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Central States Merger Draft


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There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Wahoo's Leg = George Wells

  2. dawho5 = Dewey Robertson

  3. Grimmas = Buzz Tyler

  4. TravJ = Brian Adias

  5. Flyin Bruan = JR Hogg

  6. Beast = Chief Jay Strongbow

  7. KrisZ = Ron Ritchie

  8. Boon = Pass

  9. Cross Face = Ivan Putski

  10. Jesse Ewiak = Armand Hussein

  11. RocketCrypt = Pass

  12. JerryVonKramer = Pass

  13. LowBlowPodcast = Israel Matia

  14. goc = Bruiser Costa

  15. peachchaos = Bob Brown

  16. El Boricua = Roger Kirby

  17. El Boricua = Bubba Douglas

  18. goc = Jimmy Doo

  19. LowBlowPodcast = Jerry Brown

Timestamp: 2015-07-31 22:02:22 UTC, IP:

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Again I ask, I have Robert Reed, is it the same one? Can we make a switch and put Chief Jay Strongbow in there if it is since I have been using Robert Reed?

If anyone can provide clarity about Reed please do, we need to make sure that he's eligible to be part of the draft and, if not, that we have at least 16 wrestlers to draft.

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