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  1. Riderman Hongo

    Most Underrated Wrestlers Of All Time

    I think via the lack of released footage the[ footage has been archived by the network] most of the Joint Promotions guys promotions are underrated. As are workers who made their name in the IWE the difference is lack of footage not because of network screwjob, It’is, because want/need footage, that has sadly been lost.
  2. Riderman Hongo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Cass is a middle of the road worker overall not offensive but not top level either.
  3. Riderman Hongo

    Shodate banned?

    I wonder what makes you think that… I really wonder… (well, not really, it's actually pretty fucking obvious) I am not the person you think I am.
  4. Riderman Hongo

    Bruce Prichard's credibility

    Have we even talked before how could i rib you if i have never met you
  5. Riderman Hongo

    Bruce Prichard's credibility

    Shodate, is that you? nope im new to this place I joined a while back Verified only under a day ago
  6. Riderman Hongo

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    Cena tapped out Triple H at Wrestlemania 22, who was the closest thing to "previous Ace" at the time. To me, WWE ace goes Hogan, Austin, Cena ???. Ace has never been Lineal in WWE based on the history.WWE’s booking has never made sense in that department. to me.
  7. Riderman Hongo

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    Braun is over like rover, I am not a huge fan, but even I can not deny this fact, the fact is Bruan more over than Roman has ever been as singles workerwhether or of WWE see it or not he is over with theCasuals and smarks alike which is unheard of these days.
  8. Riderman Hongo

    Bruce Prichard's credibility

    If it is, just stories everyone has good stories. In all other things. I take everything with a tanker of salt I am a very, very Cynical person since wrestling is based on the idea they are working us. I view all people from the inside the in the same very Cynical way. I would trust Meltzer Keller et al over Bruce, Cornette et al.
  9. Riderman Hongo

    Roman Reigns as the ace post-Wrestlemania

    The thing is unlike in other places ace is not a lineal chain as it in other places if it were like this maybe the fans would have been ok with roman. Sometimes the new ace does fail I use Nakamura as the example when he was the super rookie, Then the bookers Changed the focus, Tanahashi Beat Muto to become the ace, Okada beat Tanahashi Roman beat Cena, who did Cena beat not the previous ace.
  10. Riderman Hongo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    A lot of old timers were not big bumpers
  11. Riderman Hongo

    Current New Japan

    II have never been a Jericho fan but he is a big name in the US thus needed for New Japan Thus is needed for New Japan to expand Further, The old saying about Lemons and Lemonade is prescient here. Naito is more charismatic than Jericho but they need another English voice that maybe the only reason why Gedo and Reached out to his old friend. You may call that and very cynical ideal to take, That being said it may still be a to Level match, that is also being said I was never that High on the Omega vs Jericho Match.
  12. Riderman Hongo

    ROH 2000s vs AJPW 90s

    Lynn was a bad booking choice and thus devalued the belt.
  13. Riderman Hongo

    ROH 2000s vs AJPW 90s

    Gabe worked under Paul is ECW from what I heard. Can you confirm this?
  14. Riderman Hongo

    WAR - Wrestle and Romance/Wrestle Association R

    The Saddest thing about this promotion is many the available matches or tapes of the promotion are clipped. On Most of the tapes, only the semi-main or the main events are unclipped.
  15. Riderman Hongo

    ROH 2000s vs AJPW 90s

    From looking at it from the outside. Gabe is looked at like Paul. Whether or not that is Fair or not. Gabe had such better workers on top than Paul did. He was more able to book better matches.