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Curious if anybody bothered to archive those interviews or has any of them saved?


Cubetta was an acquired taste and got way too much into trolling, bragging and trying to start feuds with "the sheets" and "the message boards", but there was hours and hours of great stuff there. I miss that content and should have saved everything from there while I had the chance. I was almost done with the St. Louis booking sheet series when he pulled everything. I loved the Buck Robley stuff, and all the various Los Angeles stuff. The Rick Martel booking sheets were fun.


I "fast blasted" (heh) him a while back asking if he'd think about selling a burned copy of the archives or uploading them to a pay site like ITunes and never heard back from him. Would be awesome to hear some of that stuff again.

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Cubeta has a history of starting sites focused on his latest obsession, then closing them down and disappearing off the face of the Earth after he ends up aggravating anyone involved in assisting him with providing content for said site. Someone found info on him running a site on pinball or something where he did the exact same thing.


Also his meltdown for 57talk was quite odd, with frequent mentions of his boss making him shut the site down because it was taking bandwidth away from his day job at a gold trading company. Only thing was every indication was he ran his own business, so either he was a troll who put a lot of time and effort into his game or he has legit issues mentally. Along with his frequent lashing out/apologizing to everyone who provided him with "booking sheets" (his bizarre term for match results from a given area) just creeped out anyone not already pissed at him.

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I am just as confused after your answers as I was before.

He had mental issues that ended up distancing himself from fans interested in the shoots he was trying to do. Contructive criticism was NOT welcome, and if you couldn't help him out at the pace he wanted, it was your fault...and he would blame you personally for it.

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It's a confusing ordeal. From what I can gather, after he burned most of his bridges with the people who provided his source material, he started pretending his boss was making him take the site down since it was taking bandwidth away from his day job. Only it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out his gold scam job was a one man operation and he was that man.



Two things made it funny:


1: Making up a fake boss/implying his shoots were so popular they were taking up all the bandwidth from his company's site (never stopping to think people would wonder why his boss would have allowed him to host pro wres shoots on company servers if there really was an Anonymous 57talk GM).


2: After flipping out on James "clawmaster" Zordani , he constantly begged him for more "booking sheets" to allow him to do more shows. James more or less told him to fuck off politely, and that led to "my boss is making me take the site down".




*edit* Holy shit, can't believe I forgot what khawk mentioned. Any constructive criticism led to a beach worth of sand coming from his vagina. After he asked for feedback, mind you.

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I love how polite Khawk's "he was nuts" post was, instantly followed up by Sek's "he was REALLY nuts" post with more details. :)



The part that Bix mentions about how he hated the Chris and Nancy book but kept encouraging, almost INSISTING that people buy it to see how much it sucked for themselves is one I forgot about that explains my "he was nuts" comment better than I probably could.

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I loved how he had Ken Wayne as a guest. Wayne mentions he was the one who found Eddie Gilbert's body. Gary is stunned and ends the interview. He comes back on the air whispering into the mike that he wasn't expecting that. What a maroon. How can you be that uniformed as a host.

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Is anyone still looking for these?


I have a TON of them, and a bunch of the "booking sheets":


All of Matysik's

All of the LA Stuff

Some others..


I have almost all the interviews as well..


Just found this thread...didnt know all this info about Gary...

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