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AEW TV - August 3/5, 2022


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Urgh, Christian v. MATT HARDY. Hope the latter gets squashed and killed. He has had way too many favourable booking results for me to be sure though. He is a channel-changer for me.

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Every week it seems like there is a different guy front row, center with either Cornette signs or a Cornette t-shirt (or both) who spends the whole show looking like he hates everything he is watching.

I just can't fathom spending the amount of money that a front row ticket costs to "troll" the show or whatever it is they think they are doing. 

I mean, how fucking stupid do you have to be to drop a couple hundred bucks on something you hate? Morons.

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1 hour ago, sek69 said:

Realizing I may have been taking my deep seated frustrations at also being a guy who also has a beard several shades naturally lighter than my hair out on Kyle. 

I feel your pain. 

And when it goes grey, you'll have three shades to contend with instead of just two.

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25 minutes ago, Dav'oh said:

I can never find reason to cheer or boo Wheeler Yuta. Outside of wrestling skill, there's just nothing there.

I like underdog Yuta. Against someone like Mox or Jericho I like him a lot more than as Pure Champion. 

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