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WWE Saudi Chamber 2022


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41 minutes ago, Dav'oh said:

I guess the Saudis chanting for a Semite is progress. WWE 1, Cynics 0.

Arabic is the most talked Semitic language in the world, ya know...

And yeah, I know what you mean, but it's not like Goldy has not been cheered over there before. 

#Influencing the world my ass.

To me this shows really have been the wrestling equivalent of the Overtone Window. At first there was some outcry about it, now it's like, nobody cares, business as usual. When really, it isn't. Then again, how are the Olympic Games in China going ? Uyghurs concentration camps ? What's that ? Hey, a Gold medal, play our national anthem now ! 

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I don't claim to be a cultural expert, but I found it funny that Liv Morgan can compete in the Britney Spears latex catsuit so tight you can see what she had for breakfast, but that one time they accidently showed a video that had Sasha in her gear it almost caused an international incident.

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13 minutes ago, Strummer said:

Post Wrestling reporting Lashley is legit injured. Needs shoulder surgery and will miss 4 months. So no Mania.

Lashley has largely has been fantastic in his shock/unlikely WWE return. Bobby really shored up his deficiencies as a personality/talker. RAW's talent depth was already pretty thin. The show week to week will miss him a lot

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1 minute ago, rovert said:

Bobby really shored up his deficiencies as a personality/talker.

Which was by having MVP do most of the talking while he stood there in the most baller suits possible,  thereby accentuating their strengths perfectly. Yet Vince still thinks there's no value in managers. 

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