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[1992-05-09-WWF-Superstars] Ric Flair vs Sgt Slaughter


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Decent TV match that I had trouble getting into. The Mountie is at ringside hiding his shock stick and I'm missing something because he's always had a shock stick and I have no idea why he'd hide it. Flair tries a catapult in an embarrassing spot and Slaughter can't propel himself. Would have been much better 10 years earlier. Flair wins after Mountie shocks Slaughter with the shock stick.

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Don't order ME to have a Happy Mother's Day, Sarge.


It must be May sweeps, because this is quite the high-level match for Superstars. Mountie is quickly out at ringside and puts together his new shock stick--the (I can't believe I remember this) "Great American Scream Machine." Sarge takes his requisite loony bump over the turnbuckle but otherwise looks physically shot. Flair does a decent job of covering that slingshot attempt. Eventually Mountie gets the opportunity to zap Slaughter and Flair gets the pin--screwjob or not it's refreshing to see a star match on Superstars end decisively. Mountie sings while Sarge does a stretcher job.


I think they tried to pass of the new stick as being "20,000 volts"--I guess this plus the new theme song were a semi-desperate attempt to re-push the Mountie. Fun character but this was definitely a guy with a limited shelf life. After going to jail there wasn't a ton to do.

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This was a fun match. Sarge took a couple of nice bumps, considering his age. This was supposed to be a "a new and improved" shock stick, but I don't think it was seen again after this. The blown slingshot spot actually worked for me, only because of the size difference, so it made sense that a smaller guy like Flair couldn't get him over for it.

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This was actually a decent bout considering that no one was really supposed to pay attention to it. This was all about Jacques and his new shock stick, which for a supposed expert he took entirely too long to put together.


I'm with Mike on the supposedly blown slingshot; as old and as fat as Sarge was, why would Flair be able to do something like that with ease? I'd have been more suspicious if he had gotten him over with it. Besides, Sarge took two (or was it three?) corner bumps that no one his age has any business taking, which more than made up for it.. His selling of the shock was first-rate as well.


I know they were trying to bury Sarge's past as an Iraqi sympathizer, but he wasn't even mentioned as a former WWF champion, though Flair was. There's glossing over unpleasantness, and then there's blatant, public's-intelligence-be-damned revisionist history, which Vince is a master of, unfortunately.


One habit of Vince's that's only growing worse is his outright refusal to call even the simplest wrestling holds. I love Bruno to death, but I refuse to accept his thesis that Vince didn't know even basic stuff during their time together in the booth. He did a great job at MSG and a good job on TV until about five years ago (1987). Then we started getting "Whatta maneuver!" more and more often. Now, it's constant. All of a sudden, he forgets suplexes and half-Boston crabs? Granted, this match was all about Jacques' shock of Sarge, but I shudder to think what he'll be like on pay-per-view, especially when he's paired with Heenan, who can analyze bouts well but has zero interest in calling holds, period.


The "ONE-TWO-THREE! HE GOT HIM! YES HE DID! BECAUSE I SAY SO, THAT'S WHY!........oh, wait, only two" has gotten even more ridiculous as time has gone on, too. Unless he pulls out a vintage 1977 performance from somewhere in his memory bank, I may actually find myself wanting to jump forward in time and listen to a solid hour of Jerry Lawler screaming "PUPPIES PUPPIES!" at the top of his lungs.


Why is Sarge ordering the mothers in the audience to have a Happy Mother's Day at the top of his lungs? Can't he speak in something resembling a normal human voice at all anymore?


I guess Vince didn't want to pay Heenan to sub for Curt on commentary for this one. Too bad; he would have been merely intolerable with a color guy instead of excruciating.

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