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Highest Ranking Wrestler without a Number 1 vote


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As we are progressing more and more on the list I have started to wonder. Who is the highest ranking wrestler that no one considers the greatest ever?


My personal guess is one William/Steven Regal. I have him ranked in my top 20 and he has an amazing body of work, as most of you are well aware of, which is also why I think he will do very well. But his career also always has been a case of what could have been to me. His personal demons kept him from reaching even higher levels. As far as I know he only has one match for a major championship in his entire career, which is match with Hashimoto from 95 for the IWGP title. For a wrestler of his caliber to never get big opportunities seems ridiculous unless you know about his drug problems and the fact promotores just didn't trust him enough to give him a big push. Case in point the one time WWE gave him something resembling a major push when he won King of the Ring, he promptly got himself suspended. He seems to be in a good place now, but if he never had the problems in the first place I wonder if he could have become a slam dunk candidate for Nr 1 overall.

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Since it is not going be either Arn or Regal I am now quite curious who is going to be revealed as Nr. 14 should come up today. A good number of the candidates that were thrown out here have been eliminated since. Steamboat appears to have a decent chance, but I would have expected him to get at least one Nr. 1 vote. Another candidate of those that are left is Eddie.

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