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WWE TV 03/25 - 03/31: Angle vs. Joe! Angle vs. Styles! TNA! TNA! TNA!

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"Raw will play host to the next stop of Kurt Angle’s last ride through the WWE Universe before he faces Baron Corbin at WrestleMania and hangs up his gold medals for good. The Olympic Hero has not been shy about testing himself on the way out, tussling with uber-talented rising stars like Apollo Crews and Chad Gable, who took Angle to the limit on last week’s show. Tonight, The Olympic Hero locks up with SmackDown LIVE Superstar and United States Champion Samoa Joe, who would undoubtedly take great pleasure in making Angle tap out. Can the WWE Hall of Famer conquer The Samoan Submission Machine?

Angle’s final match ever on the blue brand will take place this Tuesday night when the WWE Hall of Famer takes on AJ Styles. The two Superstars share a rich history, but this will be the first time the two have ever locked up in a WWE ring. Angle has long been a cornerstone of the SmackDown brand and will undoubtedly create one last classic moment against The Phenomenal One."

- wwe.com

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43 minutes ago, C.S. said:

This "Joe" shit is dumb.

And Drew's "haven't you put them through enough?" was met with apathetic silence instead of the shocked heat he was expecting.

Nice brawl at the end though!

He shouldn't have expected it. Nobody should. Them bringing up leukaemia every week has got the exact same reaction as "I helped bury Ric's son". That is none. It takes the air out of the room and they can't help but go back to it every time.

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5 minutes ago, peachchaos said:

Yeah, the Braun-SNL stuff is the only thing they're doing that just has no redeemable qualities. 

Counterpoint: celebrities are a thing that Wrestlemania always had and always will have, it brings a positive coverage more often than not, and Braun Strowman can still be champ after that. He's good at comedy and he's good at being serious. 

Big Show was losing to Mayweather at WM and a couple of years later he was having some really fucking dope stuff against Sheamus. 

Having comedic segments isn't what hurts Braun.

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There is just no way you can compare those unfunny hacks to an actual talent and draw like Money Mayweather. They're not celebrities, nobody knows who they are as actors or comedians. They represent a brand (SNL/NBC) and are only on this show to fulfill some corporate advertising agreement. Which wouldn't be terrible if it resulted in something entertaining and interesting. I couldn't care less about how this effects Braun other than it's not something anyone wants to watch. It's lame and boring and exposes the industry. Trifecta. 

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4 minutes ago, C.S. said:

Didn't these losers host the Emmys, or was that some other equally unfunny and irrelevant pair?

Had to Google it, but yes. Guess what network that show aired on? These guys are manufactured celebrities. 

Pete Rose got heat because people knew what a dirtbag he was in real life. That shit was awesome. This is just filler.

edit: lowest rated Emmys in history fwiw

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