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[1992-09-19-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy vs Tim Horner


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Really fun match, maybe the best I've ever seen Horner look. Less than 10 minutes and really simply laid out. Horner gets in all the stuff he does that always looks good and nothing else. For the type of match this was, perfect in length. It's not great, but it doesn't need to be. It's setting up a future match between the two. Dutch on commentary continues to be awesome.

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Horner finally gets his match against the Dirty White Boy but it's a non-title affair. Horner dominates early, shows great fire and that he can more than hold his own against the champ. Anthony gets the advantage and Horner small packages him for the pin (and no doubt a subsequent title match down the road). Ron Wright falls out of his wheel chair in shock and was sprawling on the floor in a moment which had me in hysterics. Solid little match, not long enough really to go any more on it, but the best Horner has looked so far, especially with his offense.

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This was a great showcase for Horner, showing that he could beat Tony on any given day. Tony did just enough so that this wasn't a squash, which is all that was expected of him.


Dutch was tremendous on commentary, and Bob really sets him up perfectly. My favorite line was, "If I tell you that a chicken chews tobacco, look under his left wing and a can of Copenhagen will fall out." He's also figured out how to be a heel on commentary without automatically disparaging everything a babyface does. As much trash as he talks about guys like Horner and the Fultons, he always puts them over as tough and gives them credit for good moves and tough victories. He also knows when a heel goes too far in an attack, as you'll hear in the upcoming piece where Tony hangs Horner from the ringpost. You never hear Heenan disparage a heel for anything, and even Jesse tends to go too far in sticking up for them at times.


After his one-of-a-kind performance in this match, if there was a poll for Manager of the Year in SMW Ron may have beaten out Corny, if for no other reason than that his greatness was so unexpected. Eagle said up above that he thought someone could try to pull off the crippled old man schtick today. Well, maybe the right guy could, but I doubt that he'd throw himself into the role the way Ron did. The only other guy who was even handicapped at ringside was Freddie Blassie, who I'm pretty sure legitimately needed his cane, although Vince never talked about injuries in relation to him and his men still used the cane as a weapon. Tony's wonderful performance as the concerned protégé helps out too.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-09-19-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy vs Tim Horner
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Horner looks great here.  Totally lost career for Horner as a mdicard babyface in WCW just churning out good sub-10 minute matches and then occasionally having a good match with an upper card match guy where Horner is the underdog with the good hope spots.  Nothing wrong with being that kind of worker, as long as you aren't pushed as a top babyface....

Loved Wright here, amazing stuff post-match.

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