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Dropoffs from the 2006 SmarksChoice Top 100

DR Ackermann

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Here are the wrestlers that made the top 100 in the 2006 SmarksChoice Poll that won't be making it this time around.


1. Adrian Adonis

2. Akira Maeda

3. Antonio Inoki

4. Chigusa Nagayo

5. Dan Kroffat

6. Dean Malenko

7. Devil Masami

8. Dory Funk Jr.

9. Dump Matsumoto

10. Dynamite Kansai

11. El Samurai

12. Great Sasuke

13. Kazuo Yamazaki

14. Kyoko Inoue

15. Lioness Asuka

16. Lou Thesz

17. Jaguar Yokota

18. Marc Rocco

19. Mariko Yoshida

20. Masahiro Chono

21. Mayumi Ozaki

22. Naoki Sano

23. Nobuhiko Takada

24. Psicosis

25. Shiro Koshinaka

26. TAKA Michinoku

27. The Rock

28. Tiger Mask

29. Tommy Rogers

30. Toshiyo Yamada

31. Ultimo Dragon

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Sano is the one not making the Top 100 that really bugs me. How can you be great in 4 decades and multiple promotions and styles and take part in half the top junior, shootstyle, and NOAH heavyweight matches and not be Top 100 ever? I get not rating Maeda or Inoki or Jaguar, if you don't like their style, but Sano has something for everyone. I think he was in my Top 25.

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Sano's fall is probably due in part to the multiple names, the effort required to seek him out (particularly the shoot stuff) and the lack of a prominent run in a major company recently. I really think that if Naoki Sano had followed the NJ juniors run with more work as "Naoki Sano" in pro-style feds he'd likely be looked upon more, if not more fondly.


Taker? Higher highs but lots more lows than Triple H and less of a stink for marrying someone on the roster who wasn't in the C suite. But certainly no more deserving.

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I might have put him top 100 because I like some of his non-superspectacle big matches a lot more than average (Hardy on RAW '02, Lesnar at Unforgiven '02) and I just really like the WWF New Gen main event style. Trips on GMT alone wouldn't have stood a chance. I'd have him above Jericho.


He'd have been a cut before Sano, TAKA, and the joshi culling, though.

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I guess it's an accomplishment for lucha that it only lost Psicosis (And Ultimo Dragon who has chunks of his career there), relative to, I don't know, Joshi.


It will be 9 vs. 7 in the top 100.


2006 & 2016: Casas, Santo, Satanico, Dandy, Panther, Atlantis


Just 2006: Psicosis


Just 2016: Virus, La Parka, Sangre Chicana


It is not a big leap but it is an improvement. I would not be surprised if Casas, Dandy and Satanico all improve their positions.

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Let's not forget all the outstanding work before Foley showed up. Nor the fact that he was probably the worst opponent of Austin's run. No doubt a part of some great matches, but few and far between. And that's coming from someone who loves the Michaels & Brock matches for the most part, and doesn't find the Triple H matches awful.

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