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All that remains of the 2006 threads


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None of the links work, but now the newer posters at least know we didn't pretend there was a 2006 poll, and you can see what was being discussed at the time if nothing else.




I'm glad the links don't work. I absolutely don't want to see some probably idiotic stuff I said back then ! Plus I was probably a much bigger asshole than I am now.

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"the myth that Hogan was good in Japan" was probably a quote from me. And yeah, I still stand strong about it. The idea that Hogan was somewhat much better in Japan came from the fact he used to show a little bit more and that he didn't Hulk up, but after a while you realize he was just doing the same crappy looking routine that looked cool the first time you see it because it's unexpected. Hogan in the 80's didn't strike me as much better, the Inoki matches are painfull. Yeah, Stan Hansen beats him up to one of his best matches over there, but then again, Stan is a #1 contender for best ever. I hope Hogan drops today.

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FWIW, the most fun I had watching Hogan work (hell, the only time I really had fun, although I do like some of his WWF work) was during his Hollywood Hogan era, when he had his working shoes on and was really good playing heel, even making one-hip Piper look good and looking better than Ric Flair was at the same time.

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