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WWE TV 24/06 - 30/06 Is Ricochet a better version of Ospreay


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The Trump administration's vetting of Linda McMahon got leaked today. The contents will be old hat to seasoned connoisseurs of WWE sleaze, but it's still an entertaining read.

https://graphics.axios.com/docs/white-house-vetting-docs/Linda McMahon Backgrounder.pdf

In other news, Rusev continues to spit hot fire on Twitter.

Styles/Ricochet has some potential, but everything else advertised for Raw sounds like a crashing bore. Business as usual, in other words. I'll probably be checking out Kazunari Murakami matches. Anybody got any recommendations?

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1 minute ago, Strummer said:

Well at least they acknowledged Corbin and Lacey still getting multiple title shots after multiple losses.  Still this needs to be the blowoff for those programs

It sounds like it will be - unless *shudder* Baron and Lacey win.

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37 minutes ago, El-P said:

Answer to your question : no, not even close. 

Agree with El-P. Ospreay is better and I feel like he's done nothing but improve, while Ricochet has kind of stalled. Even before joining WWE. 

Also, until seeing this thread, I legit forgot RAW was even on. I don't think that has EVER happened before. 

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