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Grimmas books WCCW in 1983


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While Parv is in control of the WWF on Earth-Z, over here on Earth 616 I have decided to take over World Class Championship Wrestling!


I'm not as fancy with pictures, but I will try to insert them when appropriate.


To set some things up, the biggest promotions in America are 1) AWA 2) WWF 3) WCCW, so I have some work to do. However, I do have a strong feud with the Von Erichs and The Freebirds. That's some good talent to build upon.


Here is the roster that I will run under the ownership of Fritz Von Erich:



Bruiser Brody

David Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Al Madril

Chris Adams

Tola Yatsu

Brian Adias



Michael Hayes

The Spoiler

The Great Kabuki

Terry Gordy


Scott Irwin

Killer Tim Brooks

The Missing Link

King Kong Bundy

Buddy Roberts

Bugsy McGraw

Bill Irwin

The Mongol

Tony Charles

Frank Dusek

Johnny Mantell

The Samoan


Managers, Referees, etc..

Skandor Akber

Arman Hussien


Jose Lohtario

Bill Mercer

Marc Lowrance


David Manning

James Beard

Bronco Lubich

Ken Mantell

Fritz Von Erich


I have some work to do. I need more babyfaces and a better undercard with some youth. Von Erichs and Freebirds will only take me so far. Also, a lot of dead weight. I can't imagine Jose Lothario makes it onto a show for me.


Now onto the titles!


NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich

NWA American Tag Team Champions: Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy

NWA Brass Knuckles Champion: Bugsy McGraw

NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich

WCCW Television Champion: Al Madril

WCCW World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Fabulous Freebirds


Soooo many titles.


4 single titles is ridiculous. I will keep the TV Title and I am considering unifying the remaining belts. Make my own Triple Crown!


I like the old WWF model of three titles, but I can live with four if I can get a few more six man combinations. Von Erichs, Freebirds is a start, but I can add Devastation Incorporated. There is some folks I hope to hire that could make another unit, but we will see how that works out. If I can't get some more units, then I can just scrap the belts.


If I am stealing the Triple Crown, then making teams like All Japan did would work well.


The first goal is to get to cult status. It looks like the road to cult status runs through the South East! That will be priority number one. Besides hiring some talent which is popular in that area, I will be running a monthly show from Louisville, Kentucky. I feel weird going straight into Atlanta, Memphis or New Orleans.


The general schedule will be:

TV taped on Thursday.

Once a month in the Sportatorium.

Once a month from Louisville.

Also major shows will be the holiday Star Wars shows.


To sum things up:

Hiring young and exciting talent, as well as stars in the South East.

Unify the main singles titles, most likely at the Independence Day Star Wars show.

Ride the coat tails of Von Erichs-Freebirds and build around Kerry, for now.

Most importantly do better than Parv.



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I have completed week 1, so what's happening?


I had a lot of signings and firings, which I will get to in a bit. I sent out feelers to anybody I thought could help just to see what could happen.


The only one I used on the first show was Tim Horner in a JTTS role.


Without further adieu our first TV show:



So, I had too much wrestling for TV. I can fix that easily.


One thing I did start up as the Devestation Inc. feud with Bruiser Brody. I am going to use Brody to get over either Bundy or Kamala. The first match in this was a Akbar DQ.


However this show sucked, since all my new talent hasn't been signed yet or was not available yet. Kind of a place holder show.


Although The Spoiler refused to job to Chris Adams, so I had to just try to protect Adams in it. The Spoiler will not last long with that attitude.


I did get Fritz Von Erich's business goals for me:



No spot monkeys, cruiserweights or Japanese juniors. Well, that allows me to sign luchadores, so awesome! The other goals are just to maintain where I am, which is bullshit. Dream big Fritz, dream big!


Now onto the fun, the firings!


James Beard, sorry a third referee is too much.

Jose Lothario, sorry but we have no room for you.

Arman Hussien, one manager too many.

Friday, Kamala with Akbar means you are not needed.

Frank Dusek, creative has nothing for you.

The Mongol, creative has nothing for you.

Killer Tim Brooks, creative has nothing for you. A positive to this is that it pissed off Brody.


More firings to come once Madrill and McGraw lose their belts. Also some contacts will just expire instead of firing. We will see though.



The hiring list is huge. Some of them will just be special attractions for my Louisville invasion and some are long term projects. Let's take a look:


Barry Windham, Bret Hart & Curt Hennig. These three will form a unit to join the six man tag title race. A team of young second generation talent who can be groomed to the top. All three will be a babyface unit.


Wahoo McDaniel, Blacjack Mulligan, Junkyard Dog, Sgt. Slaughter, Tommy Rich, Ron Garvin and Roddy Piper are all being brought in to bolster my standing in the South East. Don't expect them to be too integrated into the product, as they will mainly be on Lousiville shows.


Bobby Bass, just to work the undercard heel side and maybe manage some guys! Got to get some No Class into World Class!


Dutch Mantell, a face or heel who can be a gatekeeper.


Greg Valentine will be pushed as a number one heel. Probably a guy I will get to unify the titles. Expect him to win one of the Von Erich's titles soon.


Lanny Poffo and Randy Savage. They will team for a bit while I build Savage up for bigger and better things. T


Larry Zbyszko is another top heel who will form a team with Valentine from time to time. Between the Birds, Larry and Greg we have our main event heels settled.


Tito Santana, Rick Martel and Ricky Steamboat will team as the ultimate babyface team in a race to see who can surpass Kerry.


Finally Skip Young and Rip Rogers will help out the undercard.


I would say this was a great week, even if my ratings weren't good on syndication and I got a warning. Things are looking up with all this talent and Birds-Von Erichs on top.


By the way, Bruiser Brody has low morale and will job out soon before leaving the company.

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Looking forward to this Grimmas. How soon before you bring Fritz out of retirement so he can put over Bret Hart in a cage and go back into retirement? ;)

Stu retired... so I can't do a Stu/Bret vs Fritz/Kerry match. However.. I could sign up Larry the Axe and team him with Curt to take on the Von Erichs?

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So, I will be checking in every Monday of the game for a weekly report.


Week 2 of January 1983 was an interesting week. There was a lot of debuts, a mistake and some happenings. There was even a title change!


Let's start off with our second TV show on Thursday1




As you can see, no problems on the show and the popularity went up everywhere it aired! A little less attendance, but I'm not going to complain about this.


Lots of debuts here and there was some problem with the overness of the youngsters. I think it is only a matter of time though.


The two big news coming out of the show is Barry Windham winning the TV Title and the beginning of ruining Bruiser Brody. Brody is PISSED. I fired his friend and he jobbed clean to Bundy. Brody is a cancer in the locker room and the first big show I can book him on, he is losing clean to Bundy as a send off.


Next up was my first event. Originally scheduled for the Louisville Gardens, problems arouse:




So, stupid South Eastern Championship Wrestling would not allow me to run in the South East due to some non compete clause. Also, you can't change the name of a show once you start booking. All this comes down to a show at Sam Houston Coliseum entitled Louisville Gardens. Oops. If I was doing this solely for fun I would start over, but it is what it is.


What a successful show. B-, 8,100 people and it helped me in my home base. My roster is awesome now and it really made booking a show easy.


Running it down, Bundy, Windham, Hennig & Hart and Steamboat were just put in spots to shine. In sad news Hennig and Hart had zero chemistry together as a team, which might change up some future plans.


I put Martel over The Spoiler as just a match to get Martel over, but the chemistry between them was great. I may continue these two together.


The main stuff on the show was Freebirds-Von Erichs moments and The Hammer becoming the main singles heel. Hayes & Gordy retained their tag titles, cut a promo and then took out Kevin before he defended the title against Valentine. Valentine then took Kevin to school and took the NWA American Heavyweight Title. This is step one to building to the unification match in July between Valentine and a Von Erich.


Coming out of this show, I still wanted to run in the South East. Which means I had to end my non-compete relationship with the Fullers. Sorry. They did not take it well:



With Hart and Hennig not working, I may steal the Rock and Roll from Fuller, we will see. WAR IS ON, BABY!

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Week 3 of January 1983!


A crazy week here with lots to talk about.





What the heck? I guess they didn't like me sharing Junkyard Dog with them? I don't know, but what a bummer. At least they didn't declare war, so no biggie.


We move onto the TV tapings and I had an alarming alert. I was told that Roddy Piper caused an incident backstage. Shit, do I have to fire Piper or fine him. What has he done???



What the heck? How awesome is this? Piper is the man and he is rewarded with a fun match on the TV!




I just realized I could run dark and post match matches! So, that is going to help.


Zbyszko and The Poffos debut with strong effort and the Spoiler and Martel started their angle. A successful show and my ratings are growing weekly.


Speaking of The Poffos:




Savage and Sunshine have great chemistry is very promising. Who needs Liz? I have big plans for Savage! The tags are to get him over and then to split him off into singles.


Other great news that came out this week was the stealing of The Rock and Roll Express from Fuller. The tag division is building up well.


The last bit of business this week an event:




The opener which didn't show up because I had too many segments was Bret Hart & The Rock'n'Rolls beating Kabuki, Rip Rogers and Bobby Bass. This was a loaded show three title matches and one title change. Step two of the future unification match was Kerry winning the Brass Knuckles Title.


Wahoo and Valentine going 18 in the main event was the best thing on the show!


So, there is a major issue. The NWA won't let me run in the South East. Leaving the NWA might be suicide at this point, so I might have to focus in on the South West. It will take longer, but it's possible.

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There was been no updates lately, because I wanted to play ahead to March. I was making a lot of mistakes, due to my unfamiliarity in the game. I wanted to play a bit without reporting anything to figure it out.


However, in the meantime, World Class has gained cult status on Friday Week 4 of February 1983!

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I should point out that Grimmas was always going to reach cult quicker than me because he had to pop South East (a wrestling hotbed) rather than New England. I had to run extra shows in that region and it still took three months longer. He had an advantage there.


On the flipside, Steven has more regional competition (Watts, Jarrett, Graham, Blanchard, Fuller), which might cause him some problems if he's not careful, and I'll be interested to see how big his crowds get.


I have been using my time off to come up with new ideas for a hot summer of booking!

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I made it to March of 1983 and things are looking good. I am now cult, although I didn't surpass any other companies as multiple are now cult. I have figured out some of my issues with how I ran things and there should be less issues moving forward.


First thing I had to do was cut down my roster. It was freaking huge and people were getting pissed they were missing shows! Apparently you can't keep folks on retainer and use them once a month... I am down to a 34 man roster, with maybe a few jobbers added in later.


Bruiser Brody? I have jobbed him to Kamala, fired his friends and treated him like crap. He is a locker room cancer and he won't quit and Fritz won't let me fire him. I guess I have to keep using him. He is good trade bait though.


Titles are now in check. Greg Valentine has taken the Texas and American Titles. Kerry is the Brass Knuckles champion and I will build to a unification match on Independence Day to form the Triple Crown! The Trios Titles are with the Von Erichs for now, but I finally have a few units going. Von Erichs, Freebirds, Devastation Inc. (Bundy, Kamala and One Man Gang) and Strike Force (Tito, Martel & Ricky Steamboat). The Tag Titles are with the Rock 'n' Rolls with a lot of other teams battling around. Finding good chemistry seems to be key here. They currently are feuding with Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo. Finally Windham is still going strong as the TV Champion. He occasionally teams with his father.


For schedule we are sticking with The Hour television show and with a monthly Sam Houston Coliseum and a monthly Wrestling Star Wars shows. The Star Wars has been in the San Jose Civic Auditorium the last two months and that seems to have helped out real well. The Holiday Star Wars shows are all there for later in the year.


Let's run down how I am working with others. When I started it was all working or non-aggression pacts. Some things have changed.


Working Agreements:

All Japan


Central States




New Japan






All-Star Wrestling

Maple Leaf


At War:




So, Fritz is all buddy with Canada! Southwest & East is just made about talent stealing or running in their territory. I will crush them though.


As I am looking at this, I can now offer written contracts? That should save some money, let's see who I can lock down.


Here is a fun update for Kelly:



Our new road agent to replace the fired Ken Mantell... yes it's DOMINIC!


As for sad news:



Hopefully that doesn't last too long.


I will go back to weekly updates now on my quest to destroy Parv and take over the wrestling world with my World Class organization.

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Before the next update, I wanted to update everyone with the currents feuds.


Number 1 is the classic Von Erichs and Freebirds. Still strolling along and is super hot with a B- heat.


Next up is the awesome Spoiler and Rick Martel feud. They had a random match and their chemistry was amazing. I thought I would keep that coming and it has gone over well.


The other two feuds are pretty new. One is The Rock'n'Rolls and The Poffos for that Tag Titles. The other is Tito & Steamboat versus Skandar Akbar's Kamala, Bundy & Gang. Martel will be added to that once The Spoiler feud ends.


Last, but not least here is our top matches:




There is a four-way tie for number one and they all involve the Von Erichs. 3 of the 4 are title changes too (only Terry-Kerry is not). That seems cool.


Looking at this implies I should bring Flair back and I just may, he has helped out big time. The biggest surprise is the Rock'n'Rolls defeating Bill & Scott Irwin on TV. WTF?

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Before I go over this week's events, I wanted to share the goals that Fritz has laid out for me:



The new things here are the sustained push of Kamala and The Great Kabuki. I have to keep these two strong or I am fired. What a weird goal Mr. Von Erich.


For TV I have decided upon a formula of 2 singles, 1 tag and 1 trios per show along with an episode of Piper's Pit. Speaking of which, here is this week's TV:


The first TV show not held in the Will Rogers arena as he head to the Hara Arena in Ohio! The crowd was fine.


Tito and Bundy have good chemistry? That is great signs for the Strike Force-Devestation Inc. feud! The Midnight's debut didn't go so great, but they are here and are a future weapon I will be using. Piper's Pit was solely to continue the Martel-Spoiler story which is going very well. The six man was there and the main event continued the Valentine-Wahoo feud. A successful, but not great show. There will always be a down bit when someone like Flair leaves the show.


I signed my two jobbers of Bill Ash and Pez Whatley. They will come in useful for handing out wins.


Some of my staff is signed to a written contract, including: David Manning, Bill Mercer, and Dominc DeNucci. The first of many cost saving measures.

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Since you're newer to the system. The dark matches don't have an overall impact on your show ratings but it's a great way to build guys up before bringing them onto the main show. Use every last minute of your pre-show time.


Also when guys don't want to job you can sometimes get them to agree to a loss if you protect them and keep them strong in the process.

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Since you're newer to the system. The dark matches don't have an overall impact on your show ratings but it's a great way to build guys up before bringing them onto the main show. Use every last minute of your pre-show time.


Also when guys don't want to job you can sometimes get them to agree to a loss if you protect them and keep them strong in the process.

Thanks, I will use that advice.

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Week 2 of March 1983:


The ground work for national expansion is being laid with written contracts being handed out all over the place. Moving forward Bronco Lubich, Marc Lowrance, Buddy Roberts, Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Randy Savage, Sunshine, Bobby Eaton, Jim Cornette, Dennis Condrey, Magnum TA, Barry Windham and Kerry & Kevin Von Erich will work for me and nobody else! More to come!


Also with their contracts being a monthly fee instead of a per apperance deal, more shows can be run for cheaper!


Speaking of shows there was two these week, TV and the Sam Houston Coliseum.


First up TV:



Back to Will Rogers Coliseum as it is an even week and a very successful show where very region likes us more afterwards. The new format of a Piper's Pit, 2 singles, a tag and a trios payed off on getting a lot of people on TV and having good matches.


Rick Martel continues his program with The Spoiler challenging him to a future match and then beating up Rip Rogers to keep him strong.


Piper's Pit involved Roddy being awesome and beating up Skip Young in the process. That actually lead to the dark match after the show where Wahoo McDaniel teamed with Young to get revenge against Roddy Piper & Great Kabuki.


The trios advanced two stories as the Poffos and Rock'n'Rolls continue on as does the Devestation Inc. and Strike Force angle. Cheap win by Kamala here.


We had a video hyping Wahoo & Valentine for the Sam Houston Coliseum and then Valentine beats up Wahoo's friend Magnum TA.


The main event sees the return of Bruiser Brody as he teams with Kevin to take out the Freebirds. I am back on good terms with Brody, since I can't get rid of him. I had to pay him a lot of money, but he is happy again.


The second show was our big Sam Houston Coliseum show:



Another strong show main evented by Valentine defending his two titles and going to a 30 minute draw with Wahoo. The war continues with them.


The rest of the show was solid stuff all building towards a future show I will mention in a minute. Lots of title defenses too, which have been missing from recent shows.


Speaking of future shows, guess who is on PPV????


When I noticed the WWF and Georgia striking deals with the closed circuit I had to jump on too. I didn't want to fall behind them. Now, the deal is not great. They get 90% of the profits and it is only for 6 months, but it should help us going forward.


This always us to run 2 ppvs. One at the end of April entitled "Extreme Measures" where the Von Erichs and Freebirds will finally settle their differences with a tag cage match! I also plan to blow off the Valentine-Wahoo and Rock'n'Rolls-Poffos feuds as well to freshen things up for the second ppv.

The second will be the Independence Day Star Wars where we unify the singles titles with Valentine and Kerry to form the Triple Crown!


Lots of exciting ahead, although I look at this month to be a transition with all the written/non-written contracts. I want everybody to be written, but some favour other promitions (Valentine, Piper, Larry) which strikes frear with me that they would leave. Big and tough decisions ahead!

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Valentine now has three of the six highest-rated matches. That investment is definitely paying off.

I have been wrapping everyone into exclusive written contracts, which you will see on the next weekly update. However, I fear with Valentine. If I try to look him up, will Mid-Atlantic offer him a contract and keep him? I don't want to lose him, he is my top heel.

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Week 3 of March 1983!


Lots to share here, but let's start with the new guys signed to exclusive written contracts: Rick Martel, David Von Erich, SKandor Akbar, The Great Kabuki, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Kamala, Tito Santana, Roddy Piper, Blackjack Mulligan, Dutch Mantell and Larry Zbyszko.


Some of those I was surprised by, because they had other priorties. It will be nice to have this crew every show, instead of limited dates.


Although, there was a drawback to stealing Skandor Akbar away:



Yes, signing Skandor to an exclusive contract, meant he left Mid South and Bill Watts did not like that. At this rate I will be out of the NWA very shortly.


In news from around the world, AWA has formed a new tag team:



How cool is that? Sheik and Jesse as Violent Playboys? Camera man, zoom in!!!!!


Before we get to TV, we have had an incident:


Buddy is one of the guys who negatively affect the locker room and this was the first time it came out. I gave him a fine and he promised to not let it happen again. If he wasn't apart of the Freebirds he would had been fired. Hopefully Buddy is a man of his word and doesn't cause any more shenigans.


That is how this week's TV started out, but how did it end?





First, I forgot to change the venue and the computer decided I should run in Hamburg, PA? So, the crowd wasn't into this one. However, one positive is that Jm Cornette (since he has a writen contract) has taken over for Gary Hart as the third man in the booth. Mercer, Lawrence and Cornette seem to help the show.


I don't want to talk about this show too much, some bad chemistry, bad crowd, bad place to run. Let's move on.


Finally for this week we have the Wrestling Star Wars show:


Back in Calfironia and we keep getting bigger in the South West!


We had another great Wahoo-Valentine match leading to their PPV contest and another hot Freebirds-Von Erichs match. Martel and The Spoiler seem to be losing steam and I am going to have to blow that one off. This was just a run of the mil house show with not much going on.


Going into next week I think I am going to officially unify the Texas and American titles into one, instead of having Valentine defend both in each match. Also, Valetnine and Kamala have asked for time off due to being over worked.


The other thing to look at is all of the talent that has signed on. They are not special attractions any more, so it's time to work Piper and Zbyszko (especially) into feuds and angles.

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