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I would think Hogan, Batista or CM Punk would be the most likely to induct Warrior (in order of most to least likely). As far as the speech goes, I would imagine the show will only air on WWE Network and I'd think they'd likely put him on a two minute delay, or something like that, just in case.

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When you think about it, wouldn't it be way cooler to see a total mark induct the Ultimate Warrior who understands how awesome it was being a Warrior fan as a kid than hearing some bitter ex-colleague contradict two decades worth of shoot interviews all for a pay day? I would much rather not know how shitty a person the guy is, although I am tempted to check out some of his crazy political rants I've heard so much about.

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I bet there is at least one guy on the roster who was a huge Warrior fan as a kid who would be happy to induct him. Hie peers? Probably not.



I thought he said he was a Hogan kid?


He's been pretty vocal about that for years now, that he was a huge Hogan mark as a kid. And says that he stopped like Warrior after he beat Hogan at 'Mania 6.

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