV buyrate of Starrcade 1997 has been noted as 1.9, implying .019 when divided by 100. So the hypothesis implies that Starrcade 1997 did approximately 533,708 buys. In fairness, I have seen the number at 1.8, implying .018 when divided by 100. So Starrcade 1997 got around 505,618. In either way, that is 120,000 buys off the real number of 650,000.


So one can conclude that there is a need for raw numbers, and I ask everyone to research and contribute to complete the list. It is urgent that we do this, which would provide an easy, reliable reference for the broader IWC community without some claiming absurdities like Wrestlemania III getting 4,000,000 buys because of that 10.2 buyrate.


On a personal level, this year's decline in Raw's ratings but that Wrestlemania XVIII (Cena-Rock) did better than last year, despite last year's Wrestlemania (Cena-Miz) having a much better Raw ratings average calls for a need to investigate the wisdom of ratings and revenue. As a corollary, it can give us lessons on the Attitude Era. For example, Raw in 1999 often hovered near 6.5 rating. How many of those millions watching would buy the PPV? Were many viewers just interested in its shock value? (Of course, but roughly how many?)


Finally, I do maintain much orthodoxy on the notion that PPV buyrates are inherently related to two factors as follows: (i) heat and (ii) star power. Star power with no heat gives a stronger than average but barely above the average buyrate like Cena/Rock v. Truth/Miz at last year's Survivor Series. So heat is both a necessary and sufficient condition to draw, explaining Hogan v. Sting or Bret v. Michaels (Survivor Series) drawing, despite neither of the former two guys being inherent draws by that point.


I'll work on a list and research some numbers. I will compile all the stats in one post down below. Though not required, citing the source and issue would be a great thing to do for the sake of historical accuracy due to number fluctuations that happen over the years. As always, Dave Meltzer is probably the best source.


Let's start unifying knowledge!

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Guest Nell Santucci



* Consider any Royal Rumble PPV as the Royal Rumble being an unmentioned draw since USA Network's 1988 Royal Rumble did an impressive rating, even if that wasn't so much the case in 1989. (The change from 1989 to 1990's number is impressive. By 1991, it was a huge event due to there being a world title match.) By similar reasoning, I suppose one could regard the King of the Ring as an inherent draw, even if it didn't always work out that way.

** Canceled match

For the latter years, I add a number of matches that might be perceived as midcard if those acts were often thrown in the title picture the following month.


WARNING: All these buys are inexact approximations. So there is a lingual disconnect between "approximation" and approximation, i.e. what constitutes as a weak approximation and a strong approximation. Consequently, a strong approximation will be used only if there exists some range such that two sources are within the same neighborhood (i.e. < 100,000 buys) but vary widely enough to matter. In such cases, I take an average of the range and round up to the next thousand integer, e.g. an average of 51,001 will be rounded to 52,000 in good faith.


CCT = Closed Circuit Television

PPV = Pay Per View






398,000 (CCT) and a negligibly small number of PPV buys

Wrestling Classics (Hogan/Piper and tournament)

52,000 buys 1



Wrestlemania II (Hogan/Bundy, Mr. T/Piper in boxing, Dynamite/Davey v. Beefcake/Valentine)





Wrestlemania III (Hogan/André, Savage/Steamboat, Piper/Adonis in hair)

400,000 (PPV); 450,000 (CCT)

Survivor Series (Team Hogan v. Team André, Team Savage v. Team Honky Tonk Man)





Wrestlemania IV (Tournament with Hogan/André as guaranteed match)

485,000 2

Summerslam (Hogan/Savage v. André/DiBiase with Ventura as SGR)


Survivor Series (Team Hogan/Savage v. Team Boss Man/Akeem, Team Ax/Smash v. Team Barbarian/Warlord)





Royal Rumble (no other drawing match)


Wrestlemania V (Hogan/Savage, Rude/Warrior, Roberts/André, Ax/Smash v. Barbarian/Warlord/Fuji)


Summerslam (Hogan/Beefcake v. Savage/Zeus, Rude/Warrior)


Survivor Series (Team Warrior v. Team André, Team Hogan v. Team DiBiase)





Royal Rumble (no other drawing match)


Wrestlemania (Hogan/Warrior, Dusty/Sapphire v. Savage/Sherri, Piper/Brown, Ax/Smash v. André/Haku)


Summerslam (Hogan/Earthquake, Warrior/Rude, Savage/Rhodes, Tornado/Perfect)


Survivor Series (Team Hogan v. Team Earthquake, Team Warrior v. Team Perfect, the mystery egg)




Royal Rumble (Warrior/Slaughter)


Wrestlemania VII (Hogan/Slaughter, Warrior/Savage, Virgil/DiBiase, Perfect/Boss Man)


Summerslam (Hogan/Warrior v. Slaughter/Mustafa/Adnan with Sid as SGR, LOD v. Nasty Boys, Virgil/DiBiase, Bret/Perfect, Boss Man/Mountie in jailhouse)


Survivor Series (Hogan/Undertaker, Team Flair v. Team Piper)


This Tuesday in Texas (Hogan/Undertaker, Savage/Roberts)

140,000 3




Royal Rumble (World Title on the line at the Royal Rumble made the Rumble more important than normal, Bret/Mountie**)


Wrestlemania VIII (Hogan/Sid, Savage/Flair, Bret/Piper, Undertaker/Roberts)


Summerslam (Bret/Bulldog, Savage/Warrior, Undertaker/Kamala)


$3,600,000 / ($27.50 x .46) from the 09-29-1993 Wrestling Observer

$27.50 is the price from the 09-08-1992 Wrestling Observer

Survivor Series (Savage/Warrior v. Flair/Ramon**, Bret/HBK, Undertaker/Kamala in coffin)


$2,900,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 12-27-1993 Wrestling Observer




Royal Rumble (Bret/Ramon, HBK/Jannetty)

Wrestlemania IX (Bret/Yokozuna, Hogan/Beefcake v. Money Inc., Gonzalez/Undertaker, Perfect/Luger)


King of the Ring (Hogan/Yokozuna, HBK/Crush)

Summerslam (Luger/Yokozuna, Bret/Lawler, HBK/Perfect)


$3,100,000 / ($27.50 x .46) from the 09-29-1993 Wrestling Observer

Survivor Series (Team Luger v. Team Yokozuna, Team Bret v. Team Lawler)


$2,080,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 12-27-1993 Wrestling Observer




Royal Rumble (Undertaker/Yokozuna)


$2,300,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 02-20-1995 Wrestling Observer

Wrestlemania X (Luger/Yokozuna, Bret/Owen, HBK/Ramon in ladder)


King of the Ring (Piper/Lawler, Bret/Diesel)


$2,150,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 08-07-1995 Wrestling Observer

Summerslam (Undertaker/Undertaker, Bret/Owen in cage, Tatanka/Luger, Ramon/Diesel)


$3,700,000 / ($27.50 x .46) from the 10-09-1995 Wrestling Observer

Survivor Series (Undertaker/Yokozuna, Backlund/Bret, Team HBK v. Team Ramon)





Royal Rumble (Bret/Diesel)


$2,580,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from 02-20-1995 Wrestling Observer

Wrestlemania XI (Lawrence Taylor/Bam Bam Bigelow, HBK/Diesel, Bret/Backlund in I quit with Piper as SGR)


In Your House: Mother's Day (Diesel/Sid, Bret/Lawler, Bret/Hakushi)


$1,260,000 / ($14.95 x .46) from 07-10-1995 Wrestling Observer

King of the Ring (Diesel/Bigelow v. Sid/Tatanka, Bret/Lawler in kiss my foot)


$1,680,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from 08-07-1995 Wrestling Observer

IYH 2: The Jackknife v. The Powerbomb (Diesel/Sid, HBK/Jarrett)


$1,080,000 / ($14.95 x .46) from the 09-11-1995 Wrestling Observer

Summerslam (Diesel/Mabel, HBK/Ramon in Ladder)


$2,370,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 10-09-1995 Wrestling Observer

WWF cut the price from $27.50 to $24.95 before the event (09-04-1995 Wrestling Observer).

IYH 3: Two Dudes with Attitude (HBK/Diesel v. Yokozuna/Owen**)


$1,100,000 / ($14.95 x .46) from the 11-13-1995 Wrestling Observer

IYH 4: Bite of the Bulldog (Diesel/Bulldog, HBK/Douglas**)


$619,000 / ($14.95 x .46) from the 12-18-1995 Wrestling Observer

Survivor Series (Bret/Diesel, HBK/Ahmed/Bulldog/Sid v. Yokozuna/Owen/Razor/Douglas in wildcard elimination, Team Undertaker v. Team Mabel)


$1,470,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 01-02-1996 Wrestling Observer

IYH 5: Bite of the Bulldog II (Bret/Bulldog, Undertaker/Mabel, Diesel/Owen)


$680,000 / ($19.95 X .46) from the 02-12-1996 Wrestling Observer




Royal Rumble (Bret/Undertaker, Goldust/Ramon)


$3,560,000 / ($29.95 x .46) from the 03-11-1996 Wrestling Observer

IYH 6: The Cage from Hell (Bret/Diesel, Owen/HBK, Ramon/Kid in crybaby)


$1,160,000 / ($19.95 x .46) from the 04-02-1996 Wrestling Observer

Wrestlemania XII (Bret/HBK, Undertaker/Diesel, Piper/Goldust, Warrior returns)


IYH 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies (HBK/Diesel, Warrior/Goldust)

IYH 8: Beware of Dog (HBK/Bulldog, Undertaker/Goldust in casket, Vega/Austin in Caribbean strap)

King of the Ring (HBK/Bulldog, Mankind/Undertaker, Ahmed/Goldust, )

IYH 9: International Incident (Team HBK v. Team Vader, Undertaker/Goldust)

Summerslam (HBK/Vader, Mankind/Undertaker in boiler room)

IYH 10: Mind Games (HBK/Mankind, Undertaker/Goldust in final curtain)

IYH 11: Buried Alive (Mankind/Undertaker in buried alive, Sid/Vader, Undertaker/Mankind)

Survivor Series (HBK/Sid, Austin/Bret)

IYH 12: It's Time (Bret/Sid, Undertaker/Executioner in Armageddon rules)





Royal Rumble (HBK/Sid, Undertaker/Vader, Ahmed/Faarooq)

IYH 13: Final Four (Bret/Vader/Undertaker/Austin, Furnas/LaFon v. Owen/Bulldog, Rock/HHH)

Wrestlemania XIII (Undertaker/Sid, Bret/Austin in submission, Ahmed/LOD v. Faarooq/Crush/Savio in Chicago street fight)


IYH 14: Revenge of the Taker (Austin/Bret, Undertaker/Mankind, LOD v. Bulldog/Owen)

IYH 15: Cold Day in Hell (Undertaker/Austin, Shamrock/Vader in no holds barred, Ahmed v. Crush/Savio/Faarooq in gauntlet)

King of the Ring (HBK/Austin, Undertaker/Faarooq)

IYH 16: Canadian Stampede (Team Bret v. Team Austin, Undertaker/Vader, Mankind/HHH)

Summerslam (Bret/Undertaker w/ HBK as referee, Austin/Owen, Bulldog/Shamrock, Mankind/HHH in cage)

IYH 17: Ground Zero (HBK/Undertaker, Bret/Patriot)

IYH 18: Badd Blood (HBK/Undertaker in HIAC, Bret/Bulldog v. Patriot/Vader, Owen/Faarooq)

Survivor Series (HBK/Bret, Austin/Owen, Kane/Mankind, Ahmed/Shamrock/LOD v. Faarooq/Rock/Mustafa/Brown)


IYH 19: D-Generation X (HBK/Shamrock, Austin/Rock, HHH/Slaughter in boot camp, NAO/LOD)





Royal Rumble (Undertaker/HBK, Shamrock/Rock, LOD/NAO)

IYH 20: No Way Out in Texas (Team Austin v. Team Triple H, Kane/Vader, Ahmed/Shamrock/Chainz/DOA v. Rock/Faarooq/Brown/Henry/Mustafa in war of attrition)

Wrestlemania XIV (Austin/HBK with Tyson as SGR, Undertaker/Kane, Cactus/Charlie v. NAO in dumpster, Rock/Shamrock, Mero/Sable v. Goldust/Luna)


IYH 21: Unforgiven (Foley/Austin, Kane/Undertaker in Inferno, NAO/LOD 2000, Luna/Sable in evening gown)

IYH 22: Over the Edge (Foley/Austin with McMahon as SGR, HHH/NAO v. Owen/Kama/Brown, Rock/Faarooq)

King of the Ring (Austin/Kane in First Blood, Undertaker/Mankind in HIAC)

IYH 23: Fully Loaded (Austin/Undertaker v. Mankind/Kane, Rock/HHH, Jacqueline/Sable in bikini contest, Owen/Shamrock in dungeon)

Summerslam (Austin/Undertaker, Rock/HHH in ladder, NAO/Mankind in no DQ handicap, Shamrock/Owen in lion's den, Edge/Sable v. Mero/Jacqueline)


IYH 24: Breakdown (Austin v. Undertaker/Kane, Rock/Shamrock/Mankind in cage)

IYH 25: Judgment Day (Kane/Undertaker with Austin as SGR, Rock/Henry, Shamrock/Mankind)

Survivor Series (Tournament with Austin, Kane, and Undertaker as favorites, Sable/Jacqueline)

IYH 26: Rock Bottom (Austin/Undertaker in Buried Alive, Mankind/Rock, NAO v. Boss Man/Shamrock)





Royal Rumble (Mankind/Rock in I quit, Sable/Luna in strap)


IYH 27: St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Austin/Vince in cage, Rock/Mankind in last man standing, Kane/Chyna v. HHH/X-Pac)

Wrestlemania XV (Austin/Rock, Undertaker/Boss Man in HIAC, Shane/X-Pac, Mankind/Show)


IYH 28: Backlash (Rock/Austin, Mankind/Big Show in boiler room, Undertaker/Shamrock, HHH/X-Pac)

Over the Edge (Austin/Undertaker, Rock/HHH)

King of the Rock (Austin v. Vince/Shane in handicap ladder, Rock/Undertaker)

Fully Loaded (Austin/Undertaker in First Blood, Rock/HHH in Falls Count Anywhere Strap, Shamrock/Blackman in iron circle)

Summerslam (Austin/Mankind/HHH with Ventura as SGR, Rock/Billy Gunn in kiss my ass, Test/Shane in Greenwich street fight, Undertaker/Show v. X-Pac/Kane, Shamrock/Blackman in lion's den weapons)


Unforgiven (HHH/Rock/Bulldog/Kane/Mankind/Show, Jericho/X-Pac, Snow/Boss Man in kennel from hell, Jarrett/Chyna)

No Mercy (Austin/HHH in anything goes, Venis/Mankind, Hardys/E&C in ladder, Rock/Bulldog, Jarrett/Chyna in good housekeeping)

Survivor Series (Austin/HHH/Rock**, NAO v. Snow/Mankind, Chyna/Jericho)

Armageddon (HHH/Vince in no holds barred, Rock/Mankind v. NAO, Show/Boss Man, Kane/X-Pac in cage)





Royal Rumble (HHH/Cactus in street fight, Jericho/Chyna/Holly)


No Way Out (HHH/Cactus in retirement match, Show/Rock, X-Pac/Kane in no holds barred, Angle/Jericho)


Wrestlemania 2000 (HHH/Rock/Foley/Show, E&C/Hardys/Dudleys in Ladder, Benoit/Jericho/Angle)


Backlash (HHH/Rock, Benoit/Jericho, Show/Angle)

Approximately 650,000 4

Judgment Day (HHH/Rock in iron man with HBK as SGR, Benoit/Jericho in submission, Shane/Show in falls count anywhere)


King of the Ring (Rock/Kane/Undertaker v. HHH/Vince/Shane for World Title)


Fully Loaded (Rock/Benoit, HHH/Jericho in Last Man Standing, Undertaker/Angle, Venis/Rikishi in cage)


Summerslam (Rock/HHH/Angle, Kane/Undertaker, E&C/Hardys/Dudleys in TLC, Benoit/Jericho in 2/3)


Unforgiven (Rock/Benoit/Kane/Undertaker, HHH/Angle, Hardys/E&C in cage)


No Mercy (Rock/Angle, HHH/Benoit, Austin/Rikishi in no holds barred, Jericho/X-Pac in cage)


Survivor Series (Austin/HHH, Angle/Undertaker, Rock/Rikishi, Jericho/Kane)


Armageddon (Angle/Rock/Austin/HHH/Rikishi/Undertaker in HIAC, Jericho/Kane in last man standing)





Royal Rumble (Angle/HHH, Benoit/Jericho in ladder)


No Way Out (Rock/Angle, Austin/HHH in 2/3 falls with singles, street, and cage respectively, Jericho/Eddie/Benoit/X-Pac)


Wrestlemania XVII (Austin/Rock, E&C/Dudleys/Hardys in TLC, Vince/Shane in street fight, Benoit/Angle)

1,040,000 (970,000 domestic and 70,000 international)

Backlash (Austin/HHH v. Undertaker/Kane, Shane/Big Show in Last Man Standing, Benoit/Angle in 30 minute submission)


Judgment Day (Austin/Undertaker, Kane/HHH in chain, Angle/Benoit in 2/3)


King of the Ring (Austin/Benoit/Jericho, Undertaker/DDP in non-sanctioned, Shane/Angle in street fight)


Invasion (WWF v. WCW/ECW with Booker/Dudleys/DDP/Rhyno v. Austin/Angle/Undertaker/Kane/Jericho)


Summerslam (Rock/Booker, Angle/Austin, Kane/Undertaker v. DDP/Kane)


Unforgiven (Angle/Austin, Rock v. Booker/Shane)


No Mercy (Austin/Angle, Jericho/Rock)


Survivor Series (Team WWF v. Team WCW with Rock/Jericho/Undertaker/Show/Kane v. Austin/Angle/Shane/Booker/RVD)


Vengeance (Unification tournament with Austin/Angle and Jericho/Rock respectively)





Royal Rumble (Jericho/Rock, Flair/Vince in street fight)

Approximately 670,000

No Way Out (Jericho/Austin, nWo returns, Angle/HHH, Rock/Undertaker)


Wrestlemania XVIII (Rock/Hogan, HHH/Jericho, Austin/Hall, Undertaker/Flair)

Approximately 860,000 6

Backlash (Hogan/HHH, Undertaker/Austin)


Judgment Day (Undertaker/Hogan, HHH/Jericho in HIAC, Austin v. Show/Flair in handicap)


King of the Ring (Undertaker/HHH, Angle/Hogan)


Vengeance (Rock/Undertaker/Angle)


Summerslam (Lesnar/Rock, HBK returns, HBK/HHH in street fight, Benoit/RVD)


Unforgiven (Lesnar/Undertaker, HHH/RVD, Benoit/Angle)


No Mercy (Lesnar/Undertaker in HIAC, Angle/Benoit v. Edge/Mysterio, HHH/Kane in World/IC unification)


Survivor Series (HBK/HHH/Booker/RVD/Jericho/Kane in EC, Show/Lesnar, Eddie/Chavo v. Angle/Benoit v. Edge/Mysterio)


Armageddon (HHH/HBK in 2/3 with street, cage, ladder respectively, Angle/Show, Benoit/Eddie)





Royal Rumble (Angle/Benoit, Steiner/HHH, Lesnar/Show)


No Way Out (Hogan/Rock, Austin's return, Austin/Bischoff, HHH/Steiner, Lesnar/Benoit v. Team Angle)


Wrestlemania XIX (Lesnar/Angle, Rock/Austin, Hogan/McMahon, HHH/Booker, HBK/Jericho)

560,000 7

Backlash (Goldberg's WWE debut, Goldberg/Rock, HHH/Flair/Jericho v. HBK/Nash/Booker, Lesnar/Cena)


Judgment Day (Lesnar/Show in stretcher, Nash/HHH, Hogan as Mr. America/Piper)


Bad Blood as Raw PPV (HHH/Nash in HIAC with Foley as SGR, Flair/HBK, Goldberg/Jericho)


Vengeance as SD PPV (Angle/Lesnar/Show, Vince/Gowen, Undertaker/Cena, Benoit/Eddie)


Summerslam (HHH/Goldberg/HBK/Nash/Orton/Jericho in EC, Kane/RVD, Angle/Lesnar)


Unforgiven as Raw PPV (Goldberg/HHH, Kane/Shane in Last Man Standing, Orton/HBK)


No Mercy as SD PPV (Lesnar/Undertaker in biker chain, Show/Eddie, Angle/Cena, Vince/Stephanie in I quit)


Survivor Series (Goldberg/HHH, Vince/Undertaker in buried alive, Team Jericho v. Team HBK, Kane/Shane in ambulance, Team Angle v. Team Lesnar)


Armageddon as Raw PPV (HHH/Goldberg/Kane)





Royal Rumble (HHH/HBK in Last Man Standing, Lesnar/Holly)


No Way Out (Eddie/Lesnar, Angle/Cena/Show)


Wrestlemania XX (Benoit/HHH/HBK, Undertaker/Kane, Eddie/Angle, Goldberg/Lesnar with Austin as SGR, Rock/Foley v. Flair/Orton/Batista)


Backlash as Raw PPV (Benoit/HHH/HBK, Edge/Kane, Orton/Foley in I Quit)


Judgment Day as SD PPV (Eddie/JBL, Undertaker/Booker)


Bad Blood as Raw PPV (HHH/HBK in HIAC, Benoit/Kane)


Great American Bash as SD PPV (Undertaker/Dudleys in handicap concrete crypt, JBL/Eddie in bullrope)


Vengeance as Raw PPV (Benoit/HHH, Edge/Orton)


Summerslam (Orton/Benoit, JBL/Undertaker, HHH/Eugene, Angle/Eddie)


Unforgiven as Raw PPV (HHH/Orton, HBK/Kane in No DQ)


No Mercy as SD PPV (Undertaker/JBL in last ride, Cena/Booker in Best of 5, Show/Angle)


Taboo Tuesday as Raw PPV (Orton/Flair in cage, HHH/HBK)


Survivor Series (Team Orton v. Team HHH with GM stip, JBL/Booker, Trish/Lita, Undertaker/Heidenreich, Team Eddie v. Team Angle)


Armageddon as SD PPV (JBL/Undertaker/Eddie/Booker in No DQ)





New Year's Resolution as Raw PPV (HHH/Orton/Batista/Benoit/Jericho/Edge in EC, Kane/Snitsky)

Royal Rumble (HHH/Orton, JBL/Angle/Show, Undertaker/Heidenreich in casket, Edge/HBK)


No Way Out as SD PPV (JBL/Show in barbed wire cage, Cena/Angle)


Wrestlemania XXI (Batista/HHH, Cena/JBL, Angle/HBK, Undertaker/Orton, Edge/Benoit/Kane/Christian/Jericho/Benjamin in MITB)

1,085,000 (650,000 domestic and 435,000 international)

Backlash as Raw PPV (Batista/HHH, Hogan/HBK v. Hassan/Daivari, Edge/Benoit in Last Man Standing)


Judgment Day as SD PPV (Cena/JBL in I Quit, Mysterio/Eddie, Booker/Angle)


ECW's One Night Stand (Benoit/Eddie with an arbitrary number of ECW stars and matchups happening)


Vengeance as Raw PPV (HHH/Batista in HIAC, Cena/Jericho/Christian, HBK/Angle, Kane/Edge)


Great American Bash as SD PPV (JBL/Batista, Mysterio/Eddie)


Summerslam (Hogan/HBK, Batista/JBL in no holds barred, Cena/Jericho, Orton/Undertaker, Eddie/Mysterio in Ladder)


Unforgiven as Raw PPV (Angle/Cena, HBK/Masters, Matt/Edge in cage)


No Mercy as SD PPV (Batista/Eddie, Undertaker v. Randy/Bob Orton, JBL/Mysterio)


Taboo Tuesday as Raw PPV (Cena/HBK/Angle, Flair/HHH in cage)


Survivor Series (Team Smackdown v. Team Raw with Batista/Orton/JBL/Mysterio/Lashley v. HBK/Kane/Show/Carlito/Masters, Cena/Angle, HHH/Flair in Last Man Standing)


Armageddon as SD PPV (Undertaker/Orton in HIAC, Kane/Show v. Mysterio/Batista)





New Year's Resolution as Raw PPV (Cena/HBK/Kane/Carlito/Angle/Masters in EC, HHH/Show)


Royal Rumble (Angle/Henry, Cena/Edge)


No Way Out as SD PPV (Angle/Undertaker, Orton/Mysterio)


Wrestlemania XXII (Cena/HHH, Mysterio/Angle/Orton, HBK/Vince in no holds barred, Edge/Foley in hardcore, RVD/Matt/Lashley/Flair/Benjamin/Finlay in MITB)

975,000 (584,000 domestic and 391,000 international)

Backlash as Raw PPV (Cena/HHH/Edge, Michaels v. Vince/Shane in no holds barred)


Judgment Day as SD PPV (Mysterio/JBL, Khali/Undertaker, Booker/Lashley in KOTR finals, Henry/Angle)


ECW One Night Stand (Cena/RVD, Mysterio/Sabu, Angle/Orton, Edge/Foley/Lita v. Funk/Dreamer/Beulah)


Vengeance as Raw PPV (HBK/HHH v. Spirit Squad in handicap, Cena/Sabu in lumberjack, RVD/Edge, Flair/Foley in 2/3, Angle/Orton)


Great American Bash as SD PPV (Booker/Mysterio, Kennedy/Batista, Undertaker/Show in Punjabi prison)


Summerslam (Edge/Cena where DQ implies title change, HBK/HHH v. Vince/Shane, Batista/Booker, Flair/Foley in I Quit, Hogan/Orton)


Unforgiven as Raw PPV (Cena/Edge in TLC with stips, HBK/HHH v. Vince/Shane/Show in HIAC)


No Mercy as SD PPV (Booker/Finlay/Lashley/Batista, Benoit/Regal, Mysterio/Chavo in falls count anywhere, Kennedy/Undertaker)


Cyber Sunday as Raw PPV (Booker/Cena/Show, Orton/Edge v. DX, Flair/mystery partner v. Spirit Squad)


Survivor Series (Batista/Booker, Team Cena v. Team Show, Kennedy/Undertaker in first blood, Team HHH/HBK v. Team Orton/Edge, James/Lita)


ECW December to Dismember (Lashley/Show/RVD/Holly/Punk/Test in EC, Hardys/MNM)


Armageddon as SD PPV (Batista/Cena v. Booker/Finlay, Undertaker/Kennedy in last ride, London/Kendrick v. MNM v. Hardys v. Regal/Taylor in ladder)





New Year's Resolution as Raw PPV (Cena/Umaga, Edge/Orton v. HHH/HBK)


Royal Rumble (Cena/Umaga in last man standing, Batista/Kennedy)


No Way Out as SD PPV (Cena/HBK v. Undertaker/Batista, Kennedy/Lashley)


Wrestlemania XXIII (Cena/HBK, Lashley/Umaga in for Vince or Trump's hair, Undertaker/Batista, Kennedy/Edge/Punk/Booker/Jeff H/Finlay/Matt/Orton in MITB)

1,250,000 (825,000 domestic and 425,000 international)

Backlash (Cena/HBK/Edge/Orton, Undertaker/Batista in last man standing, Lashley v. Vince/Shane/Umaga)


Judgment Day (Cena/Khali, Benoit/MVP in 2/3, Edge/Batista, Orton/HBK, Lashley v. Vince/Shane/Umaga)


One Night Stand (Cena/Khali in falls count anywhere, Edge/Batista in cage, Lashley/Vince in street fight, Hardys v. Haas/Benjamin in ladder, Orton/RVD in stretcher)


Vengeance (Cena/Foley/Booker/Orton, Edge/Batista in last chance, Nitro/Punk**)


Great American Bash (Cena/Lashley, Khali/Batista/Kane, Orton/Dusty in bull rope, Morrison/Punk)


Summerslam (Cena/Orton, Batista/Khali, HHH/Booker, Morrison/Punk)


Unforgiven (Undertaker/Henry, Cena/Orton, Batista/Khali/Mysterio)


No Mercy (New WWE Champion crowned, Batista/Khali in Punjabi prison, HHH/Umaga, Punk/Big Daddy V)


Cyber Sunday (Batista/Undertaker with Austin as SGR, HHH/Umaga in street fight, HBK/Orton, Punk/Miz)


Survivor Series (Batista/Undertaker in HIAC, Orton/HBK, Team Triple H v. Team Umaga, Punk/Morrison/Miz)


Armageddon (Batista/Undertaker/Edge in No DQ, Jericho/Orton, Jeff H/HHH, HBK/Kennedy)





Royal Rumble (Orton/Jeff H, Edge/Mysterio, JBL/Jericho, Flair/MVP with Flair's career)


No Way Out (HHH/HBK/Jeff H/Jericho/Umaga/JBL in EC, Cena/Orton, Edge/Mysterio, Flair/Kennedy with Flair's career, Undertaker/Batista/Finlay/MVP/Big Daddy V/Khali in EC)


Wrestlemania XXIV (Undertaker/Edge, HBK/Flair in career, Cena/Orton/HHH, Mayweather/Show, Batista/Umaga, Punk/Jericho/MVP/Benjamin/Morrison/Carlito/Kennedy in MITB)

1,041,000 (697,000 domestic and 344,000 international)

Backlash (HHH/Orton/Cena/JBL, Undertaker/Edge, HBK/Batista)


Judgment Day (HHH/Orton in cage, Undertaker/Edge, HBK/Jericho)


One Night Stand (Edge/Undertaker in TLC, HHH/Orton in last man standing, Batista/HBK in stretcher, Cena/JBL in first blood)


Night of Champions (HHH/Cena, Edge/Batista, Henry/Kane/Big Show)


Great American Bash (HHH/Edge, JBL/Cena in NYC parking lot brawl, Punk/Batista, Jericho/HBK)


Summerslam (Undertaker/Edge in HIAC, Batista/Cena, HHH/Khali, Punk/JBL)


Unforgiven (Punk/Batista/Mysterio/Kane/JBL in scramble**, HHH/Jeff H/Kendrick/MVP/Benjamin in scramble, HBK/Jericho in unsanctioned)


No Mercy (HBK/Jericho in ladder, HHH/Jeff H, Show/Undertaker, Batista/JBL)


Cyber Sunday (Batista/Jericho with Austin as SGR, HHH/Jeff H, Undertaker/Show in last man standing)


Survivor Series (Cena's return, Cena/Jericho, Edge/HHH/Kozlov, Team Orton v. Team Batista, Undertaker/Show in casket, Team HBK v. Team JBL)


Armageddon (Jeff H/Edge/HHH, Cena/Jericho, Batista/Orton)





Royal Rumble (Edge/Jeff H in no DQ, Cena/JBL)


No Way Out (Edge/Cena/Mysterio/Kane/Jericho/Knox in EC, HBK/JBL in all or nothing, Orton/Shane in no holds barred, HHH/Edge/Jeff H/Undertaker/Show/Kozlov in EC)


Wrestlemania XXV (HHH/Orton, Cena/Edge/Big Show, Undertaker/HBK, Mysterio/JBL, Jericho v. Piper/Snuka/Steamboat in handicap, Punk/Christian/Kane/Kingston/Henry/Finlay/Benjamin/MVP in MITB)

960,000 (605,000 domestic and 355,000 international)

Backlash (Edge/Cena in last man standing, Orton/Rhodes/DiBiase Jr. v. HHH/Batista/Shane for title, Jeff H/Matt H in I quit, Jericho/Steamboat)


Judgment Day (Edge/Jeff H, Cena/Show, Batista/Orton, Mysterio/Jericho)


Extreme Rules (Jeff H/Edge in ladder, Cena/Show in submission, Batista/Orton in cage, Punk/Umaga in Samoan strap, Jericho/Mysterio in no holds barred)


The Bash (Orton/HHH in three stages of hell, Cena/Miz, Jeff H/Punk, Mysterio/Jericho over title or mask)


Night of Champions (Jeff H/Punk, Orton/HHH/Cena, Mysterio/Ziggler)


Summerslam (Punk/Jeff H in TLC, Orton/Cena, Christian/Regal, HBK/HHH v. Rhodes/DiBiase Jr., Kane/Khali)


Breaking Point (Punk/Undertaker in submission, Cena/Orton in I quit, Christian/Regal, Kane/Khali in Singapore cane, HHH/HBK v. Rhodes/DiBiase Jr.)


Hell in a Cell (HHH/HBK v. Rhodes/DiBiase Jr. in HIAC, Orton/Cena in HIAC, Undertaker/Punk in HIAC)


Bragging Rights (Cena/Orton in anything goes iron man, Team Smackdown of Jericho/Kane v. Team Raw of HHH/HBK, Undertaker/Batista/Punk/Mysterio)


Survivor Series (Cena/HHH/HBK, Undertaker/Show/Jericho, Batista/Mysterio, Team Orton v. Team Kingston)


TLC (HHH/HBK v. Jericho/Show in TLC, Undertaker/Batista in chairs, Sheamus/Cena in tables, Orton/Kingston)





Royal Rumble (Undertaker/Mysterio, Sheamus/Orton)


Elimination Chamber (Jericho/Undertaker/Punk/R-Truth/Morrison/Mysterio in EC, Cena/Sheamus/HHH/Kingston/DiBiase Jr/Orton in EC)


Wrestlemania XXVI (Undertaker/HBK in no CO, no DQ, retirement, Cena/Batista, Jericho/Edge, Hart/Vince, Mysterio/Punk, Swagger/Christian/Kane/McIntyre/Ziggler/Benjamin/Matt H/Bourne/Kingston in MITB)

885,000 (498,000 domestic and 387,000 international)

Extreme Rules (Cena/Batista in last man standing, Edge/Jericho in cage, Sheamus/HHH in street fight, Swagger/Orton in extreme rules, Punk/Mysterio for Punk's hair)


Over the Limit (Cena/Batista in I quit, Show/Swagger, Orton/Edge, Mysterio/Punk in hair v. SES)


Fatal 4 Way (Sheamus/Cena/Orton/Edge, Mysterio/Swagger/Show/Punk)


Money in the Bank (Sheamus/Cena in cage, Miz/Orton/Edge/Jericho/Morrison/Henry/Bourne/DiBiase Jr. in Raw MITB, Mysterio/Swagger, Kane/Kingston/Ziggler/Christian/Rhodes/Matt H/McIntyre/Show in SD MITB)


Summerslam (Team WWE w/ Cena v. Team Nexus w/ Barrett, Kane/Mysterio, Orton/Sheamus)


Night of Champions (Orton/Sheamus/Cena/Barrett/Edge/Jericho, Kane/Undertaker in no holds barred)


Hell in a Cell (Kane/Undertaker in HIAC, Barrett/Cena with Cena's job on the line, Orton/Sheamus in HIAC, Edge/Swagger)


Bragging Rights (Barrett/Orton, Kane/Undertaker in buried alive, Team Smackdown w/ Big Show v. Team Raw w/ Miz)


Survivor Series (Orton/Barrett with Cena as SGR, Kane/Edge, Team Mysterio v. Team Rio)


TLC (Cena/Barrett in chairs, Edge/Kane/Mysterio/Rio in TLC, Miz/Orton in tables, Morrison/Sheamus in ladder, Ziggler/Swagger/Kingston in ladder)





Royal Rumble (Miz/Orton, Edge/Ziggler)


Elimination Chamber (Cena/Punk/Morrison/Orton/Sheamus/R-Truth in EC, Miz/Lawler, Edge/Mysterio/Show/Kane/McIntyre/Barrett in EC)


Wrestlemania XXVII (Cena/Miz in no DQ and no CO with Rock as guest, Undertaker/HHH in no holds barred, Cole/Lawler with Austin as SGR, Orton/Punk, Edge/Rio, Snooki/Trish/Morrison v. McCool/Layla/Ziggler, Mysterio/Rhodes)

1,059,000 (617,000 domestic)

Extreme Rules (Cena/Miz/Morrison in cage, Christian/Rio in ladder, Mysterio/Rhodes in falls count anywhere, Orton/Punk in last man standing)


Over the Limit (Cena/Miz in I quit, Lawler/Cole in kiss my foot, Orton/Christian)


Capital Punishment (Cena/R-Truth, Orton/Christian, Punk/Mysterio)


Money in the Bank (Cena/Punk, Christian/Orton, Del Rio/Riley/Bourne/Swagger/Kingston/R-Truth/Mysterio/Miz in MITB, Bryan/Rhodes/Slater/Gabriel/Kane/Sheamus/Cara/Barrett in MITB)

205,000 (146,000 domestic and 59,000 international)

Summerslam (Punk/Cena with HHH as SGR, Orton/Christian in no holds barred)

311,000 (180,000 domestic and 131,000 international)

Night of Champions (HHH/Punk in no DQ with HHH's COO position on the line, Cena/Rio, Henry/Orton)

169,000 (109,000 domestic and 60,000 international)

Hell in a Cell (Cena/Punk/Rio in HIAC, Henry/Orton in HIAC)


Vengeance (Rio/Cena in last man standing, Henry/Show, Miz/R-Truth v. HHH/Punk)


Survivor Series (Rock/Cena v. Miz/R-Truth, Punk/Rio, Show/Henry, Team Barrett v. Team Orton)


TLC (Punk/Miz/Rio in TLC, Henry/Show in chairs, Orton/Barrett in tables, Rhodes/Booker)





Royal Rumble (Punk/Zigger with Laurinaitis as SGR, Cena/Kane, Bryan/Henry/Show in cage)


Elimination Chamber (Cena/Kane in ambulance, Bryan/Marella/Show/Barrett/Rhodes/Khali in EC, Punk/Jericho/R-Truth/Miz/Kingston/Ziggler in EC)


Wrestlemania XXVIII (Rock/Cena, HHH/Undertaker in HIAC with HBK as SGR, Punk/Jericho where title can change hands on DQ, Sheamus/Bryan, Rhodes/Show)

1,253,000 (733,000 domestic and 520,000)

Extreme Rules (Cena/Lesnar in extreme rules, Punk/Jericho in Chicago street fight, Sheamus/Bryan in 2/3, Orton/Kane in falls count anywhere, Rhodes/Show in tables)


Over the Limit (Cena/Laurinaitis, Punk/Bryan, Sheamus/Rio/Orton/Jericho)


No Way Out (Cena/Show in cage with Laurinaitus' job on the line, Punk/Kane/Bryan, Sheamus/Ziggler)


Money in the Bank (Cena/Kane/Jericho/Show/Miz in MITB, Punk/Bryan with AJ as SGR, Sheamus/Del Rio)

188,000 (104,000 domestic and 84,000 international)


358,000 (270,000 domestic and 88,000 international)

Night of Champions (Cena/Punk, Sheamus/Del Rio, Orton/Ziggler)

189,000 (102,000 domestic and 87,000 international)




1. WWF claimed 60,000 buys. A source close to Meltzer claimed 43,000 buys.

2. Before jumping up and down with the thought that anyone citing this list is a credulous imbecile for believing that Wrestlemania IV generated more buys than Wrestlemania III, the television industry was changing rapidly, which largely served as the impetus in the three-way dance between McMahon, Crockett, and Watts, and the subsequent death of the territories. As a corollary to that thought, the PPV universe was rapidly expanding. In effect, this is partly why Wrestlemania XXVIII gets far more buys than any Wrestlemania of the Attitude Era despite the Attitude Era having almost double the viewers than 2012's Raws.

3. This PPV was an experiment at the idea of running weekly or monthly PPVs. Evidently, the experiment was advised against.

4. Two conflicting sources claim 625,000 and 675,000.

6. Two conflicting sources claim 840,000 and 880,000. 840,000 comes from a 2005 Wrestling Observer.


EDIT: I will start excluding matches that certainly shouldn't constitute as a draw over time.

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Guest Nell Santucci






Great American Bash '88 (190,000 buys)

Starrcade '88 ("Between 100,000 and 150,000 buys")





Starrcade (Flair/Garvin in cage, Luger/Rhodes in cage, Animal/Hawk v. Arn/Tully, Gibson/Morton v. Eaton/Lane in scaffold)

20,000 buys1




Bunkhouse Stampede (Bunkhouse Stampede in cage, Flair/Hawk)

200,000 buys

Great American Bash (Flair/Luger, Rhodes/Windham, Team Animal/Hawk v. Team Sullivan/Rotunda in towers of doom)

190,000 buys

Starrcade (Luger/Flair, Sting/Rhodes v. Animal/Hawk)

Approximately 125,000 buys with estimations ranging from 100,000 to 150,000




Chi-Town Rumble (Flair/Steamboat, Luger/Windham, Animal/Hawk v. Williams/Sullivan)

WrestleWar (Flair/Steamboat, Luger/Hayes, Animal/Hawk v. Williams/Rotundo w/ Nikita as SGR)

Great American Bash (Flair/Funk, Animal/Hawk/Eaton/Lane/Williams v. Hayes/Garvin/Gordy/Fatu/Samu in war games, Luger/Steamboat, Sting/Muta, Steiners v. Sullivan/Rotundo in tornado, Cornette/Dangerously in tuxedo)

Halloween Havoc (Sting/Flair v. Funk/Muta in thunderdome cage, Luger/Pillman, Doom/Steiners)

Starrcade (Sting/Luger/Muta/Flair in singles tournament, Steiners/Doom/Road Warriors/New Wild Samoans in tag tournament)





WrestleWar (Flair/Luger, Steiners v. Ole/Arn, Animal/Hawk v. Callous/Spivey** in Chicago street fight, R&R Express/Midnight Express)

Capital Combat (Luger/Flair, Doom/Steiners)

Great American Bash (Sting/Flair, Doom/R&R Express)

Halloween Havoc (Sting/Sid, Luger/Hansen, Flair/Arn v. Doom)

Starrcade (Sting/Scorpion, Doom v. Arn/Windham in street fight, Luger/Hansen in bull rope, International tag team tournament)





WrestleWar (Team Sting v. Team Flair in war games)

Superbrawl (Flair/Fujinami, Sting/Luger v. Steiners, Windham/Pillman in taped fist, Sid/Gigante in stretcher)

Great American Bash (Luger/Windham, Sting/Nikita in Russian chain)

Halloween Havoc (Luger/Simmons in 2/3, Team Sting v. Team Cactus in chamber of horrors, Halloween Havoc revealed)

Starrcade (Lethal lottery)





Superbrawl II (Sting/Luger, Rude/Steamboat, Eaton/Anderson v. Steiners, Windham/Dustin v. Austin/Zbyszko, Simmons/Cactus, Pillman/Liger)

WrestleWar (Team Sting v. Team Rude in war games, Steiners v. Fujinami/Iizuka)

Beach Blast (Sting/Cactus in falls count anywhere, Rude/Steamboat in 30-minute iron man, Steiners v. Gordy/Williams, Dustin/Nikita/Windham v. Austin/Eaton/Anderson)

Great American Bash (Sting/Vader, NWA World Tag Team Title tournament)

Halloween Havoc (Sting/Roberts in coal miner's glove, Simmons/Barbarian, Windham/Dustin v. Austin/Williams, Rude/Nikita**)

Starrcade (Sting/Vader, Chono/Muta, Simmons/Williams, Steamboat/Douglas v. Windham/Rhodes, lethal lottery)


$1,100,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 01-24-1994 Wrestling Observer




Superbrawl III (Sting/Vader in white castle of fear)


$980,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 04-11-1994 Wrestling Observer

Slamboree (Vader/Bulldog)


$1,240,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 06-27-1994 Wrestling Observer

Beach Blast (Sting/Bulldog v. Sid/Vader, Flair/Windham, Dustin/Rude in iron man)


$1,180,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 08-29-1994 Wrestling Observer

Fall Brawl (Team Sting/Bulldog v. Team Sid/Vader in war games, Flair/Rude, Steamboat/Regal)


$1,070,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 10-24-1994 Wrestling Observer

Halloween Havoc (Cactus/Vader in Texas death match, Flair/Rude, Sting/Sid)


$1,170,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 11-21-1994 Wrestling Observer

Battlebowl (no other drawing matches)


$674,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 12-27-1993 Wrestling Observer

Starrcade (Flair/Vader)


$1,350,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 01-24-1994 Wrestling Observer




Superbrawl IV (Flair/Vader in thundercage, Team Sting v. Team Rude in thundercage, Cactus/Payne v. Nastys)


$1,260,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 04-10-1995 Wrestling Observer

Spring Stampede (Flair/Steamboat, Sting/Rude, Cactus/Payne v. Nastys in Chicago street fight)


$1,370,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 06-05-1995 Wrestling Observer

Slamboree (Sting/Vader, Flair/Windham)


$1,210,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 07-10-1995 Wrestling Observer

Bash at the Beach (Hogan/Flair)


$2,580,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 09-11-1995 Wrestling Observer

Fall Brawl (Sting/Vader/Angel, Team Dusty/Dustin v. Team Terry/Buck in war games, Cactus/Sullivan in loser leaves WCW)


$1,290,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 11-13-1995 Wrestling Observer

Halloween Havoc (Hogan/Flair in retirement with Mr. T as special guest referee)


$2,500,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 12-18-1995 Wrestling Observer

Starrcade (Hogan/Butcher, Sting/Avalanche, Mr. T/Sullivan, Nastys/Heat, Vader/Duggan)





Superbrawl V (Hogan/Vader)


$2,450,000 / ($24.95 x .46) from the 04-10-1995 Wrestling Observer

Uncensored (Hogan/Vader in strap, Nastys/Heat in Texas tornado, Sting/Rogers, Savage/Avalanche, Dustin/Bully in king of the road)


[$2,800,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$2,800,000 / ($32.50 x .46)] x .75 from the 05-01-1995 Wrestling Observer

Slamboree (Hogan/Savage v. Flair/Vader)


[$1,460,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$1,460,000 / ($32.50 x .46)] x .75 from the 07-10-1995 Wrestling Observer

Great American Bash (Flair/Savage)


[$1,320,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$1,320,000 / ($32.50 x .46)] x .75 from the 08-07-1995 Wrestling Observer

Bash at the Beach (Hogan/Vader in cage, Savage/Flair in lifeguard lumberjack)


[$2,580,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$2,580,000 / ($32.50 x. 46)] x .75 from the 09-11-1995 Wrestling Observer

Fall Brawl (Hogan/Savage/Sting/Luger v. Meng/Kamala/Zodiac/Shark in war games, Arn/Flair)


[$1,210,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$1,210,000 / ($32.50 x. 46)] x .75 from the 11-13-1995 Wrestling Observer

Halloween Havoc (Hogan/Giant, Hogan/Giant in sumo monster truck, Savage/Luger, Flair/Sting v. Arn/Flair)


[$1,740,000 / ($27.50 x .46)] x .25 + [$1,740,000 / ($32.50 x .46)] x .75 from the 12-18-1995 Wrestling Observer

World War 3 (60-man battle royal, Sting/Flair, Luger/Savage)

Starrcade (Winner of Flair/Sting/Luger gets title shot against Savage, World Cup tournament)





Superbrawl VI (Hogan/Giant in cage, Flair/Savage in cage, Sting/Luger v. Animal/Hawk, Sullivan/Pillman in I quit strap, Sting/Luger v. Heat, Nastys/PE in street fight)

Uncensored (Hogan/Savage v. Flair/Arn/Luger/Sullivan/Barbarian/Meng/Solution/Z-Gangsta in doomsday cage, Sting/Booker v. Animal/Hawk in Chicago street fight)

Slamboree (Giant/Sting, Konnan/Liger, lethal lottery)

Great American Bash (Giant/Luger, Flair/Arn v. McMichael/Greene, Sting/Regal, Benoit/Sullivan in falls count anywhere, Malenko/Mysterio)

Bash at the Beach (Nash/Hall/mystery v. Sting/Luger/Savage, Giant/Sullivan v. Arn/Benoit, Flair/Konnan, Nastys/PE in double dog collar)

Hog Wild (Hogan/Giant, Nash/Hall v. Sting/Luger, Steiners/Heat, Benoit/Malenko, Mysterio/Ultimo)

Fall Brawl (Hogan/Nash/Hall/Sting (imposter) v. Sting/Luger/Flair/Arn in war games, Savage/Giant, Heat/Nastys)

Halloween Havoc (Hogan/Savage, Nash/Hall v. Heat, Benoit/McMichael v. Barbarian/Meng, Giant/Jarrett, Luger/Arn, Page/Eddie, Malenko/Mysterio)

World War 3 (60-man battle royal, Nash/Hall v. Nastys v. Meng/Barbarian, Giant/Jarrett, Dragon/Mysterio)

Starrcade (Hogan/Piper, Luger/Giant, Page/Eddie, Nash/Hall v. Barbarian/Meng, Jarrett/Benoit, Liger/Mysterio, Dragon/Malenko)





nWo Souled Out (Hogan/Giant, Eddie/Syxx in ladder, Nash/Hall v. Steiners)

Superbrawl VII (Hogan/Piper, Benoit/Sullivan in San Francisco death match, Jarrett/McMichael, Eddie/Jericho, Syxx/Malenko, Heat v. PE v. Meng/Barbarian)

Uncensored (Team nWo as Hogan/Hall/Nash/Savage v. Team WCW as Giant/Luger/Steiners v. Team Piper as Piper/Benoit/Jarrett/McMichael, Iaukea/Mysterio, Malenko/Eddie)

Spring Stampede (Page/Savage in no DQ, Luger/Giant/Booker/Ray, Nash/Rick Steiner, Benoit/Malenko, Mysterio/Dragon)

Slamboree (Flair/Piper/Greene v. Nash/Hall/Syxx, McMichael v. Reggie White, Benoit/Meng in death, Malenko/Jarrett)

Great American Bash (Savage/Page, Nash/Hall v. Flair/Piper, McMichael/Greene, Benoit/Meng, Steiners/Heat)

Bash at the Beach (Hogan/Rodman v. Luger/Giant, Flair/Piper, Savage/Hall v. Page/Hennig, Benoit/Sullivan in retirement, Jarrett/McMichael, Jericho/Dragon)

Road Wild (Hogan/Luger, Steiners v. Hall/Nash, Giant/Savage, Hennig/Page, Flair/Syxx, Benoit/McMichael v. Malenko/Jarrett in tag elimination, Konnan/Mysterio in Mexican death)

Fall Brawl (Team Nash v. Team Flair/Hennig, Page/Luger v. Hall/Savage, Jarrett/Malenko, Steiners/Heat, Eddie/Jericho)

Halloween Havoc (Hogan/Piper in cage, Savage/Page in death, Flair/Hennig, Luger/Hall, Mysterio/Eddie)

World War 3 (60-man battle royal, Flair/Hennig, Eddie/Mysterio)

Starrcade (Sting/Hogan, Zbyszko/Bischoff with Bret Hart as SGR, Page/Hennig, Bagwell/Luger, Saturn/Benoit, Goldberg/McMichael, Eddie/Malenko)





Souled Out (Luger/Savage, Bret/Flair, Nash/Giant, Zybszko/Hall, Jericho/Mysterio, Benoit/Raven, Booker/Martel)

Superbrawl VIII (Sting/Hogan, Hall/Nash v. Steiners, Luger/Savage, Page/Benoit, Bulldog/McMichael, Saturn v. winner between Martel/Booker, Jericho/Juventud)

Uncensored (Hogan/Savage, Sting/Hall, Bret/Hennig, Giant/Nash, Page/Raven/Benoit, Luger/Scott Steiner, Jericho/Malenko, Juventud/Konnan, Booker/Eddie)

Spring Stampede (Savage/Sting, Hogan/Nash v. Giant/Piper in bat match, Rick Steiner/Luger v. Scott Steiner/Bagwell, Raven/Page, Hennig/Bulldog, Booker/Benoit, Goldberg/Saturn)

Slamboree (Giant/Sting v. Nash/Hall, Bret/Savage, Page/Raven in cage, Goldberg/Flock**, Eddie/Dragon, Malenko/Jericho, Finlay/Benoit)

Great American Bash (Sting/Giant, Piper/Savage, Hogan/Bret v. Savage/Piper, Goldberg/Konnan, Booker/Finlay, Chavo/Eddie, Jericho/Malenko, Booker/Benoit in best of 7)

Bash at the Beach (Hogan/Rodman v. Page/Malone, Goldberg/Hennig, Giant/Greene, Booker/Bret, Eddie/Chavo in hair, Mysterio/Jericho, Juventud/Kidman, Raven/Saturn)


Road Wild (Hogan/Bischoff v. Page/Leno, battle royal, Juventud/Jericho, Mysterio/Psichosis, Saturn/Raven/Kanyon)

Fall Brawl (Page/Piper/Warrior as WCW v. Hogan/Hart/Stevie Ray as Hollywood v. Sting/Luger/Nash as Wolfpac in war games, Konnan/Hall, Malenko/Hennig, Saturn/Raven, Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner, Jericho/Goldberg imposter)

Halloween Havoc (Goldberg/Page, Hogan/Warrior, Bret/Sting, Nash/Hall, Rick Steiner/Bagwell v. Giant/Scott Steiner, Jericho/Raven)

World War 3 (Page/Bret, 60-man battle royal, Hall/Nash**, Rick Steiner/Scott Steiner, Kidman/Juventud)

Starrcade (Goldberg/Nash, Flair/Bischoff, Jericho/Konnan, Kidman/Mysterio/Juventud)





Souled Out (Goldberg/Hall in taser, Flair/David Flair v. Hennig/Windham, Kidman/Psichosis/Mysterio/Juventud, Jericho/Saturn with dress stip, Luger/Konnan)

Superbrawl IX (Hogan/Flair, Goldberg/Bigelow, Piper/Hall, Page/Scott Steiner, Nash/Hall v. Mysterio/Konnan for Rey's mask, Hennig/Windham v. Benoit/Malenko, Jericho/Saturn)

Uncensored (Flair/Hogan for WCW president stip, Booker/Scott Steiner, Saturn/Jericho in dog collar, Benoit/Malenko v. Hennig/Windham in lumberjack, Nash/Mysterio)

Spring Stampede (Hogan/Sting/Page/Flair, Goldberg/Nash, Scott Steiner/Booker, Benoit/Malenko v. Raven/Saturn, Mysterio/Kidman)

Slamboree (Nash/Page, Goldberg/Sting, Flair/Piper, Bagwell/Scott Steiner, Booker/Rick Steiner, Benoit/Malenko v. Kidman/Mysterio v. Raven/Saturn)

Great American Bash (Nash/Savage, Page/Kanyon v. Benoit/Saturn, Sting/Rick Steiner in no DQ falls count anywhere, Flair/Piper, Konnan/Mysterio v. Hennig/Duncum)

Bash at the Beach (Savage/Sid v. Nash/Sting for WCW title stip, Bagwell/Piper in boxing, Page/Kanyon/Bigelow v. Benoit/Saturn)

Road Wild (Hogan/Nash in retirement, Savage/Rodman, Sid/Sting, Goldberg/Rick Steiner, Benoit/Page)

Fall Brawl (Sting/Hogan, Sid/Benoit)

Halloween Havoc (Goldberg/Sid, Flair/Page, Hogan/Sting, Bret/Luger, Rick Steiner/Benoit)

Mayhem (WCW World Title tournament with Benoit/Jarrett and Bret/Sting, David Flair/Kimberly, Goldberg/Sid in I quit, Hall/Booker, Vampiro/Berlyn in chain, Bagwell/Hennig in retirement)

Starrcade (Goldberg/Bret, Benoit/Jarrett in ladder, Nash/Sid in powerbomb match, Sting/Luger, Page/David Flair, Jarrett/Rhodes in bunkhouse





Souled Out (Benoit/Sid, Nash/Funk, Kidman/Wall in cage, Bagwell/Page in last man standing)

Superbrawl X (Sid/Hall/Jarrett in no DQ, Hogan/Luger, Tank/Big Al in skins, Flair/Funk in death match, Kidman/Vampiro)

Uncensored (Hogan/Flair in strap, Sid/Jarrett, Sting/Luger in lumberjack, Dustin/Funk in bull rope,

Spring Stampede (Jarrett/Page, US title tournament, Tag Team title tournament)

Slamboree (Jarrett/Arquette/Page in triple-tier cage, Hogan/Kidman, Sting/Vampiro, Douglas/Flair, Luger/Bagwell)

Great American Bash (Jarrett/Nash, Sting/Vampiro in human torch match, Flair/David Flair, Hogan/Kidman, Page/Awesome in ambulance)

Bash at the Beach (Booker/Jarrett, Goldberg/Nash, Hogan/Jarrett, Awesome/Scott Steiner)

New Blood Rising (Booker/Jarrett, Nash/Hall/Goldberg, Storm/Awesome in Canadian rules match)

Fall Brawl (Booker/Nash in cage, Scott Steiner/Goldberg in no DQ, Awesome/Jarrett in bunkhouse, Sting/Muta/Vampiro)

Halloween Havoc (Goldberg/Kronik in handicap, Booker/Scott Steiner, Jarrett/Sting)

Mayhem (Scott Steiner/Booker in cage, Goldberg/Luger, Nash/Page v. Palumbo/Stasiak, Jarrett/Bagwell)

Starrcade (Scott Steiner/Sid, Goldberg/Luger, Nash/Page v. Palumbo/Stasiak, Jarrett/Harris Boys v. Mysterio/Kidman/Konnan in street fight)





SIN (Scott Steiner/Sid/Jarrett/Animal, Luger/Bagwell v. Goldberg/Dwayne Bruce, Douglas/Rection in first blood, Page/Nash v. Palumbo/O'Haire)

Superbrawl Revenge (Scott Steiner/Nash, Page/Jarrett, Kanyon/Page)

Greed (Scott Steiner/Page, Dusty/Dustin v. Flair/Jarrett, Booker/Rick Steiner)



1. Due to Vince McMahon's Wrestlemania III, which generated approximately 400,000 buys, he pressured PPV providers into dropping NWA's Starrcade by threatening that those said PPV providers could not carry the 1987 Survivor Series simultaneously, which wound up generating 325,000 buys. Consequently, 1987's Starrcade only had clearance in four PPV markets. This event, along with a complicated deal involving the buyout of Watts' UWF, would be the critical blow causing Crockett to sell JCP to Turner.



* Editing list over time

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This seems like a good thing to me. One thought I had: what are records like for PPV buys outside of wrestling? Boxing say. Might be nice to verify Meltzer's figures with that in any given year to find the total no. PPV households.


PS. Phil, tiny point but technically, Dibiase was captain in SS 89, and there was a brief Ted/Zeus angle going in. Argument to say SS90 was sold as much on Hogan's match as Warrior's too.


EDIT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay-per-view#HBO_PPV


A lot of boxing and UFC results there.

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First, I want to compliment the amazing forum posters here. The depth of knowledge that posters have is amazing. In attempting to research a particular point (buyrates under Vince Russo's WCW), I came to the startling fact that has long been known, namely that buyrate percentages are meaningless without knowing the size of the PPV universe. In fact, I'm almost of the feeling that they're of limited utility.

Same thing goes for TV ratings. I've recently started wondering if industry types don't hang onto these archaic and confusing percentage-based stats because they want the process to be difficult for outsiders to understand.
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I was actually going to bring this up myself today after a discussion with a BR writer about how the onlne resources generally have buy rate percentages for older shows as opposed to actual buys.


I think we have access to enough old PW Torch and WON back issues to get it done, but it would be easiest if a bunch of us chipped in with some work for specific shows. Also, for each WrestleMania where it would be applicable, we should also include CCTV numbers.

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Same thing goes for TV ratings. I've recently started wondering if industry types don't hang onto these archaic and confusing percentage-based stats because they want the process to be difficult for outsiders to understand.

I tend to think both are useful. For example, lets take this wild hypothetical:


126M final American Idol Ever!

125M Mash Finale


Ergo, the final of American Idol was wildly more popular than the final of Mash!




One was 1983. The other would be 30+ years later. There are 80M+ more people in the country.


1983: 233,791,994

2012: 313,924,728


125M/234M > 126M/314M


John Rockefeller was richer when he was a billionaire than Vince was when he was a billionaire, even if the "raw numbers" were remotely close. $1B when a hell of a lot further in 1916 than 2010.


So "rates" do have value over raw numbers.



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Guest Nell Santucci

I was actually going to bring this up myself today after a discussion with a BR writer about how the onlne resources generally have buy rate percentages for older shows as opposed to actual buys.


I think we have access to enough old PW Torch and WON back issues to get it done, but it would be easiest if a bunch of us chipped in with some work for specific shows. Also, for each WrestleMania where it would be applicable, we should also include CCTV numbers.

I agree, though I found that PWTorch tended to not give buys for most PPV for some reason. (That, or I couldn't find any.) We can surely make this inclusive as possible. Once I get the PPVs done in a few days (exhausting), I'll put up what I know as well.


By JerryvonKramer


PS. Phil, tiny point but technically, Dibiase was captain in SS 89, and there was a brief Ted/Zeus angle going in. Argument to say SS90 was sold as much on Hogan's match as Warrior's too.

Good points. I chose Team Hogan v. Team Zeus because that seemed to be their drawing card from Summerslam 1989, with the Survivor Series being the blowoff; and, DiBiase was thrown in the mix, who had hit midcard status by 1989. But I can correct this.


Concerning Team Warrior v. Team Perfect, that indeed would have been the B main event. Before 1990, it seemed always clear what was the one and only draw. As I continued down the list, I realized that it was more often than not the case that there could be two drawing matches (and possibly three). For example, this year's Wrestlemania, when it gets listed, will have Cena/Rock, Triple H/Undertaker, and Punk/Jericho as the three draws.


But my initial skepticism of making Team Warrior v. Team Perfect as one of the drawing cards involved a historical analysis on Perfect, namely that as excellent of a performer he was in 1990 and 1991, there was never a point, looking back, where the WWF was going to push him as a main event act. I developed this conclusion after someone asked me if there is any truth to the idea that Mr. Perfect was going to win the 1990 Royal Rumble. I gave a lengthy analysis, but the general selling points were the following: (i) Faces always closed main events, (ii) He didn't draw against Hogan whereas Big Boss Man did, i.e. it would be easier to make a case for Boss Man to get a short run over Perfect, (iii) He lost virtually every feud he was in from Hogan to Bret Hart by losing to Beefcake on a nightly basis, getting squashed at 1990 Summerslam like he was the Honky Tonk Man, and losing by DQs to Boss Man. Furthermore, the royal rumble match still wasn't that important as a draw, and I feel like many are projecting their post-1992 notions of the rumble onto 1990's match when winning the rumble in itself wasn't that important - which is to say that even if Perfect won it, it wouldn't have put him in the title picture since he was already in the title picture before the rumble. Finally, February's Main Event (arguably much more important than the rumble) was set as Hogan/Savage, not Hogan/Perfect. I don't think Vince ever had plans to push Perfect into the World Title picture after Hogan/Perfect didn't turn business around. Add to Perfect jobbing everywhere, it was difficult for me to see Team Warrior v. Team Perfect as anything remotely competitive enough to be a draw and that the heat there was somewhat lacking. But if I am to use intelligent booking as a necessary condition for qualifying as a drawing card on a PPV, then why does Mabel/Diesel qualify? It wouldn't. That was about as badly thrown together of a match as I can think of.


So you're right, but I wanted to list my reasons. But I do reject the notion that there is only one such main event as I think Meltzer has a habit of doing. The whole package, with PPVs being A-shows or not, the main events, and unique match ups that resolve a long-term storyline problem (like Undertaker/Kane at Wrestlemania XIV) are part of the drawing package.

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Guest Nell Santucci

Same thing goes for TV ratings. I've recently started wondering if industry types don't hang onto these archaic and confusing percentage-based stats because they want the process to be difficult for outsiders to understand.

I tend to think both are useful. For example, lets take this wild hypothetical:


126M final American Idol Ever!

125M Mash Finale


Ergo, the final of American Idol was wildly more popular than the final of Mash!




One was 1983. The other would be 30+ years later. There are 80M+ more people in the country.


1983: 233,791,994

2012: 313,924,728


125M/234M > 126M/314M


John Rockefeller was richer when he was a billionaire than Vince was when he was a billionaire, even if the "raw numbers" were remotely close. $1B when a hell of a lot further in 1916 than 2010.


So "rates" do have value over raw numbers.




I can agree with that, though this makes me wonder a broader, more disturbing hypothesis that some might kill me for pushing. WWE can at times get around 5 million viewers for Raw. I don't remember what that would have amounted to in 1999, but I think a 4.5 rating would be in the ballpark. If that is true, knowing that the WWE is failing in the teenage demographic, and knowing that the viewer's average age of Raw is around 40 (contrary to Cena's condescending claim of 9), do you think it is possible that WWE retained about 2/3rd of their Attitude Era audience but have failed in getting new viewers under the age of 18 over the last decade or so? That seems remote at first but adjusting some numbers, one can make a plausible case for that.

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Yeah, rates have value in terms of putting the size of the PPV universe in perspective. But the number of buys hasn't increased in proportion with the number of households wired for PPV, which is why nobody looks at percentages anymore.

I agree with that. I think having *both* would be useful. The "buyrate" for Mania III, Mania IV and Mania V are monstrous relative to later buyrates. It just happened to be a small universe. But still, having both the Buys and the Buyrates are useful to see where changes have happened.



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Guest Nell Santucci

I'll start you off with Wrestling Classic. WWF claimed 60,000 buys, but Dave at the time said he heard from another source that it was 43k. I read a while ago that Mania 2 did 100k, but I'm not sure about that.

Thanks. I'll add that number. Do you know if Meltzer's source was Zane Bresloff? It seemed like most of Meltzer's inside information vis-a-vis WWF's numbers came from him. I'll certainly add both numbers but would like to note that 43 is much more likely. I recall on Wrestling Classics there being a discussion on who remembered Wrestling Classic being promoted, and hardly no one did. At the time, it seems clear that the WWF was not only testing the PPV waters but also hardly grasped its full potential. They were still stuck on selling house shows until Nov. 1987 when it became clear that Crockett was intent on competing in the same market.


The following link seems very plausible: http://www.the-coli.com/tsc/6747-wwf-e-ppv...ml#.T_4AsvUtcv- [.] This link argues Wrestlemania II did 250,000 buys. Supposing that Wrestling Classics did around 50k (which is roughly the average of the WWF's claim and Meltzer's source) and knowing that Wrestling Classics had to be poorly promoted since most viewers of the time have no memory of it, it seems more likely that Wrestlemania II did 250,000 than 100,000. But I'm lost on that and might shoot an e-mail to Meltzer if I can't find a more accurate number by the end of this project.

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Guest Nell Santucci

I have always found this topic fascinating.


Also, I read somewhere that Carnegie at his peak in today's dollars would be worth about 300 billion. Rockefeller would be worth about 200 billion.

I am very happy to hear that. Let's surely start a revolution to unify pro-wrestling knowledge and rescue this study from the Wiki marks who cite biased WWE DVDs as claims to knowledge whilst deriding Dave Meltzer as some WWE-hating liar. Furthermore, this is just a great resource to have because I find going off the house show model to be inaccurate in the 90s concerning who was drawing better than who for two primary reasons. First, estimated attendance is largely unavailable and can never be known. Second, I believe people started attending house shows in the 90s more for general casual interest, which could mean anything, over seeing a particular main event act; i.e., using house show attendance to determine who drew better between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels wouldn't say much whereas the PPV model could say a lot more. In other words, all house show attendance does is speak for the general vitality of the promotion but not for any one act per se. I feel the same way about television ratings for the most part and feel it's an archaic relic of the Monday Night Wars that really only the WWE and advertisers should care for on a week-by-week basis, and historians and journalists should only care on a quarter-by-quarter basis except for, say, the Road to Wrestlemania run (which meant nothing this year, evidently, as Rock/Cena did a much better number than Cena/Miz, despite Cena/Miz doing far better Road to Wrestlemania numbers; but we know the story, namely that the rating average does not imply revenue but only revenue potential, which is the great Vince Russo Fallacy.)

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I think you've probably got all this in the edited original post now, but here's a list I put together a few months back for the Mania shows. I think they all came directly or indirectly from the Observer:


o WrestleMania 1 - 398,000 (Closed Circuit Television) and literally a handful on PPV.

o WrestleMania 2 - 319,000 (Closed Circuit Television) and Andre the Giant's handful on PPV.

o WrestleMania III - 450,000 (Closed Circuit Television) and another 400,000 on PPV

o WrestleMania IV - 175,000 (Closed Circuit Television), Approx 650,000 on PPV

o WrestleMania V - 767,000

o WrestleMania VI - 550,000

o WrestleMania VII - 400,000

o WrestleMania VIII - 360,000

o WrestleMania IX - 430,000

o WrestleMania X - 420,000

o WrestleMania XI - 340,000

o WrestleMania XII - 290,000

o WrestleMania 13 - 237,000

o WrestleMania XIV - 730,000

o WrestleMania XV - 800,000

o WrestleMania 2000 - 824,000

o WrestleMania X-Seven - 1,040,000 (950,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania X8 - 880,000 (domestic/intl split unknown)

o WrestleMania XIX - 560,000 (north america only?)

o WrestleMania XX - 885,000 (WWE figure, lower than that on the original version of this list) ( (domestic/intl split unknown)

o WrestleMania 21 - 1,085,000 (approx 650,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania 22 - 975,000 (approx 584,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania 23 - 1,250,000 (825,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania XXIV - 1,041,000 (697,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania XXV - 960,000 (605,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania XXVI - 885,000 (498,000 domestic)

o WrestleMania XXVII - 1,042,000 (617,000 domestic)


For reference, 21 was the first show on PPV in the UK, which will have added a fair chunk to the international figure.

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Guest Nell Santucci

To help out with this project, I have uploaded on old set of Wrestling Observer scans that I found onto XWT-Classics.net They range from 1984-1991 with 1985-1991 looking to be every issue from those years.

You deserve many, many thanks for this. Those archives will surely aid in furthering other projects, if not this one.

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Awesome idea.


I'm the guy who did that thread in the-coli :) . Pre-2000 is very difficult to know what numbers are 100% credible. Hell, most of the ones I've got from the Observer change from time to time too (I've seen Dave report Wrestlemania V doing 780,000 - 767,000 and like 725,000 buys for example).


Nowadays you get like 2 or 3 reports for the same PPV and it's never is the same number :lol:. I tried to always put the latest information on every show, but I'm sure there's a couple of PPVs were there is more updated info.





When it comes to ECW, I remember listening to Dave Lagana's podcast were he told that they were doing between 90,000 and 60,000 buys at their peak.

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  • 3 weeks later...

In their 2012 second quarter earnings, WWE released the official buyrate for every pay-per-view in the quarter. The numbers are as follows with the previous year in parenthesis:


Wrestlemania XXVIII – 1,217,000 buys (compared to 1,059,000 last year)

Extreme Rules – 263,000 buys (compared to 209,000 last year)

Over the Limit – 167,000 buys (compared to 140,000 last year)

No Way Out – 194,000 buys (compared to 170,000 last year as Capitol Punishment)

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Guest Nell Santucci

In their 2012 second quarter earnings, WWE released the official buyrate for every pay-per-view in the quarter. The numbers are as follows with the previous year in parenthesis:


Wrestlemania XXVIII – 1,217,000 buys (compared to 1,059,000 last year)

Extreme Rules – 263,000 buys (compared to 209,000 last year)

Over the Limit – 167,000 buys (compared to 140,000 last year)

No Way Out – 194,000 buys (compared to 170,000 last year as Capitol Punishment)

Thanks a ton. This will be added in a minute. I do want to add that it's bizarre No Way Out did a much better number compared to Over the Limit just because of Orton's suspension and Ziggler being the last minute replacement with virtually no build and with the perception that Ziggler is a JTTS anyway.

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