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WWE TV 7/1 - 7/7 The Return of the Return of Heyman and Bischoff

Flyin' Brian

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7 minutes ago, SirEdger said:

On the bright side, it's nice of them to remember that they still have the Viking Raiders and that they can book them.

Still not a fan of the name, but I like the team. Should be good. I'm almost always happy to see tag team wrestling get a spotlight. 

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Apparently, Bischoff is taking his new job very seriously. He's moving to Stamford and "starting over from scratch." I take it that once again, that's a good indication that Vince will give some relative leeway to Bischoff and Heyman if Bischoff was ready to make that move.

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3 minutes ago, hammerva said:

Why do I have a feeling that next week or even that next 2 hours of the show will be the same old RAW and people will eat their words on this OMG PAUL IS BETTER THAN EVER.

I mean do we know that he officially started tonight?

That has already happened.

It is back to business as usual, with this boring, useless six-man tag. 

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