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  1. Codysseus

    Current New Japan

    I thought both were great. Okada's as good as pro-wrasslers get in 2017.
  2. Codysseus

    WWE TV July 24 - July 30

    Decent Raw. I thought Sasha/Bayley was really good. Could've used another 5+ minutes, but that'll come.
  3. Codysseus

    WWE TV April 17-23

    I don't think Nia's the best performer in these matches, but her presence gives the matches much-needed structure and a straight forward story. Once she's out, that goes away, but I don't really think that has *that* much to do with her ability. To me, Sasha's been consistently the best worker of the women in WWE for a while now. Her selling, charisma, and ability to speed up and slow down when necessary are all pretty much unmatched among the rest of the women.
  4. Codysseus

    WWE TV 4/4/17 Post-Mania Week

    I thought Emma was outstanding in the 6 woman tag. Good to have her back. A feud with Bayley and/or Sasha should be great.
  5. Codysseus

    ARSION (The Best Of)

    Awesome thread! I love the little I've seen of Yoshida, looking forward to taking the deep dive.
  6. Codysseus

    WWE TV 12/05 - 12/11

    They really have had nothing for Bayley at this point. Once she starts feuding with Charlotte or Sasha, who will the other person feud with? They all need to be on TV regularly. I like the idea of a heel Paige feuding with Bayley to help establish her on the main roster, but that doesn't look like much of a possibility. I guess we'll have to see what happens with Emma.
  7. Codysseus

    WWE TLC 2016

    I like Alexa. Her character's good and she plays it well, but she seemed pretty lost in that match. Doesn't help that the crowd was dead.
  8. Codysseus

    WWE TV 11/28-12/4

    Not a big fan of Owens's matches, but his character work and promos are pretty funny. He's probably the best guy in the company when it comes to guest commentary and I hope his friendship with Jericho never ends. Looks like they're really trying to make Rich Swann with all those big kickouts and the heart-warming win. Jack Gallagher is already one of my favorite 5 wrasslers in the company. What a joy. Just not looking forward to when he inevitably runs up against Enzo or someone who starts a "Ron Weasley" chant at him. Oh well.
  9. Codysseus

    WWE TV 11/28-12/4

    Thank goodness. Now people can read my thoughts, but I don't have to be the star of the show. Thank you, goc. Show was pretty decent, Sasha/Charlotte rocked...again. This feud could use a couple less title changes, but I look forward to every match and they keep delivering. Not sure this was as good as the HIAC match, probably not, but it's not far off. I'm generally not into the WWE style wandering around ringside brawls, but this kept moving and was a whole lot of fun.
  10. Codysseus

    WWE TV - Election Week

    I thought this was an especially bad episode of Raw. It really dragged for me. So little wrasslin! The Bayley thing was great, though.
  11. Just watched this morning. I was actually pretty into it for the first half or so. Intensity was building pretty naturally throughout, especially when Yatsu was in, and I really liked how they kept throwing Misawa around by his mask until he got pissed and took it off. The crowd goes nuts, they brawl and a team Misawa gains control...and then it just all falls apart. So much standing around from everyone, so much wandering into the ring at strange moments. If the unmasking was followed by Misawa crushing everyone and quickly winning, this would've been *much* better. Oh well. I had fun.
  12. Codysseus

    Sasha vs. Charlotte: right now

    Sasha pretty easily for me. Charlotte's a good heel and has great facial expressions, but she's pretty green in the ring still, especially when she's in there with people who aren't Sasha. She's consistently a little out of place, her timing's a little off. Even her matches with Becky, who's probably the best in the ring in the company, fall short. Her face run was god awful, too. Sasha's a very good heel and getting there as a face. She seems to know when to slow things down and when to speed them up. Her sense of urgency, (edit:) bumping, and selling had just as much to do with the HIAC match being great as Charlotte's heel work, in my opinion. She's had better matches with other wrestlers.... Yeah. Sasha. I look at what's presented to me and try not to worry too much about reports of how matches are set up or who that applies to, personally.
  13. Codysseus

    Hell in a Cell 2016

    I thought the women's title match was great. Charlotte's greatest performance by a long shot and Sasha's best babyface performance by just as much. Sasha's bumping, selling, and sense of urgency were just top notch. Great wrasslin.
  14. Codysseus

    Current Joshi Talk

    I signed up for Stardom World...what's a good place to start to get me hooked?
  15. Codysseus

    WWE TV 10/24-10/31

    I could see the argument for Sasha being exposed - but don't really see it for the other three. Charlotte's clearly improved since NXT. Bayley hasn't really had a chance to do anything yet. How has Becky been exposed, in your eyes? She's one of the best workers in the company, in my opinion.