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R.I.P. Brickhouse Brown (Cancer) - UPDATE: STILL ALIVE! - UPDATE 7/29: Really passed away this time. :(


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A Memphis mainstay.

From B. Brian Blair's Twitter:

Damn. :( As if the death itself wasn't bad enough, to find out it's because he had no insurance and could only take pain meds while waiting out the rest of his days is downright tragic.

I wish the Cauliflower Alley Club could have found out sooner. They do great work for retired pro wrestlers.

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I didn't even know that he died from cancer. Just horrible to think that he pretty much had to live his last days like this.

Brickhouse Brown was one of the most underrated if not the most underrated African-American wrestler ever...Quite the solid hand in the ring.

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B. Brian Blair just wrote this on Twitter:


Thank you so much George, but stop the tape. Brickhouse is Mother Victoria just called me to inform me that Brick was still alive and woke up, somehow,  last night and said he was hungry. Stay tuned as this is not over, unbelievable! I'll write what happened on my Facebook page.

So I don't know what's happening here.

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2 hours ago, Robert S said:

Somehow Brickhouse is the saddest among all three wrestlering deaths today. Finding out that you have cancer in an early stage and not having the money to treat it is just horrible. It's hard not getting political about things like that.

Yes. It's awful.

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