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Today was the first day of a new project at work. This means contractors, a metric fuck load of them. I am helping supervise. It was an epic level shitshow. They sent in the dregs of the dregs for this job. Even had some dude walk out in the first 5 minutes. It was like my own personal episode of Raw today...

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Oh and because it's more interesting than Raw. I did the ProWrestlingTees autograph grab bag for shits and giggles. I got Ahmed Johnson, Simon Gotch, Eric Bischoff, Jake Roberts and Swoggle. Kind of impressed with that haul as I was expecting 5 copies of a Zelina Vega autograph.

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Dude, the shaky cam backstage during the beating of Sami by Braun was legitimately one of the funniest ten seconds of TV I think I've EVER watched. I have no idea how anyone can think that looks good. It was so fucking awful that I legitimately laughed out loud.

This company is beyond clueless. Blame Kevin Dunn, or who the fuck ever, but that shit is inexcusable.

Someone please clip that! It was literally the man holding the camera just moving it from left to right really quickly. :D

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2 minutes ago, hammerva said:

Roman had the biggest "fucking kill me" look when they announce that Reigns vs Shane 

If anything, Roman lucked out. Better for it to happen at a meaningless Saudi show that will never be referenced again than at SummerSlam.

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