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It’s Brainbuster Three with your host Johnny Sorrow! On this episode, Kelly of Titans of Wrestling defends his title against Dylan Waco (Wrestling Culture) and “the Beast” Kris Zellner (Exile on Badstreet). It’s a stone cold blast as the battle of the wits explodes on Brainbuster!





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I had three things wrong.


1.) The identity of Brock Lesnar.

2.) The setting. It was the Post Mania Raw

3.) The identity of the other two people: One's the camera man. The other was Michael Cole.


That was a squash.


The biggest change that should happen with the show is this:


the person with the LEAST amount of points should have to read the BS that Johnny wrote, not the winner.

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"I knew it was false because you said Bob Brower" was my absolute breaking point. Holy shit I've never had to hold in laughter so hard in my life.


I need to finish listening to this when I get home because my co-workers are gonna start looking at me like I'm a lunatic. This is hysterical, Johnny.

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I actually thought the 1995 WCW one was Starrcade because when he changed the number of matches by the end, I thought he was trying to figure out if the Triangle Match was either one or two matches. But then the Joe Louis Arena hint would have been the dead giveaway, for sure.


Kris tried to powerbomb Kidman. He should know better.

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Love the Savage promo game. And the one from game #1 where Koloff and Dusty participated as well. Hope this continues to be a recurring game.


And I guarantee I'd put up a mighty challenge to any of you veteran podcasters and go on a Ken Jennings-like run. Consider that a challenge.

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