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AEW Dynamite - October 6, 2021


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I don't see Hangman just returning in a multi-men ladder match to earn a shot against Omega. Just doesn't really fit with his storyline and character, which is a long-term, personal relationship based storyline, not "win a clusterfuck ladder match and win the title" kinda stuff. Omega should beat Danielson first, then Hangman shows up and when he defeats Omega, it means even more since there really isn't anyone left. 

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5 hours ago, NintendoLogic said:

In his interview with PWInsider, Coach Tony K promised "one huge announcement on the show." He said it wasn't about the identity of the Joker and that "it's been something a long time coming. I'm very excited about it and proud of it, and it'll really add a lot to the company, I think." So there you go.

The Owen Hart tournament? 

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5 hours ago, El-P said:

Chris Hero as the joker would be really cool.

Last time Coach Tony K Promised a huge announcement, it was Christian Cage (much love to him), so hopefully he learned his lesson. ;)

And you think Kassius Ohno would be less "disappointing"?


Christian was one of the top five guys in the Attitude Era. Kassius showed his pale flesh in unsightly basketball shorts on WWE's third-tier grunge 'n skull brand.

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Cody Rhodes: “This will disappoint so many and maybe it won’t, maybe this will excite, but two things I can guarantee you. And I’m not saying this to wave one hand while you’re not looking at the other. I’m telling this from the most honest standpoint, I am not going to turn heel on this company. And I would retire before I did that. Now I’m the head of the community outreach group. I have a little girl now. I’m not going to be doing heel stuff on TV.”

“I am not turning heel and I’m not going back on my word to challenge for the title. That stuff was real. It hurts. It is a large regret that that ever happened, but it did happen and I can live with it. And I got to do that dance with Chris Jericho, and I will not go back on that stipulation, me personally. If Tony [Khan] wanted to change things he could. And again, you can never say never in wrestling, but I do think there’s this idea that evil corporate need would turn the stipulation around and challenge for the world title, that I can say never will happen.”


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1 minute ago, El-P said:

The huge announcement is not the Joker in the ladder match. Two different things.

Ah, okay, your post makes more sense then. I thought they were one and the same.

Very cool that we have two potentially exciting developments to look forward to.

Hopefully Ohno still isn't one of them though. :P 

I don't mind if the dude gets a job - I'd be happy for him - but I don't think that's necessarily something worthy of being hyped up.

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Page? Jay White? Steen? Hero? Generico? Cottonbelly?

I feel like Bryan and Kenny are the Jumbo and Tenryu of the 8-man tag, so I expect Kenny will avoid him for a while so the crowd can pop huge when they finally lock up. But it's AEW, not AJPW, so who knows how they'll play it?

October 6th in America = October 7th here, so this Dynamite birthday celebration feels like it's for my birthday as well. Going for lunch with my wife as soon as the show is over. Not a bad way to start my 56th year!

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1 minute ago, El Dragon said:

That entire match felt kind of like a miss that shouldn't have been a miss at all. I find Omega when working with the Bucks and Cole to be the worst version of himself, and that match kind of illustrated that point. 

It drives me nuts when they completely bury the ref like that. 

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