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WWE TV 24/04 - 30/04


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Is it me or does Nak have some sort of speech impediment? Not the obvious non English speaking thing, but it sounds like he always has something in his mouth when he talks. I thought it was the mouthpiece he always wears getting in the way, but he wasn't wearing it when he did his NXT goodbye speech and it still was there? I can see that becoming a sticking point in WWE since they get hung up on stuff like that.

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When Byron was talking about Booty Os and JBL was smiling politely at him not saying a word you could literally see the gears turning in his head: "I have to be nice, I have to be nice, I have to be nice..."


No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title Jinder Mahal.

No. 1 Contenders for the SD Tag Team Titles Breezango.

Heel faction of Natalya, Carmella, Tamina and James Ellsworth standing tall.


Smackdown: Revenge of the Jobber

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As already noted that opening segment comparing Nakamura to Michael Jackson just died a death. It was one of those segments where I felt embarrassed for them. How anyone thought that it was a good way of presenting Nakamura is beyond me.


Other than that thought Smackdown was pretty good overall, even if the 'Beat the Clock' stipulation has basically seen diminishing returns since the first time they used it for the Elimination Chamber in 2005 when it worked really well.


I enjoyed Naomi vs Charlotte, even if I was waiting for the interference the whole time, but was pleasantly surprised the math got some time before the run ins. I saw someone on Twitter say that they were looking forward to Charlotte and Becky teaming up in the style of Sting and Luger, with Charlotte being face around Becky but a heel the rest of the time and think that could be pretty intriguing. Once Orton/Bray is finally concluded, quite looking forward to where they seem to be heading with some of the programs.

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I thought using Beat The Clock as a way of making Breezeango #1 contenders without needing to have them beat Usos, American Alpha or The Colons was pretty smart. It's a way to get them a title match but not have to suddenly start having them beating the higher tier teams on Smackdown to get there. It's definitely the right call to not immediately have American Alpha chase the belts again and with New Day out until Kofi's ankle heals they needed kind of a placeholder face team for The Usos to beat.

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I mean... it kinda is worse for several reasons:





2. Referencing a song from the 50s comes off like someone let Grandpa name your PPV.


3. As someone on Twitter noted, you just know despite the name the "official song" is going to be some generic butt rock garbage.


4. It gives ammo to the annoying "WWE is an embarrassment to my precious pro graps" carelords.


5. Recent trends have WWE beating you over the head with PPV names so hearing "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" shoehorned out of the mouth of everyone on the Raw roster for weeks leading up the show will get old very quick.


6. They did this after moving the New Day to SD. Big E making jokes would have been the only redeeming quality of all this.

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