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The Honor Roll: ROH's 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever Project - RESULTS DISCUSSION


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To celebrate Ring of Honor’s 15th anniversary, Place to Be Nation and Voices of Wrestling have teamed up to present The Honor Roll: ROH’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever and an offshoot poll ROH’s 10 Greatest Non-Wrestlers.


Here are links to both pages, which include the embedded form for voting. Links to the nominees' discussion threads and other project info are also within:


Top 50 ROH Wrestlers:




Top 10 Non-Wrestlers:




I want to thank everyone in advance who takes the time to submit a ballot. Voting is open through the month of February and the results will be released March 1st - 9th in advance of their 15th Anniversary show.

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Good stuff there.


The one category I found myself dismissing (from its roots in BIGLAV) was base ability. Because I feel like if you're in the top 50, ROH is a very worker-heavy promotion so everyone's base is high. I refined my categories to:


Length of run (calculated "years" worth of work so a 6 month run = .5)

Roles/styles (heel/face, tag/singles, etc)

Significance/influence (titles is a component here)

Matches/stories/feuds (quality of work plays into this cat)


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I went in, put guys where I thought they should be. Then I started filling in the gaps. So guys moved up and down as I looked at nominations and weighed them against the guys that I hadn't ranked yet. So someone like Spanky started at 25 and moved up a few spots as I found people I thought he was better than.


Plus I had forgotten a lot of acts. Like I forgot the Havana Pitbulls which moved Rocky Romero way up my list.

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Rocky definitely deserves a spot, I'm hoping he finishes well.


Childs - it's funny, early on there were some big names where you'd see a guy say "there's no way he makes my list", but when you actually sit down to flesh it out, it's not that easy to get that many names.


Which is why we did 50 - it allows for some good variance in the last 20 or so (some actually scoffed at why we wouldn't do 100 - no way).


The SBG era has a lot of guys that don't rank at all when it comes to ROH significance or influence so they're muddled together in a lower tier (for me at least).

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Just submitted my ballot. Saw this a few days back and gave it some thought. ROH is what got me back into wrestling in 2003 I haven't always kept up, especially since say 2010 or so, but i was at the 14th Anny show and kind of try to keep an eye on it, going to through natural ebbs and flows, so this was a lot of fun to put together.


The top 15-20 were pretty easy. The bottom few were really hard.

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