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It just occurred to me that SummerSlam 98 was 20 years ago. It was probably my highest point of being a WWF fan, as it got on a downward slope all through the following year until I quit. It's kinda crazy when I think about it. It seemed *so* important to me back then. Interesting that the show was the topic of Prichard's latest podcast, and it was done without any excitement nor interesting story. Odd, as it was a time where the WWF was getting red hot. Fast forward today, despite a renewed interest in (some aspect of) the product around the mid 2010's, at this point I feel like I'm missing absolutely zilch by not bothering to watch. The company is making more money than ever thanks to the ridiculous TV fee bubble and, well, those neat checks from you-know-who, they sign every damn talent available to feed their system, yet the product has probably never been so sterile.

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My predictions:

  • Reigns (I know ...)
  • Owens
  • Miz
  • Rousey
  • Rollins
  • New Day
  • Almas
  • Styles
  • Charlotte
  • Nakamura

One thing I think not on people's radars that's an outside possibility as well is the briefcase influencing the Smackdown title match. They make the rules up as they go, and they have kind of a weird position where Joe's not hot enough anymore to be champion but it's time for a title change.

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1 hour ago, Strummer said:

Ric .Flair is backstage.  Charlotte's going over. ^_^

Not necessarily. He missed SummerSlam last year because he was hospitalized right before the event, so I think it was super-important to him to make this year's show. 



Does biggest mean longest now?

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54 minutes ago, donsem43 said:

I kinda, sorta want Carmella to win just to see how long they are willing to go with this inexplicably long, Honky Tonk Man-style run.  

She's been champ for, what? 4 months?

And I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a pre-show. Ryback/Kalisto? Or Kalisto/Alberto? Somewhere around there.

So have the Cruiserweight Title matches been happening on pre-shows or something lately? Because I forgot the cruiserweights were even a thing anymore. Do they still appear on Raw at all, or are they totally segregated now?

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5 minutes ago, hammerva said:

I am glad that after tonight I never have to hear that fucking autotune version of Good Vibrations.  What was Flo Rida busy this month?

Maryse doing a run in in Miz vs Bryan with the  stroller would be hilarious 

Imagine Dragons haven't dropped a new album yet...

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