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Need match suggestion help


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OK, I recently reconnected with a buddy of mine who is a huge wrestling fan. He isn't a guy who reads the sheets or knows wrestler's real names unless they popped up in an Apter mag. We're going to have a wrestling watching night soon and I am in charge of bringing the entertainment. He wants to see matches from around the world, from different territories but I am not looking for MOTYCs but more "sugar rush" matches that aren't too long but can entertain a crowd of 4 nerds for a few hours.



This is what I am bringing so far (some from my own viewing and some from request)...


Misawa vs. Kawada (January 1999)

- This has Kawada wrestling with a broken arm, the Ganso bomb and one of the shorter matches the two had. I think it introduces both guys to someone who has never heard of them without getting too deep in storyline but would pique their interest in the style.



Chicky Starr vs. Invader (Scaffold Match)

- My buddy popped when I mentioned Chicky Starr since he was a mainstay here in San Antonio when Southwest ran San Antonio. Plus, this is the best scaffold match ever.



Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio (Havoc 1997)

- This is by request since my buddy has never seen it.



Ted Dibiase vs. Jim Duggan (Tuxedo Cage Match w/ feud recap)

- I think the recap makes it easy to watch the match which is great in its own right.



Stan Hansen vs. Terry Funk (All Japan)

- I plan on showing the bloodbath that I think was in the Top 5 on the All Japan ballot.



Rockers vs. Rose & Somers

- I plan on showing one of the matches. Maybe evene the series with the bloodbath leading to the two cage matches.





Feel free to just list matches or give explanations. I am not trying to really educate these guys or give them a history lesson, just looking for some entertaining matches to highlight guys or matches they have never seen.

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Not to everyone's tastes, but my suggestions would be:


- Samoa Joe v Necro Butcher (IWA, 2005)

- Dudley Boyz v Hardy Boyz v Edge/Christian (WM16, SS00, WMX7)


The first is short, violent, shocking and ridiculously entertaining. The others are just high octane, fast paced, dangerous, spectacular matches that non-fans seem to enjoy very much.


Maybe put on a couple of Dragon Gate sprint tags as well, they are always entertaining to non fans. That PWG four way with Kota Ibushi and others from 2010 is fantastic. Lethal/Joe v Homicide/Low Ki is the best ROH match I can think of.


Maybe Kobashi/Sasaki if you are looking for a crazy main event epic Puro match, might go a bit long though.

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I would swap out the 1/99 Misawa/Kawada match for 7/24/95. Not only is it the second-best Misawa/Kawada Triple Crown match, I'm pretty sure it's the shortest. The only real required backstory is Misawa's broken orbital bone.


I would also recommend Hansen/Kawada from 2/28/93. I remember thinking a while back that it might be the perfect match. It's not the greatest match of all time, but it could be the one with the most universal appeal. Two guys beating the crap out of each other is something just about anyone can get into, but it also has enough going on under the surface that it isn't just mindless clubbering.

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Thugz v. Gangstas Street Fight from SMW's Charlotte Memories show would probably be a ton of fun in that sort of setting. Or any sort of setting really.


Because of 2/3 Falls staple I'm not sure there is an ideal Portland match. Maybe the match with Buddy and Curt where Curt hurts Buddy with the top rope dropkick. Buddy v. DK might also.


I second the Hansen v. Colon bullrope match.

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OK keep the recommendations coming...


Definitely adding the Hansen vs. Colon and Boot Camp matches.


I think the guys I am watching with have seen enough TLC matches so that series is out. I don't think they have seen the JBL-Eddie bloodbath so I need to add that. Thugz v Gangstas is in !!!


The PWG 4-way is in!!!


I need to look for some lucha, New Japan, maybe some old NWA matches. Time to look at the Schneider and Naylor comp listings!!!

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The Chicky vs. Invader 3 scaffold match and the Hansen vs. Colon bullrope matches are great picks for Puerto Rico. I'd add one slightly off beat suggestion, La Gran Guerra match. You've got a nice selection of recognizable names doing a handcuff version of War Games.


For lucha, how about Los Gringos Locos vs. El Hijo del Santo/Octagpn from When Worlds Collide?

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Got to have some Jerry Lawler on there whether its one of the Dundee or Mantel matches. My personal fave is the Idol cage match myself.



You should go really old school and how they used to build up a great angle that took weeks to unfold like the four flat tires angle. That or the Ole turn in the cage against Rhodes.

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Sugar rush ... Andre-Hansen, Lawler-Dutch barbed wire, Gordy-Khan, Funk-Flair GAB, Kobashi/KIkuchi vs. Kroffat/Furnas 5/25/92, Hash vs. Tenryu 8/1/98, MPro multi-man 12/16/96, Eddy-Brock title change, Danielson-Morishima 8/25/07, Sting-Vader strap match, 9/12/88 NJ 10-man.

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If you want to have a NJ junior hv. match I would use a match including Ohtani as he is one of the Japanese wrestlers that is the easiest to get. Something like Ohtani vs. Liger (3/96) or maybe one of the Tajiri matches would be perfect. Bryan Danielson bending Jack Evans in ways the human body was not ment to be bent should also fit the bill quite nicely (Surival of the Fittest 2004, I think).

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I am with you on all of those except the New Japan 1988 multi-man. I recently did a wrestling viewing party with my nephew and included the match because I loved it so much and it was shorter than the 90 minute match. When you have ten Japanese dudes in black tights that you have never seen before, it was really hard for him to keep track and stay interested even though he popped for some spots. I also forgot to tell him how the eliminations worked so that only added to the confusion. That was one of the reasons I wanted to go with an M-Pro ten man since you have the different masks to keep track of.

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Corino vs. Tajiri

Akiyama vs. Shibata, 4/8/05

Kensuke/Kawada 2000

Foley vs Sting, 92 falls count anywhere

Maybe ROH/CZW Cage of Death or the 6 man from the 100th show

Wargames 94? When I watched it for the SC WCW poll a few years back it seemed like the most exciting and fast paced and i like it a lot.

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Actually for Texas I'm not sure Gordy v. Khan is the best pick. I'd probably go with the Kerry v. Hayes LLT Cage Match

I think I agree with this. However, these guys have been watching wrestling since the early 80s. I am not worried about them getting into old school stuff because they have been watching their entire lives. The Japanese and Lucha stuff is completely new to them though. These guys are hardcore fans with no internet recognition or PPV purchases since probably 2002. They probably have never seen any indy matches that have been popular on the internet for the past 10 years.

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