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NWA World Wrestling Council August 1986


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I changed the format some to incorporate house shows into things more.  Seems more like a 90 minute show now that I write it, and I think the promotion is hot enough to warrant that.


(Originally airing on August 1st, 1986 in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr,  Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays.  Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Los Tejanos vs. The Batten Twins

The Battens used their teamwork and speed to control.  A Tejano 1 comeback was cut off by a Brad clothesline after ducking one from Tejano.  Bart was tagged in and the double dropkick finished Tejano 1 off.

Hugo and Rickin talked about the Battens switching out illegally to fool the Crusher into being pinned.  The highlight was shown and Rickin was not 100% behind the tactic, but he understood that Barrabas and his men had cheated to win against the Battens before.

(Commercial Break)

A clip was shown of Ricky Santana almost throwing Owen Hart down the stairs in Caguas.  Then we see clips of Santana going hold for hold with Invader 3 before losing in a match for the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship.  This followed by a clip of Owen blasting Santana with the WWC LHW belt as he was chasing a fleeing Owen.  

Rickin interviewed Owen Hart, who complained that Santana "tried to end my career" and had no right challenging for the NWA LHW belt because Owen was the WWC LHW champ.  He also claimed that Santana got what he deserved when Owen blasted him with the belt for all of the times Santana had tried to hurt him or cheat him out of what was rightfully his.  Hart finished the interview by accepting the Street Fight with Santana on September 20th and saying he would show Santana he was the better man and be done with him.

Los Assassins vs. The Caribbean Express

The express use their smooth teamwork and legal double teams to control.  A powerslam byt Perez stops Asssassin 1's comeback.  Castillo takes the tag and climbs up top.  He hits a flying crossbody as Perez executes a vertical suplex, Castillo covering for the three count.

Rickin and Hugo talk about the violent brawls that the Express has been having with los Mercenarios around Puerto Rico.  They mention that on Saturday in San German and Sunday in San Juan there will be more battles between the two teams.

(Commercial Break)

Sports Shop

The Sports Shop intro plays and we cut to Victor the Bodyguard and Abdullah Tamba on the Sports Shop set.  A voice-over by Hugo Savinovich plays.

Hugo: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the most watched wrestling program in Puerto Rico!!  This is Chicky's Sports Shop and I'm pleased to announce your host, the most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico today, Chicky Starr!!

Chicky walks in wearing his custom suit and his WWC Caribbean Tag Team Title over his shoulder.  He picks up a microphone and sits down.

Chicky: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Chicky Starr's Sports Shop!  Before we get to my guests this week I'd like to take this time to point out that Ronnie and I have been beating los Super Medicos, Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon all over Puerto Rico this last week.  While the fans at the arenas all seem to be the idiots I deal with on a weekly basis, I know that the fans at home love it.  You see the people at home make my show the highest rated show in Puerto Rico and they would want to know.

Chicky pauses and shakes his head.

Chicky: Another thing people need to know is that my cousin Ron Starr was cheated in the first taped fist match with Hercules Ayala.  That villain Ayala used an illegal low blow to pin my cousin and the WWC did nothing about it.  I have demanded that the rest of the matches also have the stipulation that any kind of low blow results in immediate disqualification.

Chicky nods off-screen.

Chicky: And now the most disappointing part of the show.  My guests this week are los Super Medicos.  Don't worry you idiots, I signed a very official document stating that I lose this belt if you get hurt on or around this show.  So try not to trip over anything.

Los Super Medicos walk in and sit down.

Chicky: So after this week do you two really think you are contenders for these titles?  I think you've been shown how superior a team Los Primos Starr truly are.

Medico 1: If you had come by any of those wins honestly-

Chicky: If you could come by a win.  You have to win matches to capture, and hold, titles.  I'm sure somebody should have told you.

Medico 1: I recall you being pinned by us twice.

Chicky: And yet I still have this.  (taps belt)  I guess those wins aren't everything you thought they were.

Medico 1: They were enough.  Enough to prove we can beat you and we belong in matches with you.

Chicky: If you had beaten us without help, sure.  Hiding behind Jos LeDuc and Dutch Mantell won't win you any championships.

Medico 1: And here I thought Jos LeDuc was an old, useless Canadian lumberjack.  Isn't that about what this man here said last week?

Medico 3 nods.

Chicky: Are you sure he's not mute?

Medico 1: He doesn't speak Spanish.  Something I'm sure most fans wish was true of you.

Chicky: Jos LeDuc is an old, useless Canadian lumberjack.  When compared to Abdullah Tamba.  But he is a big man and can turn the tide of a match.

Medico 1: I recall Abdullah Tamba being in the match when Jos LeDuc was on our side.

Chicky: (English) I recall your partner being more useless than LeDuc.

Medico 3 starts to get up, but Medico 1 calms him down.

Medico 1: (English) Let's not give them the reason that Chicky here is looking for.  (Spanish)  We can trade insults all day, but it's what happens in the ring that counts.  How about next week you and your cousin take us on in six-man tag matches.  And if we don't win two of those, you have my word we will back out of the title match on September 20th.

Chicky: Let me get my lawyers to draw up that contract.

Medico 1: Unlike you, some men keep their word.  When I tell you something I mean it.  So you may want to listen to what I have to say next.

Chicky: (yawns)  Sure, sure..

Medico 1: We will beat you however we have to.  Because we will take those titles from you.  I hope your cousin has luck on his side this week.  He's going to need it.

Los Super Medicos get up and leave.

Chicky: Well, I'm sorry that things were so...awful just there.  But not all guests are cut out for the Sports Shop.  Next week should be better because none other than my cousin Ronnie himself will be here to celebrate his successful series of 5 taped fist matches against Hercules Ayala.  And as another treat, I'll show you how my man Abdullah Tamba has been destroying Jos LeDuc all around Puerto Rico before you have to get back to the boring part!  I know you'll be sure to tune in next week!

Highlights are shown of the battles between Jos LeDuc and Abdullah Tamba around Puerto Rico.  The announcers talk about how intense the feud has gotten and how Chicky Starr has been feuling that fire.  Rickin has some not-so-friendly things to say about the way Chicky treated los Supr Medicos.

Domingo Robles vs. Jos LeDuc

LeDuc is dominant, cutting off all offense by Robles almost immediately.  He hits the one-armed backbreaker for the three.

The announcers put over LeDuc's power and experience.  Highlights are shown of the Caribbean Express beating Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher after an evenly fought brawl.  

(Commercial Break)

Barrabas is out at the desk and immediately complains about the treatment of his team.  The Battens obviously cheated to get their win and had little success outside that match.  On top of that, it wasn't even a tag match!  And the Express distracted his team, who had been doing well, by attacking him.  Barrabas was adamant that both offenses would be punished and stormed towards the ring with his team.

Mr. X & Y vs. Jonathan Boyd & The Crusher

Boyd & the Crusher were in rare form tonight after a pre-match attack (ordered by Barrabas).  They really took it to X and Y, giving them little offense at all and ruthlessly cutting it off.  Mr. Y fell victim to the Jonathan Boyd three point clothesline while being held by the Crusher and that was the match.  Barrabas had his men continue the attack after the match until the Battens came running out and the brawl was on.  Rickin told the fans that it was time for a commercial break and things would be cleaned up when they returned.

(Commercial Break)

Clips are shown of the previous week's brawls between Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers.  Dutch Mantell swore he would continue his assault on Jaggers until "the dirty, yellow dog knows what happens when you hurt Dirty Dutch Mantell."  Rickin questioned Dutch about the cage match in September, to which Dutch replied he didn't care if Jaggers made it that far.

Mr. Z vs. Ricky Santana

Santana is at a size disadvantage, but uses his speed and technique to make up the difference and control the match.  He cuts off a comeback with a dropkick and hits the fisherman's suplex to get the 3 count.

The announcers talk up Santana's resilience and Hugo praises his newfound willingness to fight dirty when he needs to.  Rickin is more measured in his praise of that particular change.

(Commercial Break)

Invader 3 is at the desk and talks about how honored he is to represent Puerto Rico as the NWA Light Heavyweight champion.  He praises Ricky Santana for giving him a tough fight and wrestling within the rules.  Invader 3 lets the fans know that on Sunday in San Juan he will be defending the title against Owen Hart and knows to expect anything and everything from the Canadian.  He says that he respects Hart's ability, but not the way the man fights.

Los Super Medicos & Invader 1 vs. Abdullah Tamba & WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champions Los Primos Starr

The faces controlled early with quick tags back and forth between the Medicos and Invader 1.  Invader fell victim to an Abdullah Tamba dropkick and Tamba clotheslinef him over the top rope.  Tamba hit a big tope on Invader 1 and Medico 3 was checking on him after Tamba headed back into the ring.  This gave the Starrs and Tamba time to triple team Medico 1.  Medico 1 made a comeback after a bit to tag Invader 1.  Medico 3 had just been pulled off the apron by Chicky Starr and Invader 1  still not recovered from the big tope.  The heels worked Invader 1 over and cut his escape off to anger the crowd.  When Invader 1 did hit a low blow on Chicky and tag in Medico 3, the crowd went nuts.  Medico 3 was hitting haymakers all around and hiptossed Ron as he charged.  Chicky came up behind Medico 3 and hit a low blow, rolling with the momentum into a schoolboy for the three count.  The heels made a quick escape, Ron and Chicky taunting los Super Medicos with their tag belts on the way back.

Rickin and Hugo talked about how the Starrs had been hanging onto those belts the same way across Puerto Rico.  Hugo made sure to remind Rickin that holding the belts is what matters, not how.  Rickin closed the show and the card for September 20th was shown.

Main Event: Abdullah the Butcher vs. Carlitos Colon for the vacant WWC Universal Heavyweight Title in a Fire Match

Los Super Medicos vs. Los Primos Starr (C) for the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championships

Hercules Ayala vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (C) for the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship

Ricky Santana vs. Owen Hart (C) for the WWC Light Heavyweight Championship in a Street Fight

Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Hangman Bobby Jaggers in a Cage Match


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Personally, I'm not bothering with time constraints (as you can see with my TV every week! :p ) - as long as I enjoy the product in the way you write it, it's all that matters. And you're always doing an excellent job capturing the essence of pro wrestling in the Caribbean. Another hot main event again this week!

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It seems like the foreigners are on fire in WWC.  The Battens to LuDuc to Boyd & Crusher and lets not forget sbout Dutch and Jaggers.

Abdullah Tamba is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  

Sept. 20 will be hot.  As Edger said, you are doing a great job and your format is all up to you


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I'm all for 90 minute shows! I like how you're incorporating house show footage into your TV shows. The tag team division is on fire and gets a great showcase tonight with Caribbean Express, Battens, Crusher/Boyd, Medicos and Starrs. The Santana/Owen feud has been a pure gem. "Try not to trip over anything" LOL, Chicky is gold! As always, fun main event. The Starrs taunting Medicos with the titles at the end is such a classic heel visual. Looking forward to the next loop. 

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WWC House Show August 1st, 1986
Pachin Vichens Stadium, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Victor the Bodyguard w/Chicky Starr vs. Super Medico 1
Medico 1 controlled most of the match with Chicky giving Victor most of his openings.  Victor slammed Medico 1 near the ropes and Chicky held Medico's feet to give Victor the three count.  Following the match, los Mercenarios and Ron Starr ran to the ring to join the attack on Medico 1.  Medico 3 led los Invaders and Carlitos Colon out for the save.

The Batten Twins vs. Los Mercenarios
Los Mercenarios were their usual brawling selves, but the Battens were up to the challenge.  This match went all over the arena with the Battens both getting busted open in addition to Mercenario 2.  Los Mercenarios used a folding table to clothesline Bart and Merc 2 covered for the three count with Brad just too late to make the save.  Los Mercenarios left the ring peacefully after their win, not attacking the Battens post-match.  The crowd gave the Battens a lot of support even though they had lost.

Ricky Santana, Dutch Mantell & Carlitos Colon vs. Owen Hart, Bobby Jaggers & Chicky Starr
If you think this one was any less than a pier 6 brawl, you haven't been paying attention.  Referee Victor Quinonez lost control of this one right away and never got it back.  The ring was used occassionally.  Colon chased Chicky out of the arena first.  Next was Owen fleeing Santana, who had piece of a wooden folding chair in hand.  Mantell and Jaggers brawled until referees and officials needed to call security to break it up.

Ron Starr vs. Hercules Ayala taped fist match, lumberjack match
It's pretty clear who the lumberjacks were on the side of.  The 10 lumberjacks are: Jos LeDuc, Dutch Mantell, Super Medico 1, Invader 1, Carlitos Colon, Abdullah Tamba, Bobby Jaggers, Mercenario 1, Mercenario 2 & Chicky Starr.  Both participants did their best to throw their opponent out to their friends.  Many of which armed themselves with items at ringside and went after other lumberjacks.  In the end it was chaos outside the ring and more wrestlers came in out of the locker rooms.  Ayala and Starr still punched each other and hit low blows on one another in the ring and Ron snuck in a handful of tights to get the pinfall on Ayala.  It took a while to clean up after this match.

WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Abdullah Tamba w/Chicky Starr vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (C)

Tamba fared better than his first match against Bigelow.  Bigelow was down to one knee several times, the last after a Tamba dropkick.  After that, Bigelow shifted up a gear and finally slammed Tamba down near the ropes.  The slingshot splash put Tamba away for a successful first defense by Bigelow.  Post-match Chicky Starr collected Tamba and made no move to have Bigelow attacked.

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Fun Card! When the opening match ends with that brawl, you know you're in for a wild show. Mercenarios get a good win but your last sentence summed up what I was thinking. The Battens might not win every match but I think they're having a pretty good run and gaining support. When I saw the participants for that 6 man tag, it turned out exactly how I thought it would. That's followed by a taped fist lumberjack match! LOL, no chance of chaos there right? Ron gets the win amongst all the craziness. Nice main event with Bam Bam retaining and Chicky playing it cool. 

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WWC House Show 8/2/1986
Arquelio Torres Ramirez Stadium, San German, Puerto Rico

Miguelito Perez w/Huracan Castillo Jr. vs. Mercenario 2 w/Mercenario 1
Perez and Mercenario start brawling from before the bell, but stay mostlyu in the ring.  Whenever the match spills outside both seconds get involved.  Perez hits a big powerslam that gets him a close nearfall.  Merc 2 gets his own with a falling headbutt.  Finally Perez is able to get el coqui (standing victory roll) for the three count.  Los Mercenarios and the Express keep brawling after the match is over and need to be separated by officials.

The Batten Twins & Ricky Santana vs. Victor the Bodyguard, Jonathan Boyd & The Crusher w/Barrabas & Chicky Starr
Victor has no interest in working with Boyd or the Crusher, which gives the faces the early advantage.  Brad Batten gets caught with a Crusher backbreaker and the heels work him over.  Bart makes the illegal substitution while everyone appears to be distracted, but Chicky sees it and has Victor hit him with a few elbow drops before the heels take over again.  Chicky and Barrabas have some words at ringside and start brawling, which distracts all three of their wrestlers.  Bart rolls Victor up with a schoolboy for the three count.  This only makes things worse between Chicky and Barrabas until the Battens hit ringside and start brawling with Boyd and the Crusher.  Santana catches Victor with a crossbody off the top before hitting Chicky with a plancha (Barrabas is overjoyed at this).  Barrabas and his men retreat to the back while the Battens and Santana stand tall.

Ron Starr vs. Hercules Ayala, taped fist, low blows constitute a DQ, no managers allowed at ringside
Fistst were flying right away and it stayed that way most of the match.  Ron hit a big running knee lift to knock Ayala down.  Ayala went after the leg and started punching away on Ron's knee while he was down.  Ron came back after repeated punches to Ayala's head despite being stuck in a leglock.  Chicky Starr ran out to ringside only for Invader 1 to follow closely.  This caused enough of a distraction for Ron to take over fully.  Ron did hit the brainbuster DDT, but due to his leg was unable to cover in time and Ayala just kicked out.  Ron had Ayala ready for another DDT when he was tossed over Ayala's shoulder to the mat.  Ayala caught Ron in an inside cradle as he staggered up for the three count.

Mercenario 1, Abdullah Tamba & Chicky Starr vs. Jos LeDuc, Invader 1 & Carlitos Colon
This was an all-out brawl after the bell rang, but settled down into Invader 1 getting worked over by all 3 heels.  Invader was close to a tag before Chicky nailed him with a low blow a few steps from being able to reach his corner.  A tag to Colon was missed by referee Ricky Vargas because Chicky and Mercenario 1 had Vargas' attention.  Finally Colon did get the tag and the roof blew off the building.  Colon was cleaning house with LeDuc going after Tamba as soon as he scrambled outside.  Chicky got caught in the figure four, but Mecenario 1 hit the ring with Chicky's bat and started going nuts on Colon with it, even attacking Vargas when he tried to take it from Merc 1.  LeDuc hit the ring with Invader 1 close behind and they seemed to be turning the tides when Tamba came up behind Invader 1 and leveled him, making it 3 on 1.  Merc 1 gave the bat to Chicky as the beating continued.  The locker room emptied as allies of both sides came out and there was a lengthy clean-up.

WWC Light Heavyweight Championship
Invader 2 vs. Owen Hart (C)

Invader 2 laid into Owen with punches aimed right at the bandage covering the cut he had suffered the night before above his left eye.  Owen had no weakness to attack on Invader 2 like in the LHW tournament and ended up using every dirty trick possible to keep things even.  A bloody Owen was dropkicked out of the ring and collected his belt before heading to the back.  Invader 2 gave chase and was joined by Ricky Santana, who cut off Owen's retreat.   Abdullah Tamba and Chicky Starr were out to cover Owen's retreat.  Invader 2 and Santana raised their arms to a roaring crowd once the three heels had retreated.

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Another wild night! Nice win for Perez that causes the teams to brawl. Nice seeing Bart Batten get the fall in the 6 man tag. The taped fist series has become a favorite of mine and I look forward to their house show matches. Ayala pulls this one out. Another chaotic 6 man tag as the bat really comes into play here. Wild ending! Pleasantly surprised to see the Light heavyweight title match as the main event. I love the importance you've put on the Light Heavyweight division. Owen just couldn't hang with Invader 2 tonight. 

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Great card and I loved Owen Hart taking his belt and heading for the hills.  From what I hear, that would be a dangerous action so late in the card as the alcohol would have been flowing for a long time by then.  As Edger said, I was a little surprised that Colon was in the semi-main event

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Loved the Taped Fist matches, great win for Ayala in this one! 

Great seeing Owen in the main event, I can't put over enough the way you've built him up and made him a star during his run here in WWC, his career here in our world should greatly benefit from it.....would love to see him in a high profile match at this year's Starrcade!

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WWC House Show 8/3/86
Manati, Puerto Rico

The Batten Twins & Dutch Mantell vs. Jonathan Boyd, The Crusher & Bobby Jaggers w/Barrabas
This one is more in control than their last match.  Jaggers ends up being the first man worked over by the babyfaces and Dutch is int the ring for a large chunk of this.  The opposite is true when Jaggers goes low on Dutch and the heels take over.  Brad gets the hot tag after an extended beating on Dutch and cleans house, even taking the Cursher off his feet with a clothesline.  Bart is tagged in and the Battens hit a double dropkick on the Crusher for the three count.  Barrabas orders his men to attack post-match, but Dutch has his riding crop and the Battens are ready for it.  The heels retreat to the back.

Super Medico 1 w/Super Medico 3 vs. Chicky Starr w/Ron Starr
Chicky is all over Medico 1 before the bell, but a belt shot misses and Medico hits his signature punch series to drop Chicky.  Medico 1 works Chicky's arm over before Chicky hits him below the belt and takes over.  Chicky cuts off comeback attempts with eye rakes, using the ropes and finally another low blow.  Medico 1 hits a dropkick but can't capitalize.  Finally Chicky misses a few elbow drops and Medico 1 goes back to the arm.  A slam by Medico 1 and he hits the ropes and gets tripped up by Ron.  Medico 3 goes after Ron and Chicky tries rolling Medico 1 up, but he barely gets out.  Chicky tries another roll-up, but gets it reversed into a pinning combination by Medico 1 for the three.  Chicky is quick to roll out of the ring and collect Ron.  The Starrs shout at los Super Medicos as they head to the locker room and Medico 1 has his arm raised in victory.

The Caribbean Express & Ricky Santana vs. Los Mercenarios & Abdullah Tamba w/Chicky Starr 
Los Mercenarios and Tamba ambush the faces before the bell.  They use their size advantage and work Perez over.  Castill takes a tag and comes in hot, but his momentum slows against Tamba.  Tamba hits a big slam and climbs up top.  Santana interrupts Tamba and he can't hit the big splash, but referee Ricky Vargas sends Santana back to the corner, allowing triple teaming on Castillo.  Castillo hits a low blow on Merc 2 (big pop) and tags in Santana, who manages to clear both Mercs out of thering before he almost chops Tamba down to size.  Santana is slowing when both Castillo and Perez hit a double clothesline to knock Tamba down.  Castillo and Perez go outside to deal with the Mercs while Santana climbs up top.  He tries the flying crossbody but Tamba catches him and flattens him with a fall-forward slam.  Tamba climbs up top and hitsthe big splash for the three count just before Perez can make the save.  Starr moves Los Mercenarios and Tamba to the back, taunting the babyfaces along the way.  The crowd gives The Express and Santana a lot of cheers and blow on their horns in appreciation of the effort.

Ron Starr vs. Hercules Ayala, low blows result in DQ, security barring the entrances and exits
The last match of 5 and it is all tied up.  Referee Victor Quinonez checks under the ring to find Victor the Bodyguard hiding and has him escorted to the back.  Ron Starr is livid and arguing with Quinonez when Ayala turns him around right into a big right hand.  Wyala controls for a while.  Low blows may be outlawed, but Ron goes to the eyes before running Ayala's face across the top rope from turnbuckle to turnbuckle.  It's Ron's turn to control the match and he hits his big running kneelift.  Ayala starts working over the leg to come back, careful to stay where Ron can't hit him this time.  Ron kicks him off on a reverse figure four attempt and takes over after hitting a standing clothesline.  He tries the DDT but Ayala is too close to the ropes.  Ayala gets the reverse figure four but Ron grabs the ropes.  Ayala drags Ron back to the center of the ring as Abdullah Tamba and Victor are seen trying to break through a wall of security and puts the reverse figure four on again, this time getting the win.  Ayala celebrates as Ron rolls out of the ring and limps towards the back.

Abdullah Tamba w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon
Colon continues his trend of attacking Tamba with abandon due to his similarity to Abdullah.  Tamba holds his own and hits a throat thrust to knock Colon down.   Tamba controls for a while with Colon making short comebacks only to be cut off.  Tamba sends Colon outside with a dropkick and tries the tope as Chicky holds onto Colon, but Colon moves at the last second and Chicky takes the impact.  Colon takes control and works Tamba over around ringside.  He bangs Tamba's head off of the scorers table next to the basketball court and busts him open.  Tamba rolls himself back in the ring moving away from Colon, but colon is right on his heels and starts working over the leg.  Chicky distracts Colon and Tamba takes control.  He slams Colon down and covers with Chicky holding the legs for the 3 count.  Tamba tries to press his advantage after the match but Colon, angered by the result, starts laying into both Tamba and Chicky.  Chicky is the first to the dressing room, with Tamba not far after and Colon hot on his heels.

NWA Light Heavyweight Championship
Owen Hart vs. Invader 3 (C)

Invader 3 outclasses Owen with his quick, technical offense for a bit before Owen goes to the eyes.  And then cuts Invader off with every dirty trick in the book.  Owen works over the arm of Invader 3 with the assistance of the ropes and the ring apron.  Invader 3 slams Owen then sells the arm.  Owen rolls outside and moves before Invader 3 can hit his bullet tope, pointing to his head.  Invader 3 hops to the floor and grabs Owen by the hair, pulling him down before climbing back in the ring.  The bullet tope catches a recovering Owen and the crowd pops huge.  Invader 3 catches Owen in a few pinning predicaments but can't put him away.  Owen goes low with a forearm and tries rolling Invader 3 up, but Invader 3 is too close to the ropes.  Owen climbs up top for the missile dropkick and Invader 3 hits the top rope to drop him into a very uncomfortable position.  A second rope superplex leads to the cannonball (top rope flip senton) and Invader 3 retains the title.

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Man, the fans got their money's worth on this show! Battens are looking strong and now have become serious contenders. Medico 1 gets a huge win over Chicky. I bet the crowd loved that. Awesome 6 man tag as Chicky's boys score the win. Ayala wins the taped fist series! I have to admit I'm sad that it's over as I really enjoyed this program. What a match between Colon and Tamba. Even with Chicky's help, that's still a big deal to get a win over Colon. Bittersweet night for the Starr corporation. Chicky and Ron get losses but the rest get big wins. Another great Light Heavyweight Main Event! Invader 3 retains but Owen has become a star here. 

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It doesnn't matter who else is invilved with Jaggers and Mantell... this is one hot feud.  

I like how nothing went well for Chicky in his match.  The frustrated heel is always a fun watch.

The ref looking under the ring in the Starr vs Ayala match and finding Victor the Bodyguard was a great touch as was Tamba and Victor trying to break through the wall of security.  Perfect WWC match.

Even in a loss, Owen's status is growing.  


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WWC House Show 8/7/86
Fajarado, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean Express & Invader 1 vs. Los Mercenarios & Victor the Bodyguard w/Chicky Starr
The show started off hot with the Express attacking before the bell and taking los Mercenarios outside the ring for a brawl.  Invader 1 and Victor the Bodyguard had what was essentially a singles match.  Victor gained control with help from Chicky Starr on a few occasions and managed to open a cut on Invader 1's head.  Los Mercenarios and the Express had brawled to the back by this point.  But Invader 1 made a big comeback at the end and caught Victor in the sleeper for the victory.  Chicky was quick to abandon Victor when Invader came after him.  Chicky sprinted to the back, fleeing the angered Invader 1.

Bart Batten vs. The Crusher
Barrabas was escorted from ringside by security before the match.  The Crusher was distracted by this and Bart made the most of it.  He rocked the big man with punches and sent him to the outside with a dropkick.  Crusher used a stalling strategy to halt Batten's momentum every time Bart got the upper hand and finally a frustrated Bart missed a clothesline after hitting the ropes and was caught with a backdrop.  The Crusher went to work on Batten's back using his power offense and some brawling.  Bart fired up and made a comeback, but the Crusher went to the eyes to stop it.  Bart countered a slam attempt by the Crusher with an inside cradle for the three and rolled out of the ring before the Crusher could attack after the match.

Brad Batten vs. Jonathan Boyd
Barrabas came out with Boyd and gave him some last minute instructions before leaving of his own accord.  The match started out with Boyd jumping Batten before the bell, but Brad was ready.  The brawl lasted a while until Boyd used an atomic drop to crotch Brad on the top rope.  Boyd's energetic brawling and size advantage allowed him to keep control of the match for a while, but Brad made his comeback count and hit a plancha after sending Boyd out of the ring.  Boyd managed to slam a charging Brad's head into the railing at ringside and just beat referee Victor Quinonez's 10 count for the win.

Ricky Santana & Los Super Medicos vs. Owen Hart & Los Primos Starr
The babyfaces controlled right away and worked over Chicky.  Chicky went low on Santana to get the tag in to Ronnie and the heels worked Santana over, Owen and Chicky both relishing their time in the ring and making sure the crowd knew it.  Santana was cut off multiple times as the Starrs and Owen got pelted with garbage.  Finally Santana low blowed Hart and tagged in Medico 1.  Medico 1 was all over Hart and the Starrs, Medico 3 joining in to double team Ronnie after clearing Chicky and Owen from the ring.  Santana used the LHW Belt to hit both Owen and Chicky, busting both open.  Los Super Medicos used a double DDT on Ron and Medico 3 got the three.  A bloodied Owen and a very bloody Chicky shouted threats at los Super Medicos from outside, Chicky even cursing at them for using Ron Starr's finishing move on him.  Santana and the Medicos stood over Ron, making the Starrs wait to get their fallen partner out of the ring until after they were done celebrating.

Bobby Jaggers & Abdullah Tamba w/Chicky Starr vs. Dutch Mantell & Carlitos Colon w/Invader 1
This was an all-out brawl as expected.  The actual match portion didn't last long as it went outside within 3 minutes and never made it back to the ring.  All six men bled and Jaggers was after Mantell with the riding crop early.  Chicky re-opened Invader 1's cut from earlier in the night during the brawl as well.  Mantell got the upper hand on Jaggers and took the riding crop to him before helping Colon take over on Tamba.  Invader 1 used a blatant low blow to gain the advantage on Chicky and re-open his cut.  Momentum swung back and forth and the heels eventually retreated with Tamba taking a heavy beating for covering the retreat.

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Faces get the crowd going with a hot win in the opener. I liked the tag team members squaring off in singles matches. Bart gets an upset over Crusher while Boyd gets the C.O. over Brad. Shows how even this feud is. The last 2 matches were insane. Medicos and Santana really embarrassed the Starr Corporation. All out brawl to end the show. Chicky kinda left his men hanging tonight. First Victor then Tamba. Well I guess that's why he pays them the big bucks LOL. 

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