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AEW Fight Forever (and other AEW video games)


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Very wary of Yukes making any wrestling game after their last few WWE games before they removed themselves from it but who knows if that was THQs restrictions fucking things up? I’m into a mobile TEW style affair though, it’s the one thing that I’m amazed nobody has made a crack at on phones.

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It was a bit since Cody, Aubrey, and Britt all did the "dress as Steve Jobs at an Apple presentation" thing.

Also they brought in the producer of No Mercy to work on this and Kenny's been adamant that their goal for an AEW video game was very much "No Mercy, but on modern consoles". That's all I was hoping for and it looks like that's what we're getting.

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AEW's video game, Fight Forever, will be added to GamePass on release day.


Cool for Xbox fans, I guess, but really shitty for everyone else.

I personally hope this badly backfires on AEW Games/THQ and completely tanks sales on PlayStation and Switch.

The GamePass model does more harm than good for the industry.

I personally no longer buy games that go GamePass immediately while players on other systems are treated like second class citizens. 

Why would I pay $60 on my chosen system when people on another system are getting it for "free" with their lower-priced subscription? You guessed it: I wouldn't and won't.

Instead, out of principle, I just wait for bottom of the barrel pricing or for it to eventually land on the other subscription services.

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Did anyone preorder Fight Forever? I bit the bullet and took a risk by preordering the digital Elite Edition.

I don't usually go for digital, but I decided to in this case because the game is going to get incremental updates that wouldn't be on disc anyway.

Really hoping for the best here, as the WWE games have been unplayable dreck for a decade now.

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