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WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming


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What's scary to me is, despite the FOX debut on the horizon, WWE hasn't really cared about Survivor Series in a long while. So we're dangerously close to the time of the year where WWE goes into a lull. Basically now that SummerSlam is over, they just kill time until Royal Rumble. So, yeah, the FOX debut is coming & they're doing the Smackdown Anniversary, but the weekly TV is going to be a complete bore for the next few months. At least that is where I would put my money if I were a betting man. Although maybe they'll give more of a shit this fall since AEW will be on cable. There is another WWE Blood Money show though! :-|

I guess to be perfectly honest, even the Rumble to Wrestlemania build the last couple of years has felt lackluster but historically, that seems to be when WWE cares more.

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1 hour ago, NintendoLogic said:

It's surely no coincidence that the company's creative and popular nadirs (1995 and 2019) were both marked by the lack of strong heel challengers. But at least the company had enough sense in 1995 to not run Diesel vs. Mabel for months on end.

And the same years TNT started a competitive prime time wrestling show!

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If what I read a few moments ago is correct, I find interesting that it was Paul Heyman's call to remove the title off Brock and put it back on Seth because he doesn't want the Universal title to be absent from TV (which is the most common sense I've seen from anyone involved with WWE creative in years)...makes you wonder if WWE will be able to find something creatively that doesn't involve Brock around the title picture for the first time since Taker's Streak.

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2 hours ago, Migs said:

May as well go straight to Seth-Fiend.

What if Bray Wyatt was driving the car because The Fiend made/told him to do it? Then you can have Roman beat Bray but The Fiend doesn't show up. To really separate Wyatt from the Fiend alter ego.

Of course, that doesn't answer the questions with Rowan & Daniel Bryan. I don't know. I just assume they're going to get everyone on Smackdown for FOX. 

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