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Pro Wrestling Only

Your Wrestling Pet Perfections/ Utter Love

Johnny Sorrow

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In no particular order...


Tassels and Lariats.


Wrestling and Romance


Dusty Rhodes' voice


Giant Bab's voice


Great Muta's different mists and that they apparently mean different things.


Ric Flair saying "WOOOOO"


Lex Luger's 3.78 GPA


Masahiro Chono kicking Muto in the Balls and getting cheered for it.


Stan Hansen vs Andre from 81


The crowd for Kobashi/Kikuchi vs Kroffat/Furnas


Everything about Titanes en el Ring


Southern Tag Wrestling


Vince McMahon shouting "WHAT A MANEUVER!"


Little kids running up to Hijo del Santo and shaking his hand/patting him on the back between falls in the Espanto Jr hair/mask match


Hulk Hogan vs The Grandma


Mad Dog Vachon, Sangre Chicana, Terry Funk, Andre the Giant, Perro Aguayo, Mocho Cota, Buzz Sawyer, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Giant Baba, Abdullah the Butcher, Bobby Heenan, Haku, Volk Han, Stan Hansen, Tommy Rich, Tommy Rich in the FBI, Riki Choshu, Ric Flair, La Parka, Kaientai, Rey Mysterio Jr, Jimmy Valiant, Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Morton, Masa Fuchi, etc etc etc etc


The various wrestling Mummy's and Frankenstein's.


The music video for Apocalypse before the Apocalypse/Adrian Street vs Lawler/Dundee match.


The People's Elbow


The Rock's Movies


The selling of airplane spins, giant swings, and atomic drops


All of Memphis wrestling really. Lawler, Dundee, Lance, Jimmy Hart, Kaufman, Fabs, Tommy Rich, Austin Idol, Phil Hickerson, Jackie Fargo, etc etc etc


Pro Wrestling is awesome.

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I love finding footage of one of my favorite wrestlers that I've never seen before. I've watched a lot of footage so finding something new to me is such a treat.

When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer


Don't think you'll get much sympathy on that, Pete ;)

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That one All Japan commentator going apeshit


Gordon Solie sitting in a dingy studio discussing wrestling with such gravity that it's like the fate of the world depends on it


Kal Rudman, especially when him and Dick Graham go on about how they think a heel is a great guy who they were out having dinner with last night.


Flair saying "Wahoo McDaniel"


Whenever a stable that includes Arn Anderson are all together and walking towards the ring. Always looks cool as fuck.


Heel beatdowns.


The different styles of crowds in the 70s and early 80s from territory to territory.


Ernie Ladd's "Promises Promises" jacket.


Whenever Jesse Ventura gets an idea stuck in his head and won't let it go. I love it when he tries to come back to it even five minutes after the thing happened.


The idea of Baron Scicluna vs Dominic Denucci on any random MSG card. They've done it a million times already, no one is particularly bothered about seeing them, no new ideas, but they go to the same old tricks with diminishing returns. And MSG still cheer Denucci like a mutha fucker!


Watching 8mm footage and getting glimpses into a lost wrestling world.


Whenever anyone really nails a lariat and the person receiving it does a 360 bump.


Whenever a heel team (eg Condrey and Eaton) hug each other when they are wimping off in the corner.


70s / early 80s Vince on commentary.


Whenever they go to the top ten in early 90s WCW.


Whenever Flair takes extra special time out to jaw at a fan, and then goes back to the same fan later after nailing a move or something.


Jumbo during his "grumpy" run still doing the fist pump to boos.



I might come back to this because I could just keep going and going.

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- My local indy (C*4) always drawing 300+ standing room only crowds.

- Old angles lasting no longer than five minutes. They got to the point.

- The WWE Network. Despite its flaws, despite it being still in beta mode, I still love it.

- WrestleMania was fun.


There's more, but those are the things on my mind right now.

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There are several, but for now...


Proper managers


The Dangerous Alliance


Goldberg squash matches


THAT Sid vs Lee Scott match


Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary


The Shield


Arn Andersons spine buster


War games


Vader vs Sting


Scott Nortons or Bradshaws powerbomb

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Pro Wrestling This Week


Guys hitting the old school guardrails so hard they almost take out fans


Mick Foley toppling through the steel steps like a man possessed


The Wrestlerock Rumble


Mysterious boxes and their contents


Doom's WCW theme music


Sid fist bumping fans at MSG in 1996


I like this thread!

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  1. “TV time remaining”.
  2. Fanciful jackets that dudes wore to the ring in JWA/NJ/AJ, 1971-1975.
  3. Heenan’s bedazzled shirts.
  4. #1 contender’s matches.
  5. Roberto Clemente Stadium.
  6. Shield vs. Wyatts, a feud that should return sporadically for the next 10 years.
  7. Wrestlers with their own sponsors, a la Otsuka’s “Diet Butcher” or Brock’s “Jimmy John’s” gear.
  8. Vince McMahon: inexplicable Sandman fan.
  9. Teenage crowds giving nuclear reactions to 80s Joshi.
  10. Old ladies hitting rudos with their purses.
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