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TLC 2018

Ricky Jackson

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I haven't looked forward to many non-NXT, non-Evolution WWE shows this year, nor have I watched many since Mania, but there are about five matches on this card that I'm interested in. The problem is there are another seven matches and this could be another slog, but it may not be too bad. Weird time for WWE with Raw being in the toilet but Smackdown having some buzz around Lynch and Bryan. It's been a pretty schizophrenic year for WWE in general with some major highs and major lows, and I really dont know what to expect anymore. That said, I'm going to drink some beers, watch this on the couch, and perhaps reflect on this crazy year for pro wrestling that felt like it hit a peak around All In, but the wave has crashed down in the last few months as we head into 2019

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It looks like the WWE Championship match will be the main event. When was the last time that happened on a dual-branded PPV?

I find that the WWE PPVs that look strong on paper invariably disappoint while the ones that appear underwhelming tend to overdeliver. This one could go either way, so I have no idea what to expect. Bryan/Styles looks to be WWE's last best chance to make my MOTY list, so I hope they knock it out of the park.

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