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Miz is probably the best at the style WWE wants everyone to do. he really is so great at it. Having said that, my goodness there a noticeable difference when Maryse isn't around. It's like he's the Bobby Eaton of WWE style,  GOAT in a pairing but kinda bleh on his own.


Also completely-out-of-fucks-to-give Cowboy Brock is the best version of Brock BY FAR. 

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15 hours ago, KawadaSmile said:

HAHAHAHA Miz is the best troll 

That was priceless - describing Cody only to give us fucking Logan Paul!

I wonder why they always go with Logan Paul though over the bigger, tougher Jake Paul who actually has fight experience.

14 hours ago, Al said:
I’m guessing Vince responded positively if he’s getting a tv show.

I think his boss in this case is Michael Cole. 

Didn't Cole reference it at the Saudi EC show or somewhere else?

14 hours ago, sek69 said:

Good for him, but he must have compromising photos or something. Dude's been fired like 3x and rehired every time.

Or he's just a nice guy who isn't too proud to take jobs whenever they come his way - a jobber in the truest sense of the word.

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10 minutes ago, Reel said:

Logan 'fought' Mayweather

I'm sure it was BS, but still, if you look at both Logan and Jake, Jake seems like the bigger, tougher, more wrestler-y dude. 

I personally wouldn't bring either of them in, but if forced to pick one, I'd go with Jake. 

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