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[1992-08-08-SMW-TV] Down and Dirty: Bob Armstrong


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Dutch Mantel is the best thing about SMW, maybe even more than Cornette, at least in 1992-1993. Dutch as the journalist that is trying to ask Bob Armstrong tough questions is the perfect balance of humor and logic. He gets it. Bob Armstrong also takes the opportunity to take shots at WCW for employing a Little Richard impersonator. I liked this a lot.

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Dutch's delivery was great here. He plays up his journalist side by asking questions in a provoking manner but repeatedly trying to say this is what the fans were wondering. Armstrong takes it is stride, answers the questions and then goes on a rant against WCW. SMW will visit all the small towns, tickets will be affordable and you don't have to pay $30 to watch the show on your televion.

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Mantell agrees with every decision Bob Armstrong has ever made, but gosh darn it, the FANS have written into him with these tough questions. God, Dutch is awesome. Armstrong has an answer for everything Dutch asks. I try not to get too far into "back in my day" mode when commenting on these but I sincerely don't think there are any two people today who could play off each other this seamlessly, off-the-cuff, while still getting all the storylines over and also staying true to their characters. They may be funny, but these guys are SELLING you on shit and doing a great job of it.

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Dutch claims to have never disagreed personally with any of the fines that Bob Armstrong has given to the wrestlers, in fact he's agreed with everything that he's ever done, they couldn't have a better commissioner than him and he's said that plenty of times on the programme. However a lot of people have written in to him about certain issues (as he is the voice of SMW!) that they want him to ask Armstrong about. These issues are why did he fine Paul Orndorff for using the piledriver and not Brian Lee for using the cancellation fee? Why did he give the Fantastics complete leeway against the Heavenly Bodies? and why at Volunteer Slam did he don two hats, first as commissioner and then by jumping in the ring as referee? This is the fans asking these questions and not Dutch! Armstrong has a reasonable and just explanation for all of them and starts to get a bit exasperated by Mantel. He then goes on to say that the fans have written in to him too, and wants to tell everyone what Smoky Mountain Wrestling stands for. They don't have any Little Richard impersonators or wrestlers that go out in bad taste, we have role models and like athletes. We don't charge high prices, we charge regular prices so families can attend. We don't charge $30 for a PPV, why am I going to pay $30 to sit in my house and turn on the TV when I can go to any local arena and see my favourite stars in person and get their autograph? That's what SMW stands for and we're going to all the small cities that the other organisations think they're too big for. Dutch starts coughing at this point before Armstrong signs off and leaves the set.


Excellent segment (at least the first half) and Dutch is hilarious with all his backtracking and claiming 'it's the fans' questions whilst these two work and play off each other so well. Not so keen on the WCW aimed rant from Armstrong and it's as though he's Cornette's voice here.

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Most of shat I had to say has already been said, so let me just add that I liked Dutch playing it semi-straight while still kissing Bullet Bob's butt at the same time. He wasn't overly smarmy or sarcastic like most other heel interviewers would be, but you still knew he was a heel from his words on previous shows.


Bullet Bob was great in a similar way; he answered the questions put to him in the way a commissioner should, although he knew perfectly well that Dutch was really speaking for himself and his friends. He was definitely Corny's voice in the rant at the end, but they had to give fans a reason to attend what I think everyone involved knew were inferior shows. Maybe we're not glitzy and professional-looking, but at least we're cheap and give you wrestlers you can believe in, some of them from your own hometowns! A man like Bullet Bob, who's already a hero and legend in the Knoxville area, is the perfect person to do a sales job like this, even if it's (sadly) destined not to work for long.


Dutch really should lay off the cheap cigars and invest in some good old Texas chewing tobacky; it'll grow hair on his chest to match the hair on his face!

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