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Top 100 (Predictions, regrets, how many fallen soldiers do you have?, etc..)


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We are down to the top 100, reveals start on Apirl 18th.



I have lost 28 great soldiers and I am sad to see them go.



Seeing Waltman not make the top 100 was pretty sad. I really wanted him to make it, to dispel that myth of X-Pac heat.


Carlos Colon was the other sad one to see go, but he did so well compared to 2006.


Any predictions? Any thoughts going into the top 100?

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Top Posters In This Topic

34 down. The fact Oz, Takada (although expected), Maeda, Yokota and Kyoko don't make the top 100 seems absurd to me considering some names who are left.


I regret voting for my #34.


I feel like, apart from a few huge favourites of the last decade (Lawler, both Fujis, Rose), the top 100 will seem pretty conservative compared to the 2006 one.

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I've lost 34, so roughly two thirds of my top 100 (and my entire top 35) making the overall 100 is..well, it's a thing, and I'm glad those guys/women have stuck around long enough to make it to the big dance.


Of those that have fallen off my list, Fuerza, Yoshida and Anjoh are probably the ones I wish had made the top 100 more than any others that have dropped. Fuchi as well, probably. I mean, I would've geeked like a fucking lunatic if Tama and Koko Ware and Hector Guerrero made the overall 100, but I was about 99.9% certain they wouldn't, thus I had no expectations. Part of me knew Yoshida and Anjoh wouldn't either, but I thought Fuchi was almost a lock and...well, Fuerza is one of my three favourite wrestlers ever so I guess I was holding out hope that he wouldn't go down along with the other lucha "fringe" candidates. I see now that I was a fool and the world is forever a glass half empty.


Honestly, I'm really happy with my list, at least in terms of ranking guys I felt comfortable enough TO rank. I wish I'd gotten my shit together and dived into WoS and Puerto Rico, because it's not like I never had enough time to, so in that sense it feels like I have glaring omissions that I'll need to rectify if we get around to this once more down the line. But other than that there's really only one guy I kind of regret leaving off, and that's Takada. I'm not a big Takada guy and I wouldn't have had him high, but thinking about the number of Takada matches I'd call great that he himself has been at least good in...yeah, I'll cop to that being an oversight on my part.

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I made my predictions in the March Madness thread, but I'll add that I think Jack Brisco will be #100.


I regret a lot of things; I regret the arbitrary nature of some of my orderings (and that I was unable to consolidate the few separate tracks of workers I was ranking more comfortably), I regret ranking Chris Jericho as high as I did, I regret not watching more footage (as in, not finding this place, and the GWE project, sooner), I regret not making sure all of my favourites were nominated, I regret not participating in the nominee discussions, I regret ranking Kurt Angle higher than Tommy Rich and Rick Martel, I regret ranking Jeff Jarrett higher than Del Wilkes and I regret not ranking Stan Hansen.


Here's a full list of my drops:


5. Pat Patterson


7. Kana


8. Lex Luger


9. Shinobu Kandori


16. Terry Taylor


18. Buddy Landell


22. Sasha Banks


24. Ron Simmons


25. Steve Keirn


27. Io Shirai


29. Alberto Del Rio


30. The Rock


33. Mariko Yoshida


40. Alex Shelley


41. Tommy Rich


42. Kazuchika Okada


44. Austin Aries


45. Sting


47. Dean Malenko


49. Michael Hayes


51. Megumi Kudo


52. Kenny Omega


54. Larry Zybszko


56. Doug Williams


58. Arisa Nakajima


59. Jeff Jarrett


61. The Patriot


62. Bruno Sammartino


63. Edge


65. Butch Reed


66. Christopher Daniels


67. Devil Masami


69. Wahoo McDaniel


72. Joey Ryan


74. Raven


75. Mayumi Ozaki


76. Jake Roberts


79. Shane Douglas


80. Jaguar Yokota


82. El Mesias


83. Adrian Street


84. Tiger Mask


85. Stan Lane


86. Tarzan Goto


87. Davey Boy Smith


88. James Storm


89. Christian


90. Matt Sydal


91. Bobby Fulton


92. Dutch Mantell


93. Jay Youngblood


94. Jinsei Shinzaki


95. Jacques Rougeau


96. Lanny Poffo


97. Mike Rotunda


98. Kevin Sullivan


99. Dory Funk, Jr.

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Here is my final list of fallen soldiers who didn't make the Top 100.

Jinsei Shinzaki (100)

John Tenta (99)

Takeshi Morishima (98)

The Big Boss Man (97)

Booker T (96)

One Man Gang (95)

Bobby Heenan (94)

Scott Steiner (93)

The Big Show (92)

Batista (91)

Sean Waltman (90)

Wahoo McDaniel (89)

Randy Orton (87)

Haku (86)

Jerry Lynn (85)

Luke Harper (84)

DDP (83)

Davey Boy Smith (82)

Christian (81)

Jeff Hardy (80)

Homicide (79)

Lex Luger (78)

Raven (75)

KENTA (72)

Rob Van Dam (71)

Chris Hero (68)

Magnum TA (67)

Kevin Steen (66)

Larry Zbyszko (64)

Scott Hall (62)

Sabu (60)

Edge (58)

Low Ki (55)

Kazuchika Okada (54)

Jake Roberts (53)

The Rock (52)

Paul Orndorff (50)

Michael Hayes (46)

Bam Bam Bigelow (43)

Ultimo Dragon (42)

Triple H (39)

Sting (31)

Nigel McGuinness (30)

So that's 43 people knocked off which leaves me with 57 going into the Top 100.


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25 down, I actually predicted that. Checking my ballot to see how many were still in play, I just realized I forgot to rank Dustin Rhodes, sorry Grimmas :mellow:


I'm still shocked Taker is gonna be this high. Really curious where CM Punk is ranked now, same with AJ Styles and Nakamura.


100 is gonna be El Generico.

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26 down for me which means I beat Steven and Parv in having more on my top 100 than them on the overall top 100 rankings. Mission Accomplished. I am also delighted that only three workers in my top 65 have hit so far and only one in my top 49 (Dynamite Kansai).

Hold your horses! You still need to get the closest to actual ratings metric.


You won one battle but the war ain't over.

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Fallen Soldiers:

~70 of my 100 remain, which feels pretty reasonable.

~Of the the other 30, 17 are people I simply couldn't evaluate fairly given my lack of exposure.

~2 Cold Scorpio, Keiji Mutoh, & Yoshihiro Tajiri all fall in the next 10.

~Undertaker falls just outside 75
~Terry Gordy finishes above Steve Williams
~CM Punk and Samoa Joe sneak into the top 50

~not watching enough shootstyle (particularly Tamura)
~not establishing what I wanted my ballot to be before submitting it; too much disconnection when I look at it now
~accidentally opening the "subjective vs objective" can of worms on the reaction thread. Oops.


~I've enjoyed the debate, the humor, the ball-busting, the GIF's, the wild out-of-nowhere rankings, all of it really
~Looking forward to dipping my toe into joshi soon based mostly on Charles & Childs' epic podcast which really made me feel like I'm missing something by not getting into it

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