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[1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] Press Conference


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Now we get the full press conference. Sting says he'd like to go to Japan and defend the title. He also says, interestingly, that he felt Luger a little more than he ever felt Flair when asked to compare the ring styles of the two. As soon as he's asked who his next opponent will be, the Dangerous Alliance crashes things, with Rude wearing some type of all leopard outfit. Sting turns down Rude's proposed toast, so Rude throws his drink in Sting's face. The two brawl, the DA runs in to help, then Nikita Koloff shows up out of nowhere to even the sides. Really well done.

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I'm guessing that most of this is what those Japanese wrestler press conferences are like. Good, authentic setting that sets up the angle. Sting refuses Rude's request for a celebratory drink and gets the glass thrown in his face, and the brawl is on! The whole DA gangs up on Sting until a big bald man in a white dinner jacket helps him out.


It was very rare indeed for WCW to pull off an angle in a non-ring setting that comes off this well. Usually there's some sort of set, sound, or acting disaster that gets in the way. There was none of that here.

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I get the feeling that even if Sting had accepted Rude's toast, the drink would have been thrown in his face anyway. The brawl was well-done and looked totally spontaneous, even though it almost surely wasn't.


I didn't notice what shoes the DA may have been wearing, but sneakers and wrestling boots with tuxes is a weird combination unless they were looking for a fight, which of course they were.


I loved Jesse calling Tony over, then cutting him off before he could say a word. I'm not sure if it was planned that way or not, but it was brilliant regardless.


Some of the journalists may have been legitimate, particularly the ones from Japan. If the guy who asked the first question wasn't Japanese, I'll eat my next month's phone bill.


Nice to see Nikita come in to help out. Hopefully he'll have a more productive run here than he did last year. I wonder if they'll even bother to mention last year's feud between Nikita and Sting.


I'm surprised they aired the question asking Sting to compare Luger to Flair. Could that have been a subtle signal that all was forgiven in the company's eyes and that Flair was free to return if and when he wanted to? I wonder how Vince felt about that.


Rude's outfit was unique, to say the least.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-03-07-WCW-Saturday Night] Press Conference
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I thought that was Jesse too!  Really well done, but stuff like this is always super telegraphed.  No way a heel like Rude isn't going to mess with Sting.  So once he has the glasses you know how it goes down.  Still, good way to set up a future match.

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