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AEW TV - 6/14 - 6/17 - Yada Yada Punk

Timbo Slice

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I was about to say they didn't do a good job promoting Forbidden Door's two main matches but then that ending happened and I had to shut the hell up. I guess Dragon vs Okada could've used a video package like they did for Punk and Collision but enough big stuff happened in the main event to cover for it.

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I dunno guys, weaksauce finish aside, I thought MJF/Cole was a pretty damn good match. 

Not to mention as much as I'm not a fan of time limit draws, it's worse when they are doing all the time calls and you can see it coming from outer space.

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it took me way to long to realize Brian Cage was doing Surfer Sting cosplay in that 8 man match. 


Also damn Forbidden Door looks absolutely stacked and they've only announced 4 matches (plus the Owen Cup stuff). 


I might be more excited about Orange/Shibata vs ZSJ/Garcia next week on Dynamite than anything on Collision tbh.  

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Lmao at fans cheering Sammy and the baby stuff and then immediately booing when he said he was going for the title again. Double lmao at Jericho's bedazzled heels. Some real bullshit that Jericho has to get involved with Darby and Sting. There is absolutely zero chance that Jericho can make Sting look good, and Jericho being Jericho, you know he's going to work the bulk of that match and have as many "showdowns" with Sting as possible. I do hope there's another wacky 6/8 man tag with Sting at Forbidden Door this year. I very long ago grew tired of Yano in all forms, but a Sting/Yano interaction could be interesting.

Further lmao at how casually OC announced him tagging with fucking Shibata next week. Feels like Joe should be in Garcia's place in all this, though, leading to a 4 way of mid card champions at Forbidden Door. 

MJF's body acne is top tier. Dude is on the real grimy 80s shit. Hate to body shame, but Adam Cole has never looked less threatening in his entire career, a guy who had a year long feud with Johnny Gargano. Pretty low expectations for MJF vs Tana. 


Looking forward to Jungle Boy turning on Hook after losing to Sanada so he can get a shot at the FTW Championship. A Christian-like turn could work really well for him as he needs some kind of progression, and Hook needs to finally have a real feud. 

Wardlow has zero juice and I'm much more interested in Christian working with Arn's kid than anything to do with Wardlow.

Still a lot of talent from both companies with nothing set for FD, will be interesting to see what and who gets booked. Does Punk make it to the show? And if so, in a singles or in a 6 man with FTR? 

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3 hours ago, The Thread Killer said:

Jungle Boy is getting the IWGP Title Match at Forbidden Door? Seriously? Jungle Boy? The guy who was by far the LEAST impressive of the 4 guys in the World Title match at the last PPV?

I mean, the PPV card is stacking up great, but…Jungle Boy?

Disregarding why Jungle Boy should get the shot, this is also on paper a bad match-up stylistically.

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10 hours ago, strobogo said:

Hate to body shame, but Adam Cole has never looked less threatening in his entire career,

Nah, I don't think that's "body-shaming". Does he look ashamed out there in his undies? I doubt he reads AEW TV 6/14-6/17 at PWO, anyway. I don't think he's sobbing into Britt's tits of an evening 'cos some dickhead called Dav'oh wants to buy him 3lb ladies' dumbbells to get him started.

It's a (tele)visual medium and thus an aesthetic one. We can't pretend Cole looks good. Or Keith Lee, who went straight on my Dead Pool after that very good 8-man the other night (I put a step-count on him. 40ish steps for the match.)


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I think Cole looks fine. 

But I'm shocked the PWO police hasn't pounced all over Cole being "body shamed."

A few years ago, if you dared to mention that Kassius Ohno looked like a slob in his basketball gear, the pitchforks were out in full force.

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Ending brawl fucking ruled the world. Kingston coming back, teasing a feud with Moxley and them interlocking about 4 different feuds is the kind of thing they haven’t done for so long. With how inconsistent Dynamite is, we’ll probably revert to frustrating next week but this week was great

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