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Matches that would peak your interest ... What's on the table?


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Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

Pentagon Jr vs. Tommy End (I'm guessing this may have happened in PWG already.)

Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe

Revival vs. American Alpha 2/3 falls

Sami Zayn vs. Lesnar

Cesaro vs. Lesnar

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor in a cage. I was a little non-plussed about Balor up until the last Takeover. If they keep this feud going and the two can maintain that level of intensity, a cage match would rock, especially seeing as how I don't think they've done one in NXT.

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Cena vs Nakumara is the one potential WWE match that gets me. They both show lots of heart in the ring and I think that would keep me emotionally involved when they hit the high spots in the end. Also, seeing how they get to that point would be pretty interesting as right now I don't have a full handle on how Nakumara is going to work his matches for WWE.

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Assuming I can't use Bryan


Nakamura vs Brock

Nakamura vs Joe

Joe vs Brock

Brock vs Styles

Cesaro vs Brock

Cesaro vs Nakamura

Joe vs Cesaro

Zayne vs Reings (Main even of WM33)

Zayne vs Brock

Zayne vs Styles

Aska vs Sasha

Sasha vs Becky (ladder or cage)

Super Dragon vs Sabre

Sabre vs Regal

Super Dragon vs End

Super Dragon vs Pentagon Jr

Pentagon/LA Park vs Briscoes (completely copying this)

Roderick vs Super Dragon (Guerrilla Warfare)

Tommy End vs Pentagon Jr.

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Rush vs Caristico Mask vs Hair


BJW is building Daichi Hashimoto up nicely. There should be some interesting matches with him in a year or so.


In NJPW- anything that establishes Kamaitachi as a star, which hopefully I get in the Super J Cup this Summer.





Cesaro vs Lesnar

AJ vs Lesnar

AJ vs Reigns

Joe vs Lesnar

Joe vs Reigns


In LuchaUnderground


Pentagon Jr vs Matanza

Pentagon Jr vs Mil Meurtes

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Alberto Del Rio v AJ Styles

Alberto Del Rio v Shinsuke Nakamura

Alberto Del Rio v Finn Balor


Asuka v Natalya Neidhart

Asuka v Sasha Banks

Asuka v Becky Lynch


Shinsuke Nakamura v Brock Lesnar (if, and only if, they plan on keeping Nakamura strong)

Shinsuke Nakamura v John Cena

Shinsuke Nakamura v Finn Balor

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honestly Lucha Underground has the most potential matches I'm excited to see. They do such a good job building to stuff. How can you not finish an episode in the past 3 weeks and want to see any combination of singles matches involving Pentagon Jr., Mil Muertes, and Matanza. The way Lucha Underground is booking Pentagon Jr. reminds me of how Taz was booked in ECW, where he's just the baddest man on the planet. If you book a guy that way, people percieve him that way.

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Lucha Underground is easy binge material. Season 1 was an absolute blast, and they definitely approach their storytelling with specific arcs in mind.


There's a truckload of awesome episodes that absolutely stand up on their own - and would make for easy access points to jump on in midstream - but yeah. If you're a crazed completist when it comes to that stuff (like myself), then you'll definitely want to go back and start from day one.


Last I checked, CubsFan's site had a nifty little guide - with the best episodes from Season 1 listed AND ranked. So that could help, too.

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One day I need to sit down and watch Lucha Underground. It sounds right up my alley. But it also sounds like something I need to watch from beginning to end like a TV show.

I recently downloaded season one on iTunes and it has made moving through it at my convenience really easy. It was worth it.

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