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My Latest Insane Project

Dylan Waco

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For reasons I cannot completely explain, I have decided to watch as much wrestling as I can from 2013. Obviously I am primarily interested in good wrestling, but the point is that I am watching more current wrestling than any point in recent history as I watch tons of Lucha, random U.S. indies, stuff from Europe and of course WWE every week. I have even made an effort to watch a lot more Japan this year (I've probably watched more than any year since 06).


Of course every year I do a WKO ballot, which is a top 100 for the calendar year. But this year I am seriously entertaining the idea of doing my own top five hundred. Why? Well largely because I'm a list obsessed dork, but I also like the idea of having some sort of archival reference I can go back to down the road and given everything I've watched the usual 100 seems limiting. 500 is of course a large number short for and perhaps excessive, but it's my tentative goal here at the half way point of the year.


In any case despite my best efforts to watch damn near everything I realize I have some real blind spots. Obviously I can't keep up with every indie on the planet and there are other feds I really loathe but I don't want to completely ignore. So what I would like this thread to be is a place where people can suggest stuff to me that they think I may have missed or stuff I may like or stuff I should try and look out for.


For the short term I need some suggestions from a few feds of note. I don't watch Dragon Gate, but want to give at least some of it a chance, though it goes against my better judgment. A short list of the most pimped stuff they've done this year or things people might think I would like would be appreciated. I also need a heads up on PWG, which I haven't seen at all this year. And then there is TNA, which I watch sporadically at best. If there have been any really good matches on Impact this year I'd like to know what they are so I can go back and give them a look.


For the record here is a list of indie feds I follow regularly or as closely as I can through their youtube pages (or a youtube page that uploads some of their stuff) or through their websites.


Traditional Championship Wrestling

Rampage Pro Wrestling

NWA Anarchy

Empire Wrestling Entertainment

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling

Metro Pro Wrestling

NWA Showtime All Star Wrestling

NWA Smoky Mountain

Ring of Honor

House of Glory

CWF Mid-Atlantic


Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Combat Zone Wrestling

All Star Wrestling (UK)

World Wrestling Council (PR)

Supreme Pro Wrestling

All Pro Wrestling

NWA Florida Underground Wrestling

NWA Houston

South Georgia Championship Wrestling

Old School Championship Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Rockstar

Portland Wrestling Uncut

WXW (Pretty sure this is Afa/Sika fed)

Vintage Pro Wrestling


So yeah if anyone wants to help me out with this vanity project, use this thread to do it.

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is Insane Championship Wrestling in Scotland's "TV show" that isn't on TV. Think 1995 era ECW but utterly Scottish.


The show I saw live in May is covered by the two most recent episodes (15 and 16) and pretty much has a bit of everything from comedy to death match to wonderfully overbooked run-ins to the title match being the big deal, with a bonus Prince Devitt match.

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I haven't. Would not mind trying to get all of Sami's last indie run in, but I'm not sure what all I'm missing


I commend you for this type of stuff. Honestly even more than the Finlay stuff last year, the one match that may be appreciate you putting Callihan as #1 in the WKO was when I watched him vs. Drake iron man in CZW. That was a match that had every reason to fail and be a mess, and Sami was determined to make it watchable and kind of good.

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I don't know if I can call that Younger match good per se, but it was a watchable one hour long Drake Younger match and there really aren't many people in the world who he could have pulled that off with. I really liked Sami's matches with Dave Mastiff and Rhino a great deal as far as non-Finlay matches from last year go, but really I was high on his output, consistency and high end stuff against a large variety of opponents in general.


One of the interesting things about this year is that I really do think it's wide open. At the moment I have a guy who I think is a pretty safe number one, but he's a guy who could easily disappear, get screwed by booking horribly, and is almost certainly not going to get the chances that some of the other stronger guys will get. Of course this project has the added benefit of being another elaborate anti-HHH troll

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In case you have a real need for some Rob Terry, OVW streams shows on their site, ovwrestling.com.


It's really not too bad. They'd just be better off doing their own thing instead of having a TNA connection. I guess it pays the bills, though.

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Would be interested in hearing what you think of Alexander vs. Elgin. I can see it being a match you hate but it is starting to get that Richards vs. Elgin buzz from last year. I think this match was better especially when they worked over Alexander's ear but they really kicked out of a ton of stuff going towards the 30 minute draw.

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