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Badd Company/Orient Express


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I don't see this team landing in my top 25. Just not enough top tier stuff. No fault of their own necessarily. I just don't think they were in the right place at the right time sort of thing.


I like a couple of matches in the AWA. At least one against the Rockers and another against the Guerreros. I'll have to revisit a few like the handheld against RNR along with the Patera/Rheingans bout.


Obviously the WWF Royal Rumble match is pretty famous. I like the quick pace of that one. Another I found recently was against LOD on a SNME. They don't get in a lot of offense, still they bump their asses off and make LOD look like a million bucks.


I'll have to check out their cup of coffee in ECW when I get a chance.


Promo wise they always had a manager from what I remember, so I will try not to hold their lack of talking against them.

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-Badd Company vs. the Rockers in Memphis (on the Rockers in Memphis comp)

-Jarrett/Smothers/Travis vs. Badd Co./Carl Fergie (this is on the DVDVR set)

-Badd Co. vs. The Bruise Brothers I have a listing for but not sure if it's Memphis or not


I don't have the 1987 set but I'm sure there is more of them on it.


I'm also not necessarily advocating that they make the list, I don't think the body of work is probably going to be there for that.

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When I've a bit more time I'll put up listings for their complete run in Memphis. Don't know how much it will add to their case but some interesting looking matches against the likes of the Nasty Boys, Jarrett & Dundee, Jarrett & Travis and Dundee & Rocky Johnson.

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Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka in Memphis (TV listings)

04.18.87 vs David Haskins & John Paul

04.25.87 vs David Haskins & Benny Trailer

05.02.87 vs Jim Jamison & Ron Nations

05.09.87 vs Mark Starr

05.16.87 vs David Haskins & Ed Mattox

05.23.87 vs Midnight Rockers (MSC)

05.30.87 vs Jim Jamison & Freezer Thompson

05.30.87 vs Mark Starr & Billy Travis

06.13.87 vs Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee

06.20.87 & Mr Shima & Tojo Yamamoto vs Mark Starr & Billy Travis & Big Bubba & Rocky Johnson

07.04.87 vs John Paul & Randy Bryant

07.11.87 & Jack Hart vs Billy Travis & Mark Starr & Allen West

07.18.87 vs Bill Dundee & Rocky Johnson (no DQ, highlights, MSC)

07.18.87 vs George Barnes & Randy Bryant

07.25.87 vs Billy Travis & Mark Starr

08.01.87 vs Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis (jip, Jackson, TN)

08.01.87 vs Allen West & John Paul

08.08.87 vs Freezer Thompson & Ed Mattox

08.15.87 vs Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis (Jackson, TN)

08.22.87 & Don Bass & Goliath vs Billy Travis & Mark Starr & Allen West & John Paul

09.05.87 & Carl Fergie vs Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis & Tracey Smothers

09.19.87 vs Nasty Boys

10.11.87 vs John Paul & Ed Mattox

10.25.87 & Carl Fergie & Don Bass vs Nasty Boys & John Paul & Tracey Smothers

11.07.87 & Carl Fergie & Don Bass vs Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & Nasty Boys

11.22.87 & Midnight Rockers vs Executioners & Blue Knight & Keith Robertson


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These guys were really a huge disappointment to me on the AWA set. I'd read for years about how "great" they were supposed to be and then I finally got to them at the end of the set and I felt really underwhelmed. It's not that they aren't good it's just they really aren't great and I actually thought their Royal Rumble match as The Orient Express was way better than anything I've seen from them as Badd Company. No chance at making my ballot.

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