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Pro Wrestling Only

A Few Initial Stats


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There was a total of 152 voters!


151 voted for the GWE.

54 voted for the tag teams section.


567 different wrestlers got votes for the GWE.


7.94% of voters participated in 2006 Smarkschoice poll.


14.7% started watching wrestling pre 1985

56.7% started watching wrestling between 1985 and 1994

21.3% started watching wrestling between 1995 and 2004

7.3% started watching wrestling post 2004


99.3% considered Mainstream American Wrestling (WWF/WWE, WCW, etc..)

93.2% considered Mainstream Japanese Wrestling (AJPW, NJPW, etc...)

63.3% considered Japanese Indies (DDT, WAR, etc...)

95.2% considered Old School Territories (Mid South, Memphis, etc...)

59.9% considered Women's Wrestling (AJW, American Women, etc...)

57.8% Shoot Style (UWFI, RINGS, etc...)

55.8% European Wrestling (CWA, World of Sport, etc...)

83.7% U.S. Super Indies (ROH, PWG, etc...)

44.9% "Golden Age" Wrestling (JWA, black-and-white television era, etc...)

50.3% Hardcore Wrestling (BJW, WING, etc...)

76.2% Lucha Libre (CMLL, AAA, etc...)

60.5% Lucharesu (Dragon Gate, M-Pro, etc...)


Overall comments about the project:


It has given me a excuse to not go out to the bars.
I thought the timeline was a bit long when it was first announced...now I want more time to watch blind spots. So much wrestling out there and so little time.
Haven't watched wrestling with much intensity since 2006/2007, which is probably reflected in my ballot.
I humbly admit my viewing is limited to pretty much 90s and 00s WWE and WCW and bow to the masters (no, not a DX reference) that are infinitely more
knowledgeable about the past, present, and future of this great sport (yes, a Tony Schiavone reference).
It has been a fucking blast. Great job Grimmas and everyone who helped out and participated! I hope more projects like this happen.
I've loved this project and been excited by it even before I joined the forum (and this is what actually spurred me to join after 3 years of lurking). In a way, I'm glad to finally be at the submission stage, but I'm going to miss the quality discussion about each candidate. I also think the process has been excellently maintained throughout by the guys running it, has been clear and concise, and kept us all informed throughout.
Thank fuck it's over! Ha ha. I'm glad it happened.
It's been fun!
Wish I'd had more time to delve deeper. Happier I submitted a list. Hope to do it again in 10 years.
I watched wrestling from 1986 to 2002 and then stopped. In 2013 I stumbled across a few different wrestling sites which led me to ProWrestlingOnly.com
and the podcasts and best of lists of Dylan, Musgrave, Steven, Zellner, Chad, Parv, Charles, Will, Pete, and many others. I do have blind spots and biases but I still had a fun time doing the list. Can't wait for 2026 to do another more educated list.
Good job on it, I wish I put more effort into it but great to see the discussion.
I loved it. Thanks so much for hosting this project.
Very interesting but very difficult!
This was hard as hell to do but really fun
It was extremely difficult but a lot of fun. I wish I had more time and more ability to get into different varieties of pro wrestling but what I have seen I have truly enjoyed from the people suggested by the boards and everyone from PWO, PTBN, etc have been tremendous in helping out a fledgling viewer.
Had a blast working on this - educational - thanks!
A helluva lotta fun. Thanks to all who helped make it happen.
I didn't actually participate on the forum, but I have been lurking the threads a lot, and because of this project, I have become familiar with wrestlers I was not very familiar with before. Loved it.
Five Stars
I can't think of a project more appealing to me that was also just as frustrating at times. But at the end, it was worthwhile and a great recollection of what I love about professional wrestling. I can't wait to see what the final list looks like.
There is no perfect list in a medium so tailored to specific tastes. But I wanted to submit a list for the fan like me - someone who grew up with the mainstream US wrestling scene, and from that ventured out into the greater wrestling world. In a week, a month, and certainly a year my list can and will change. I appreciate everyone's list, not just for what they mean to their creators, but for what they can teach me.
Every aspect has been so much fun. The time and amount of work put in by everyone was awesome. The time frame gave me time to see a lot of wrestling very specifically for this list. It has opened doors to new areas I never took the time to fully go in to. There's a lot of guys on my list that build their case purely on the last couple of years intense watching inspired by the numerous threads, podcasts and comments from PWO and P2BN.
It's not gonna be an amazing ballot. Still, true to myself.
Thanks Grimmas
It has been a tremendous exercise, and I look forward to all the posts and podcasts to come this month. Can't wait for 2026.
Much harder to generate a list than I actually thought.
Love it!
This project was incredible, I watched more wrestling in the last year and half than at any other time in my life and I've still barely scratched the surface for most these wrestlers. The list of tag teams nominated is a farce
It was really neat thanks for organizing everything man
Very fun and worth while
This opened me up to so many styles I likely never would have attempted to look at without it. Obviously the final list, like every single other person's no doubt, there are picks I'm gonna regret and some likely not adequately defendable but I also feel like I've just scratched the surface even seeing nearly all of the wrestlers nominated at some point or another. Truly, a rewarding experience for any wrestling fan.
I loved it had a ton of fun doing this, and really understanding my wrestling tastes and appreciation on a much more detailed level. I would love more projects like this.
Awesome job! I know it took alot of work. Cant wait for the results
Really intriguing! I've lurked on the board for years, but have never posted. This took about a month to compile, but looks like I'll get it in just in time.
I'm not a member of the board but I am a pretty regular listener to most of the podcasts so I felt justified to tsubmit a list despite my blind spots since it seems like some of the hosts are proud of their's (ok im mainly thinking tna here); so i dont feel too bad about my massive all japan blind spot.
Very well organized.
In 2 years, my wrestling knowledge and the amount of footage increased to the point where I actually consider myself a knowledgeable wrestling fan. So, thank you, GWE, PWO and everyone associated with running this. You guys are awesome.
Excellent for discovering wrestlers that I had missed over the years.
Great concept, a lot of work has gone into it.
Great project!
This is only the beginning for me in terms of looking into other areas. I do feel the tag portion of the process got way less attention than it deserved, maybe a redo earlier than ten years for tags would be called for.
This was shit loads of fun.
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Grimmas (and all others involved in organizing, planning and promoting via the board or the podcasts): Thank you! This has been one hell of a ride, and it's nowhere near over! Can't wait for the final lists to be revealed and then debated endlessly (and that's a good thing!) here and on the numerous shows. Nothing wrestling related post-2000 could have rekindled my fandom as well as this project and the effort you guys have put into it!

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How are the results being revealed?

I will post a list of nominees not getting votes today. Then start with the lowest ranked wrestlers moving forward to number 1. Expect the final 3 to come out the last day of April.



Perfect. Thanks for the hard work already.

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