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neat! the title made me think this would be about Green Lantern Fan & Hat Guy lol


David Arquette obviously fits in here. he was a fan and didn't want the WCW title since he knew the fans would shit on it, and IIRC he ended up donating his money from that run to Droz & the Pillman family


i remember some big wrestler saying that Burt Reynolds was the most excited to be there out of all the Wrestlemania celebrities...


it feels like there are a lot more celebrities who are openly wrestling fans nowadays. like even during the attitude era it seemed like a lot of people were hiding it; i remember hearing how huge the Rock was with pro athletes since he was saying the stuff they wished they could on interviews, but not a lot of people mentioned it themselves.

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Luke Perry was on Bill Simmons podcast maybe a year and a half ago and went into like a 30 minute side conversation about how he was driving by some gymnasium one night in the 70s and the doors opened and he saw a glimpse of Kevin Sullivan beating the shit out of someone and was hooked on it ever sense.


Robert Kelly talks about wrestling on his podcast all the time.

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Shaq comes to my mind as a big celebrity that watches wrestling but I saw this the other day going through twitter. Didn't know Clark Duke from Hot Tub Time Machine was fan.




Are PWG shows more trendy to watch out in Cali? I've starting watching shows from this year and I see a lot more women than a usual Indy show.

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