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WWE TLC - The Language Crashes (the board)


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I was flipping through the channels when I came across The New Day fighting The Revival on my WWE Network feed channel.  I literally had no idea that there was a WWE PPV tonight. I have zilch going on this evening, so I'll watch this as long as it's good and it doesn't irritate me.

So...not very long, probably.

Hey, this crowd seems really dead.

Hey, remember when gimmick matches were booked in order to blow off big feuds, due to an ongoing angle or story...and NOT just because there was a Pay Per View named TLC?

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On paper the show doesn't look like anything out of this world and the build has hardly been one of their best.  But for whatever reason that's usually when the company over-delivers, so I'm cautiously looking forward to the show.

Humberto/Andrade a solid opener and better than most pre-show fare, but I'm concerned about Andrade minus Vega.  We're getting close to the point, if not already at it, here he's pigeonholed as a pre-show guy.

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8 minutes ago, Coffey said:

The War Raiders open challenge is answered by The OC. Which is about as lame of an outcome as could possibly have been.

EDIT: OK, they're apparently the Viking Raiders now. I think I already knew that, I just forgot.

How could you forget about such a Viking Experience?

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I'm late, but doing a TLC Blog. NXT is doing a house show 2 hours away from me, but I just did not have the energy to drive 4 hr roundtrip on a Sunday. I'm old. But I thought Andrade/Carrillo was the coolest opener in ages so the show is a-ok in my book so far. 


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2 hours ago, rovert said:

There's some fun stuff coming up over the next week. A reaction to the ratings and an acknowledgement that things need to be shaken up.

TLC might be sneaky good and eventful.

I noticed during Haberto vs Almas and Black vs Murphy  they pointed out Almas only loss on RAW was from Hamberto. And both Black and Murphy was undefeated going into TLC since the draft. It would be nice if Vince was more Cognizant of how often guys lossed get away from 50/50 booking.

 I'm not ready for Zelina and Almas to split, I fear what they to for Zelina unless that transition her to strictly a wrestler.  She's dope as a manager.

Kofi , The New Day in general take some of the most unconventional bumps even in basic matches. Free fall bumps and sick dives. That was a good TLC outside of guys being incompasonated for way too long but that's a WWE trope for these type matches


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