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WWE TV 12/16 - 12/22 the road to Royal Rumble begins!


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2 minutes ago, Strummer said:

Btw, are they giving Liv the old Emmalina gimmick? Certainly looks like it will be a sexually charged character based on that vignette

I get creepy vibes from it. Being in a bathtube surrounded by candles and saying you should destroy yourself to be yourself is not exactly the best sultry type stuff.

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The main event was one of the most recent examples that Orton is an incredible wrestler, but he doesn't give a single fuck 95% of the time.

They worked an engaging and entertaining match revolving around selling a leg, didn't need to resort to big moves to keep the crowd engaged, thus making actually impactful moves mean more. Plus the throwback to their previous encounter, which is ~learned psychology~

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2 hours ago, FMKK said:

Did they actually do a 45 minute gauntlet match that ended with a non-finish?

Yeah. It sounds weird, but it actually served a purpose.

Carrillo and Andrade furthered their feud, and Almas finally got some good heat. He doesn't need to challenge Rey for that.


After Humberto got stretchered out and Mysterio chased Andrade, Seth, steel pipe in hand, appeared with the AOP, and the tag team beat down the champ. Seth made some remarks about leading by example and etc, and that Rey owed him one. Then curbstomped him.

Afterwards, backstage, he challenged Rey for the title, and Rey later accepted.


Some may question "but why the fuck even do a gauntlet match then?" and I answer by running away

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So a gauntlet match to determine the #1 contender for the US title ended without a finish and led to the title shot going to someone who wasn't even in the match. And the OC beat the Viking Raiders clean in a non-title match the night after they had a title match that went to a double countout. Raw in 2019 is the worst show in the history of television.

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Some good and bad from the spoilers for next week's Raw:


Rey beat Seth by DQ after AOP interfered. So they did a bullshit non-finish in the #1 contender match to set up a title match with a bullshit DQ finish.

After the match, the heels beat Rey down until Samoa Joe ran in for the save and got laid out himself. So it looks like Joe will be returning soon as a babyface.


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