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The first episode of the Arn Anderson/Conrad Thompson podcast was released this morning.  It is not available on all platforms yet, but is available at ArnShow.com.  The first episode covers Arn's early life and entrance into the business. You can tell he's a bit tenuous and nervous, but he's still a great storyteller.  As others have said, the success of this show will rise and fall on Arn's willingness to be forthcoming with information - something that up to this point he has been notoriously reticent about. For a first episode, this was pretty damn interesting and the famous Arn Anderson dry wit is already starting to come across. I am curious about how this podcast is going to be received.

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I guess either nobody is listening to this podcast, or nobody wants to talk about it.  Or maybe nobody wants to talk to me about it, because they don't like me.

No, that couldn't be it.

Anyhow, the first episode dealt with Arn's entrance into the business and his days in the Territories. It wasn't exactly a thrill ride or anything, but it was pretty good.  Arn didn't really hold anything back, but then again there wasn't much he could have considering the topic at hand.  The highlight was his discussion of dropkicks, specifically his doing a dropkick, and the dropkick of Steve Austin.  I laughed out loud at that portion of the show. He is an excellent storyteller, if not a little on the dry side.  It is kind of surreal to hear Conrad Thompson conducting an interview where he isn't just mindlessly reading out results and stories from the Observer from 1997-1999.

This week's episode covered Arn's departure from Crockett Promotions and his decision to sign with the WWF.  Once again there was nothing necessarily groundbreaking here, but it was amazing to hear from Arn's perspective how little Jim Crockett seemed to think of Arn and Tully, when he was handing out guaranteed contracts to Luger, The Road Warriors and The Midnight Express at the exact same time.  From where Arn was sitting, Crockett seemed to value those guys over the Horsemen, which to him was a major slap in the face.  I'm sure if you asked Dusty and Crockett there is another side the story of course, but it was interesting nonetheless.

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Schiovane had a good quote about it on his show, saying that for it to be successful we need to hear Marty Lunde come through. That's true of any podcast, of at least this kind where there isn't guest at all, that it's important that you hear the real person instead of a carefully constructed persona be it through the media or in this case a line of work where character is so important, even if it's not entirely true to the person playing it. 

I'm way behind on Conrad's stuff, haven't listened to Bruce's show since spring basically and only listened to a few that he did with JR, but will probably jump back in soon. Echoing Tony's sentiment I hope it is successful but I hope there is more out of Arn here than I saw in his RF shoot, where he goes between being pretty forthright and also sticking to kayfabe to a degree as well. 

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Arn seems like a guy who's show would either be legitamtely fascinating or downright annoying based on how close he sticks to kayfabe. 

If I'm remembering my history correctly,  Crockett was offering the big money deals to guys the WWF was trying to poach (or at least guys he thought they were trying to) and The Horsemen weren't on that list. I'm sure Vince just figured those guys would never leave JCP, and to be fair he was right. They never did until the bottom fell out and the new management pissed everyone off. 

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The key to finding this is searching only for the word "Arn", not Arn Anderson or The Arn Show or anything else.

I just found it and am 25 minutes in and am enjoying it so far. A lot I didn't know colored in a way that is fresh. At this stage I can hardly imagine Bischoff or JR telling me big things I really didn't know. It's all about the little ones.

With Arn, there are still primal things we just haven't been let into first hand.

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6 hours ago, BigBadMick said:

One thing that stuck out from this week - Arn really undersells his own talent and match quality.


Someone should direct him here to see just how revered he is.

I just think that's his personality. The WWE roster hero-worshipped him - and were really bothered by how Vince would treat and scream at him.

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I binged all of them in two days. Arn has always been one of my favorites, and I had only heard oneRF  shoot interview before and had a kayfabe "biography". So I was skeptical he would be forthcoming. But Conrad has worked his magic again.

Only reason why it's not that well known is because it started on Westwood One and took a while to get syndicated everywhere. Also up on Youtube if that's your thing.

Anyway, I highly recommend this podcast. It is serious and intense. 

Mark my words, Arn's legacy will live on greatly thanks to this podcast.

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After a few weeks, I can safely say this is Conrad's best podcast. Arn is just a pleasure to listen to, it never goes too long, it doesn't sound like any of his other podcast. Also, when Arn is confronted with something from the Observer that is obviously wrong, his answer : "Whoever told this to Meltzer was setting him up." Wow. Imagine that. How refreshing.

Yeah, I was wrong, this podcast is great, and I'm glad I can finally hear of one my top favourite wrestler ever go into shoot interview mode without restrain. Another cool thing is when they insert one of those classic promos. Arn was so ridiculously great on the mic.

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