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Your New Avatar: Show Off Your Shame


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I'm loathe to say, I feel quite lonely...

For though I'm pleased by Lanny's Leaping...

I've found no friends at Pro Wrestling Only...

Still, it's not very macho to sit here weeping...


And do I have myself to blame?

Well, ranking Joey Ryan does seem pretty lame!


I know there's some fun in you trying to guess...

And revealing this now could seal my fate...

But there's something I feel I need to confess...

I've got Lex Luger at number eight!

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mine is done but just realized I'm going to be so lost as to who is who now


Yeah, but with the GWE project over the board needed a shake-up anyway. It's the post-WrestleMania Raw of PWO. New characters and snarky chants. Bring it!

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Since I has Scurll as my vanity pick at 100 and was also the only one to rank him it happend pretty quickly for me. But the way this has gone so far I could have many different avatars if some votes had gone a little different.

So far I was the high voter on: Cavernario for whom I am somehow not able to add pictures here and


Gedo1.jpg bastien_red265.jpg 20081204_321353.jpg hqdefault.jpg


and I have a feeling the gallery is going to grow.



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