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The Jerry Saggs fiasco


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I just noticed there is a lot of hoopla over Jerry Sags getting votes and Knobbs not... well I goofed. I think going down the list of nominees that didn't get votes, I saw Jerry Stubbs and read it too quickly and deleted Jaggs.




I apologize for this mistake and I hope everyone can breath easier now.

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I don't imagine the JSF pull out too many surprises in their set. Probably open with their signature song Bad To The Bone and close with a raucous rendition of Wild Thing. The penultimate song would see Saggs' sensitive side, as he performs a powerful rendition of Lorraine Ellison's Stay With Me, which he'd use to scout for suitable one night stands swaying at the bar.

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I feel like the Jerry Saggs Fiasco would be really into puns and would do lots of faux punk covers, thereby trying to appeal to and in turn generally disappointing (almost) everyone all at once. I think "Don't Stop BaallleeEEdin'" would be one the JSF would be PRETTY proud of.


Also, forget a beer or two. If I saw a flyer (lets face it, they aren't playing anywhere with a marquee) for this I would go in and immediately start power drinking until they were done.

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