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[1992-09-02-WWF-Landover, MD] Ric Flair vs The Undertaker


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Hayes and Monsoon are pushing the idea of Perfect being responsible for Flair's success. Rpss' shills and football talk have gotten on my nerves, and he didn't sound too interested in doing Coliseum Video voiceovers either, but he beats insight like "THAT URN SURE ISN'T FULL OF GRANOLA BARS!" The match itself isn't terrible but Flair can't do much in this setting. Bret and the Warrior showed that getting a good match out of ZombieTaker wasn't impossible, but Flair didn't quite seem to know how to do that at this point. Doesn't help that he's booked as a gigantic pussy, even by his standards.

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There really isn't a whole lot new to say, but I want to expand on the stuff already said.


Curt was just as active in this match as Flair was, if not more so, which means that it's about time for him to get back in the ring.


We're back to Curt being pushed as the star of Flair's act again, which has to mean that Vince is losing interest in Flair. Not only that, but Heenan's also pushed harder than Ric is, which is ludicrous considering that he's only made a few cameo appearances in promos and spent the rest of his time safely in the broadcast booth. Once again, I'm questioning the whole thought process of not having a title change at SummerSlam, only this time I'm wondering why Warrior didn't just go over clean when they had the opportunity to book the match that way. Beating a strongly-pushed and well thought-of Savage would mean more than doing the Honky squash on a guy who supposedly owes his entire career to a couple of near-cripples, don't you think?


The match itself was even less than your average Superstars main event. Curt looked better throwing chops and forearms in his suit than either wrestler did in the whole match, and I'm not kidding. I've seen plenty of angles and beatdowns that were much more heated and physical than this.


Gino and His Lordship were lethargic to say the least, but their criticism of Earl was justified here. Okay, so he didn't see the knucks shot by Flair, but what kind of dummy allows himself to be pulled out of the ring while making a count without calling for a disqualification, especially when he's just going to turn around and DQ Flair anyway less than two minutes later. What's the difference anyway, except that Curt looked a lot more impressive cracking Taker in the head with a chair than he did manhandling Earl?


We get the tombstone after the match when at the very least it should have been the move that caused Curt to interfere and save the belt for Flair.


I loved Gino calling Flair "Tricky Ric", and I'm surprised someone in JCP hadn't come up with that nickname for him long before this. It was the one bright spot in an otherwise awful performance from Gino.


I'll give Lord Alfred a pass on not being able to think of "doubleteaming", especially in the context of what's supposed to be a singles match.


They never once mentioned that Taker was a former WWF champion, mostly because if they did, they'd have to mention who he took the title from and lost it back to.


I've said it once and I'll say it again: Mike McGuirk has neither the voice nor the dignity to be a great, or even a good, ring announcer. I guess they couldn't have used Finkel everywhere, but surely there was someone more qualified than her to do that particular job.


If this is the best match these two can come up with, I'd rather have kept my dreams of what might have been intact.

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